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  1. "on the oil filter housing, you may have a blanking stud on the right hand side of the casting - this was originally for the oil pressure sender on the earlier car. " Mike, first of all thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it very much. If I have the a blanking stud that you were talking about, I assumed I can put an extra oil gauge. Changing to a heavy weight oil is the first thing I will do and I will try to hook up a oil gauge too. Thank you again
  2. Thanks Barry, I keep searching for the procedure you mentioned but no luck. If anyone knows the procedures (steps) kindly send me the link. I wish I can replace the Cobra Alarm with other reliable brand but I heard it is difficult to remove the original and replace it with the new system.
  3. Take one of the vacuum hose, spray it with a starter fluid, crank it and see if it will momentarily start. There are a couple of vacuum hoses where you can put the spray nozzle starter fluid. In the front of the engine at the corner plenum also at the rear of the engine near the big blue hose (idle valve hose). If momentarily start and know it's fuel issue.
  4. Well, I have not open my exhaust turbine side yet but yesterday I tried to idle, again after 15 minutes of idling.... one side of the exhaust starts smoking. I turn the ignition off and check the crankcase ventilation hose (passenger side), a few drops of oil came out of the hose. The inside of the hose is wet with oil. The other crankcase ventilation hose is dry. Tomorrow, I will cap the hose to the air cleaner but i will let the crankcase ventilation hose open. I will start and idle the car again. If the smokes disappear then it's the oil coming out from crankcase ventilation was the problem.
  5. I have not look inside the turbine yet - I think that's my ultimate way of finding the source of the problem. It's hard to work when the temperature is 30 degrees -- sometimes I will pursue removing the exhaust. Anyway...I have another question, can you comment on putting a "oil catch tank" between the breather and the air cleaner?
  6. Yes Gunter the compressor inlet are very dry and no touch of oil. Since taking the turbine out to check the leaking oil involves a good amount of work, I will probably do it in the middle of winter. I will check the ventilation route also and see if there's oil on the hoses or at the air cleaner. Another question: what about that blue hose of IAT (idle air), can oil gets into the blue hose then to the intake pipe to the plenum? That blue hose is connected to the intake pipe (on passenger side). Passenger exhaust side is where the smoke coming out. Thank you
  7. Yeah, there is a small contact on the upper side only.... say at 3 oclock. It does spin freely but I can't tell if the hi-pitch sound I'm hearing at the highway was the turbo touching a little bit at 3 oclock. I took a mirror and looked for contact, the blade should not touch the housing but must be at least 006 (thousand) from the wall....right? The blade contour seems dented and some meat scraped out......I think I have to take the exhaust at the turbine to exactly pinpoint the problem. Gunter also mentioned to look at the hose from the breather (going to air cleaner)?
  8. My bad....that's right there is valve ... stupid me! Anyway, I removed the hose at the compressor side and wiggled the shaft up and down and the gap is minimal. However, when I wiggled it side by side, the gap much bigger but I did not see any touch of oil in the compressor side. Perhaps the oil sipping out at the other housing (turbine housing) and directly goes to the exhaust. I can't prove it unless I remove the exhaust pipe. Thank you
  9. ok.....thanks, i will try to pull the silicone hose or wiggle the shaft if there's a play --
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. How can I check the turbo if its leaking? Will the turbo show some visible leak at the turbine housing?
  11. In the cold start, the car idles ok no smokes except a moisture smokes when cold. When it gets hot, the passenger side exhaust start smoking (blue smokes not white). The other bank exhaust has no smokes at all. When I run the car, no smokes at all but when I idle & stop for awhile, I can see start smoking. I took all the sparkplug out, they are very good (tan color) very dry - no oil or soot. The compression are ranging from 150 - 140 - 135psi. I left the gauge for 5 minutes in each cylinder to see if its leaking but they are all good and the pressure remained the same. Can you suggest? Thank you
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