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  1. There's some cracking videos on YouTube at the factory, following the assembly line processes. Worth a bit of a poke about
  2. Don't take the pi$$ Kimbers, Butty is a mate in Wales, shortened to Butt.... Don't use it myself, don't really get it at all either, but hey ho... There's lots of us Welsh folk Kev. Myself and Punky are the two Welsh originals on the forum, Both of us have Esprits only, no Elige variants as yet. I'm in and around Cardiff, where you living?
  3. Don't let it get to you. He's after a very quick sale, and has put it up at a stonkingly cheap price to make sure that happens. It's the second time I've seen him advertise it too so this time he's probably a bit desperate. Doubt it'll be around for very long, if I had the cash I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  4. Magnolia. Best combo... What do you do Christian?
  5. Paint the inside of the tyre and see what you think of it...
  6. Gordon, I believe our good friends were making reference to my past 3 years of mysterious and sometimes elusive Esprit ownership, and that of psycho ex involvement..
  7. Tidy bunch they are too. Most of them live over by there, or over by here. Just ask where too are they and I'm sure the friendly folk will cwtch you in and make you feel at home.
  8. Thankfully you found it it time.. Did you not do a leak test first before infusing the resin? I'm keen to see your outcome. Disappointed I didn't get my plans off the ground, but plans change for the better some time!
  9. Chassis in the house, awesome! That's on a par with my engine in the dining room and parts in the dishwasher.....!
  10. You're such an ambassador Kimbers
  11. I would be.... I keep meaning to do that Bibs... Tisk tisk......
  12. What's the costs likely to be? And will it be able to handle more power and torque, the likes of the S4S levels? Will it come as a complete box, on an exchange basis, or sent out as a kit?
  13. That's, um, interesting? Not sure I'm seeing the gaming pleasure in that, but I guess it's well thought out...
  14. It was a federal thing from what I can recall. Change of wheel size and adding flares meant more type approval testing etc.... So cars were shipped without all the extra fancy bits
  15. I would genuinely love that, but only have a PS1 or Xbox360.... Such a shame
  16. 1:45 behind cliff please.... If it's looking unlikely closer to the date I'll gove you plenty of notice, but would e good to mark the occasion of its first proper outing...
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