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  1. 58 minutes ago, Bruss said:

    I think its a beautiful thing. Fully resolved and coherent. I will buy one, amg and high spec if it comes in at the right price. It’s the Esprit replacement that never arrived when I bought my first ‘stop gap’ Evora in 2011 after being told that the Esprit was just around the corner. 10 years later, that was one heck of a long corner. 😀

    The AMG 4 cylinder with a remap with a crackle pop map and the dual clutch automated manual will be an absolutely mega drive and soundtrack 😍❤️ I’d happily take one over the Manual V6

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  2. On 07/03/2011 at 18:46, cjtpb13 said:

    Hey guys,


    Those got delivered quicker than I thought. I jammed as many in the most inexpensive parcel as I could.


    Kimbers, yes they are rather sweet are they not? But good even though they stick to your teeth. Glad they arived...


    Paul C is correct...PayDay is my preferred candy bar, followed by the Butterfinger and then a Mounds Bar.


    Simon, best at room temperature. Enjoy ! You know who to thank for the acquiring the address...

    Just seen a Twinky on TV and it reminded me of this....! Can’t believe I actually received some in the post, thanks so much once again @cjtpb13 Christopher 😍❤️🥰 they were awesome, as were the butter fingers 😊

  3. On 12/04/2008 at 21:41, arbell9 said:

    Here is some footage courtesy of Mayesprit showing a bunch of men polishing a big red thing and displaying a significant amount of butt crack. Also children beware there is a man in a dodgy vest in this footage.


    Uploaded today.





    How lush 😍❤️
    Happy days......

  4. Just read this again from start to finish, shame so many photos are missing, but it was an epic moment in my life being involved in this. So glad I was able to host everyone and also take on a lot of the work.

    Some amazing life long friends made.


    @mdw said recently the CarSOS Programme seems to have been born from this very episode which could very well be the case, especially with Tim being such a big Lotus fan as well as a previous and current owner of an Esprit.


    Would love to know where this car is now and see what condition it is in. I know it was poorly cared for after it’s return to the owner which was a massive shame.

    Anyway, just a bit of reminiscing.... now to find the handover thread and videos 😊

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  5. 1 hour ago, williamtherebel said:

    Just checked the number plate online and there is no record of it that I can find???

    Yeah I checked that out first as well. Would love to know where it is and how it’s doing....

    its like a story with no ending as it is...

    15 minutes ago, Sparky said:

    I love it when you talk dirty.

    It doesn’t stop at talking with you sexy man....!! 😍😍❤️❤️💦💦

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