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  1. Bloody hell Allan do you ever stand still for 2 minutes???? Just getting used to the car it does drive well in sport mode just hammers the fuel economy. No pictures of your new one yet???
  2. Some of my new car, some may already know of it!! (How do I get them to just show up without links??)
  3. They have recently changed V-power to V-power nitro+ here, I was told there have been a few problems with this new fuel setting off sensor warning lights, don't know anymore just what I was told. Craig does know what he is talking about though so I will trust him
  4. Well my evora is due another tank of juice, the first went quickly due to the five hour trip home from Scotland after picking it up last Saturday. Used standard Shell on that occasion after being put off using V-power Nitro by Craig from Murray MC. So choice is Tesco 99ron Momentum, carry on with Shell standard which seemed fine or BP Ultimate. What do you all use and have you encountered any problems with any???
  5. I'm hopefully going to be buying an Evora soon. Once cars are out of warranty I tend to look at Specialists for servicing/ repairs. Who do people use? I've never owned a Lotus before so all new to it. I tend to spend my time in Notts /Derbyshire area, any recommendations??
  6. Does anyone keep their evoras outside as I may be forced to if it wont fit in the garage, are there custom fit car covers available??
  7. I have seen yours on pistonheads, sounds lovely, would prefer a +2 however I wouldn't turn down the right car at the right price. I have just advertised mine at a good price so will have to see how that goes. Thanks for the info re garage, it's the width and getting in and out that's my concern, it's a shame you are so far away!!
  8. I have just posted this on pistonheads but I know not everyone plays on there. Anyway I have never owned a Lotus so be gentle. I am currently considering selling my 2010 Porsche Boxster S and would love a red evora. I wanted to buy one last year but got put off by being told it probably wouldn't fit into my garage. I have managed to get a 996 C4S 911 in it and 987 Boxsters. Are evoras wider than them??? Everyone seems to love there evoras, are they really that good? How many warranty issues have people had and if I buy one out of warranty I am going to get expensive problems, my nearest dealer is about 60 miles from me in Leeds so don't really want to be continually having to trek up north collecting big bills. Any advice appreciated.
  9. As per title really, looking for a 60 plate or thereabouts car with sports and tech packs, condition has got to be very good, thought I would ask just in case someone is thinking of selling to a dealer!! Would prefer a 2+2 but wouldn't rule out a 2+0. Colours - prefer red but right car/spec/price/condition more important
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