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  1. Chris, are you still looking? I might have just the thing...
  2. Nothing wrong with an "S" diffuser on an N/A: gives the back end purpose! Hope I'm not hijacking, but thinking of selling after almost 4 glorious years. I have no idea what to move to though -maybe an Exige S (Evora 400s remain too rich for my blood)..? I'm also worried about selling privately: has anyone any experience in selling a reasonably high value car privately?
  3. Solarshaun


    Are you still looking? My car meets all the above criteria, and I'm thinking of selling. PM me if you're interested. Newcastle area. -Shaun
  4. Perhaps a bit of clarification is in order: A warranty is a legally binding obligation by the manufacturer. It provides peace of mind to the customer to buy the product, knowing that if something goes wrong, it will be sorted without quibble. It also works as a marketing tool (just ask Kia how successful it can be). Just because this period expires, doesn't mean it's fair to assume that any and all mechanical or manufacturing failures are no longer the responsibility of the manufacturer -indeed, there's another legally binding protection here for that exact reason (Sale of Goods Act).
  5. Sad times. Good luck with it. I got a measly £500 from Lotus towards costs. Hope yours is still in warranty...
  6. A young couple walking past Him: It's a Ferrari, isn't it? Her: It's a Lotus Him: No way. Not a Lotus, it's clearly a Ferrari! Her: So how come it said "Lotus" on the back? Him: Maybe it was a Lotus...
  7. Being brave and going against the run of opinions here, but I have a lot of sympathy for you Richard. With an unprovoked catastrophic mechanical failure, one would hope most manufacturers would step in and help out in some way -as you say, it's just not worth the poor publicity and company image to leave that sort of doubt in a customer's head. The fact that Lotus are cash poor isn't really the point either -they still seem to be able to charge the customer a hell of a lot of money for their cars. If I was their PR or Customer Services manager I would be worried about seeing this stu
  8. supportive words; very much appreciated. If anyone else is in a similar position please don't hesitate to get in touch for advice/ moral support. Shout out (again!) to the guys at Formula 1 in Newcastle for being so helpful.
  9. Sorry I left things hanging without updating, I've been incredibly busy. The clutch friction plate seems to have come apart -one of the rivets snapped. I think this is what you're describing Arun_D?? This is nothing more than simple part failure. There's plenty of meat left on the clutch. The other rivets are intact, proving that this isn't caused by abuse (one would expect more than one rivet to snap with the twisting forces caused by eg 0-60 runs). I've got photos but can't figure out how to upload them. Lotus have asked for the part back to investigate. They've asked for
  10. Clutch plate broken! (No idea how) More to follow...
  11. Taken them a full day just to get clam/ trim off and drain fluids... Car's only done 35k. No track days, no abuse.
  12. I think the issue is the suddenness of the problem. It wasn't a wear and tear issue, rather a very sudden mechanical failure. And it's a known issue. The car's not been treated poorly, nor has it done more miles than one would expect.
  13. Thanks for all your replies. I've already tried via the dealer- no joy. Can you suggest what I might say to them to push my case a little harder? Does anyone have a contact at lotus I could email/ write to?? £3000 is...a lot...
  14. 1. intermittent: some creep, and very juttery. feels very sick when driven. 2. all gears. able to engage when engine off, but when on very notchy 3. all gears -4th actually relatively unaffected. car prefers slow speed/ creeping. up to speed and gear change become more difficult. My dealer has been on the phone to Lotus techs/ engineers and they feel it's the clutch. My car has 35k on it, and I was shocked to hear that they've said they only expect the clutch to last 25k! Also, the better part of £3000 inc VAT?! 25h of labour...
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