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  1. cdfps


  2. I may try it then. I don't have a manifold so I will have to make adapters and open up the manifold a bit. I won't be getting to it until spring at the earliest. Thanks,
  3. Due to some water in the gas issues with another of my cars, I had to rebuilda pair of SU HD8 carbs. I have another set of HD8's that are OK or could be rebuilt which got me thinking. I was wondering if anyone had ever put these on a 907 and if so are they a good choice.
  4. Of course there are the handles...Hmmm. Full disclosure, I actually like Gremlins though for totally different reasons than why I like Elites.
  5. The similarities continue! It appears that under testing they have essentially identical road manners.
  6. Richard, Yeah that is my car. I "restored" it a couple years ago. I say restored in the quotes because reliability and maintenance were my goals not originality. For instance I pulled the entire electrical system and made my own. Funny part is, the distributor was a vac retard federal spec unit that I had a pertronix fitted to which I recently replaced with a vac advance point unit that had an ancient condenser from the dark lord. I suppose one could replace the whole dizzy with a Lucas k2f and really drop the reliability down a notch or two. I'll put the pertronix back in as
  7. From the side the Espada kind of looks like that as well.
  8. I spotted this old can of coolant that seems to have an Elite on it. I wonder if it was made before or after 1974? Hmmm.
  9. Good you caught it. Worse would have been cracking fittings under the car back to the master cylinder looking for a blockage, then finding out he was pumping the clutch.
  10. I did mine when I got it and I remember the job being refreshingly straight forward with the only odd bits being having to drain down the coolant and pull the upper radiator hose and maybe keeping the distributor timed. I What I remember about the job... I pulled the hood which gave great access to the front of the engine. I'm sure I didn't clamp the cam sprockets in any way. Usually the cams stay put if the marks are lined up properly. Be warned though, if you have them in the marked position and you move them several degrees in one direction or the other, the spring pressure f
  11. To celebrate you should go on holiday. I would suggest a road tip to Scotland. Well done.
  12. Can't wait to see pictures / video of your Elite in the snow. I have more snow here than a little, but I'm too scared to drive mine in the salt.
  13. Seconds on replacing the fuel line. I pulled mine and replaced it with steel and rubber. When I took the line out some of it just cracked in half. Also, if you got rid of the brake shoes there would be room for another liter or two of German beer (or German mustard which is equally good) Also, How is this trip not a segment on top gear? I would rather see this than another test of a one off Lambo. Safe travels!
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