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  1. Made me feel a bit sick watching that. Flying hasn't done too well of recent times has it. So so sad
  2. Ian it's all good. Like has been said the wastegate setting is mechanically set to approx 0.6 bar, the 1 bar of boost is achieved by venting of the boost pressure by the boost solenoid, thus allowing a higher peak of 1bar. It's a safety thing. If anything goes wrong, your ECU will stil the boost solenoid from venting boost and you'll be in limp mode of 0.6 bar. See the long thread that Stimpy had going on. I linked some pictures and good descriptions of what's going on under the bonnet.
  3. That's looking super clean.... Like the sound of gold in your engine bay!
  4. Is it not a hydraulic clutch? Could it not then be a dodgy master or slave cylinder?
  5. 30+ missing Kimbers, they've been under water a while so mortality rate is sure to climb significantly very soon. Couldn't believe it when I saw the video, totally gobsmacked. The taxi driver was lucky not to have been killed. Imagine driving down the road and being hit by a plane wing!!! Holy crap!
  6. But the Evora is an automatic, end of... Torque converter and all the old school auto transmission rubbish. It's nothing special to deserve its own designation, they've just played with the shift points and change speed. It's not a high tech automated manual which may well be justified in using some poncy initials. Didn't the 'P' stand for precision, not paddle? Ultimately, if it comes with an automatic badge on the back, peel it off and your mates in the pub won't know any different. If it doesn't come with a badge, try no to loose any sleep over it
  7. I quite fancy a crack at this one day.... For now I'll let you all have fun without the stiff competition I'd bring to the table
  8. Yummy, although not sure about that side intake. May look better in the flesh!
  9. Looks like a bit of a performance car hoarder....
  10. Think of the children you could have killed because if your irresponsible parking Bibs....
  11. You are very right Mr Sparks! Or are you just angling for a Welsh trip I've just been corrected, and it's only Mother's Day that weekend in America.... I don't think that affects me So we're back on, I think, save for any other diary clashes...! Whoever thought my life would become organised.... I'm not coping well with that....!!
  12. Just realised this is mothers day weekend..... Despite my diary being away with the girls at present, I'm almost totally sure there are firm plans already in place both Saturday and Sunday nights with both sets of parents and families....!!! :( :( :(
  13. I love the overhead shots of esprit' it's the least seen but possibly the best view
  14. Indeed..... Although just properly laughed and smiled at that, despite the ex featuring in it. Was an amazing day guys, still totally gobsmacked by it Apologies for answering the door half naked!
  15. I looked at it Bibs behind all the boxes.... Thanks Mark, haven't told her I got married in it yet, she may not be quite so excited about it when that bombshell gets dropped Was trying to find a photo of bibs knocking his balls around but couldn't find one...
  16. I'd not looked at it like that before.... How romantic indeed If I remember correctly, didn't you loose your knob cover that very same weekend?
  17. Checking with my diary organiser and on acceptance of date, will be booking us in!
  18. I was going to drag up my old resto thread, but towards the end it was full of memories that I'd rather not be dragging back up again, and as such I thought I'd start afresh, with a new focus this time! So here goes. I now have a new girlfriend, after 3 years of post divorce singledom, and she is rather keen on cars. I'm being pestered, nicely, to get the Esprit back on the road so she can take it for a drive. What better focus than Bibs' awesome TLF ILD @ MBW...!! So I guess first things first, I need to establish my starting point. Here she is as she stands today... Filthy dirty and battle scarred from years of neglect, having not been used since the end of 2009. At first she was nicely stored away under sheets, then for reasons not important to anyone on here, about 3 years ago she got dragged from garage to garage, traded mystical ownerships, got left outside in the rain for an extended period where her lovely new carpet began to rot from damp and nearly everything that was shiny and new is now covered with layer on later of muck and corrosion. Now I know this isn't going to be a strip and rebuild this time, I simply don't have the time any more, but the plan is to get her serviced, MOT'd, washed and used.... The carbs are shot to pieces after the worst rebuild in the world ever and she was due to be charge cooled and fuel injected, to make the most of the late S4 Zeus blocked engine she is fitted with. But I think for now I'll just get the carbs sent off for an expensive restoration and use her as is for now. In theory, all she needs is 1. Carbs repaired/refurbished 2. Cam belt 3. New wiper blade 4. New battery 5. Oil & filter 6. MOT and tax! A weekends work then Here's a pic of the weekend the TLF boys surprised me with her on the back of a trailer at my house for an epic weekend of beer, fire, car restoring and a a little golf! And this is what she looks like all polished up... Could really do with a re spray but not for now...
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