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    Aussie kid

  2. Well found the fight guy in service this week. The handbrake was adjusted. The airconditioner was re gassed after being checked. The cruise control pins were tightened Whoaaa all ok now.
  3. Thanks, yes I have resolved the cruise control. I found the black nylon fork and openned it. Will see how it goes in the next day or so. The air con will,start with a belt check then clutch etc etc.
  4. The evora is two years old. It has travelled just under 15,000 The Service has been reasonable but I need to take it back to them again and again. I just checked and I have been back 7 times. (1) First A pillars (2) then dash (3) then dash again and airbag lid. (4) Then a recall on door mechanisms and radio (5) Then cruise control. (6) Service and loose sway bar and loose caliper bolts. Had the service done same time. (7) The door locked and had to climb in and out through passenger door. Mechanism fell apart inside cavity of door door Now air conditioning.!!!! And airbag lid lifting again. Mmmmm
  5. Thanks so much guys for your responses. I certainly have a few great suggestions for the Service agent. I'll try the footwell fix also for the Cruise control. In particular the Cruise control and the Air Conditioning. The use of a Toyota rather than Lotus replacement parts is very relevant and appreciated. I did have the car booked into the Alpine dealer to look at the radio etc. Mmm maybe a Pioneer is the go. Thanks again.
  6. Hi all I was going to Post this thread in the more appropriate section but then realized the questions and problems were so many and varied that I would just drop it in here. I guess put simply, am I the only one experiencing the problems listed and has anyone resolved any of these satisfactorily. My purchase a new Evora has had quite a few problems so I thought I would list them in order with comments on what's resolved and what's open. Perhaps the technicians or the handyman enthusiast might come up with some solutions. This is pretty much in order and I'll number each one to perhaps make it easier to respond. I will list the resolved problems also - out of interest and by way of conversation starters. Day one. 1. Both A pillar covers were broken and were replaced 6 weeks later. No reason given by Service agent. 2. The reverse camera does not come on unless the gear lever is forced back beyond it's normal position. Still unresolved 3. The airbag lid lifted and was repaired. But lifted again still unresolved. 4. The dash leather bubbled and was replaced. Appears ok now. 5. The passenger side door will not open by key and the internal handle does not open it. You must physically lift the door pin. Looked at twice by Service agent still unresolved. 6. The door mechanisms were replaced by a recall. The right side door failed to open later from the inside resulting in climbing over and out the passenger door. Now resolved. 7. The cruise control drops out intermittently. Requires reset but drops out - turns off. Two attempts by Service agent has not fixed it. Still unresolved. 8. The airconditioner was blowing out warm air on cold. Service agent checked. Air conditioner not working at all. Still unresolved. 9. The GPS unit fails to work. Service agent replaced the head unit. Now does not load phone. 10. The radio reception has gone from perfect on AM and FM to poor reception and signal. Service agent suggested Lotus has poor radio reception and I may need a new aerial upgrade. Worked perfectly before. Still unresolved. 11. Emergency brake - hand brake - does not hold. Service agent adjusted. Still unresolved. Thats the main list. Many other problems that I see owners on site have been resolved for me. But the main ones above are where I would like to see owners jump on and comment on. Items 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10 are my main concerns. Obviously air conditioning is an issue as is cruise control as they both have a direct impact on my taking the Lotus out or just using my company vehicle. Thanks for any input or ideas. If you feel an email to me is more appropriate or preferred then [email protected] Thanks again in anticipation.
  7. I was just reminded that it has all the premium interior in charcoal/grey leather. Guess I should tell buyers it is white with black wheels - standard Anyway as I said for info. I will place it on Car-sales the national car selling site in Australia.
  8. Aussie kid

    Selling it

    Hi all, Well it's time to move my 2012 registered Lotus Evora on to a new owner. I just added a 997 S to my garage and I know I may get some criticism for replacing my Lotus with a Porsche but..... Located in Melbourne area in Australia it is a limited market - could always ship it back to the UK. It's the Evora with a Radium air flow system on the intake and a Larini sports exhaust. Done just 12,400 - about 7000 miles - They sell for around $85,000 to $95,000 in Australian dollars. For info. Bernie 0408 564448. +61408564448
  9. Simon Luckily I did not call the Thread - Lotus Position.... May catch up in Adelaide one day.... Cheers Bernie
  10. Hi all, Well I am in the heart of Lotus land at the moment. After spending two weeks in France we arrived here in the UK two weeks ago. With a 3 series BMW luggage packed we headed off on our tour. Thanks to those who emailed me with suggestions. For info we spent two days in Oxford and two in Bath before heading to St. Mawes and then Endsleigh hotel near Milton Abbey in Cornwall and Devon. The two Olga Polizzi venues were more than up to expectations. We enjoyed our terrace apartment in the Tresanton and the estate of the Endsleigh. Appreciated those two suggestions. The onto a Brighton another fantastic location. Thanks for that suggestion. Well we are now at the end of our trip. We have five days in South Kensington at a hotel I sourced the Vanderbilt. A lovely location. We have a corner suite and I watch out the window for Lotus cars each morning.. Thanks to all for the emails. Hope to meet a few of you one day. Over the next five days we will visit as many of the iconic locations. Cheers Bernie
  11. Mate have you left our fine country? Just sent you a Private message on site today - make that two (2) messages!! Bernie - Geelong Victoria
  12. Ramjet Michael, Birregura to Forest across the Otways down into Lorne. Tight and sweeping fast bends. Alternative and obviously longer is into Colac turn tight left to the Great Ocean Road, then down over the Otways and steep drop down into Apollo Bay, well worth doing but early to avoid the radars!! Then back along The Great Ocean Road. If you go down very early you need to be careful driving back between Lorne and Anglesea as the road bikes really hammer through the corners and are often on the double lines. They seem to start heading down about 7 to 8.00am from Geelong. Solarshaun It is under utilized if it is parked in the garage - everything else is funnnnn..
  13. Just an update. The Larini by pass and exhaust is now fitted to the Evora with the heavy old exhaust now stored - just in case a future buyer wants it. With the by pass in place and the new Larini on, I thought I would head down over the hills and back along the Great Ocean Road. This road is a well known race track for road racing bike riders. Not wanting to give to much away, it is worth an early morning run on day break prior to highway radars and the law enforcement out in place etc. I picked up a Ducati 916 and decided to hang on him - at a safe distance through the hills - to say we were both flying is an understatement. I could see him dragging both the foot peg and his knee. The Lotus was a handful as it hung on really tightly in the corners and I had to watch oversteer and just let it drive through the corners. As I drove further I realized that it was literally a Go Kart in full size. My wrists were aching and I was getting thrown around a bit to much for my liking in a lap/sash belt. Never the less I stuck with him and stopped eventually for a coffee when he stopped for fuel. Our discussion was around the car and he realizing I was hanging on behind him. He was aware that I had slid and drifted a bit and was amazed that I had stayed with him on the Ducati bike. I did not let on that I was at 9/10ths with little idea just how far I could push the Lotus. The comparison between the Lotus and my GT40 - the GT40 would have no problem running him down once out of the corners, but I think the power into corners would see far more slide and drift on power needed to power through the corner. The Lotus just rolled through with little acceleration change and the brakes touched to settle it down. I found you don't need to be aggressive with the Lotus, just even on acceleration, steering and braking evenly not stabbing. Lotus owners who have been around the bend/s will know my feeling.
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