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  2. I got caught on the A11 just south of the Mildenhall roundabout doing 58 in a 50 and did the speed awareness thing at the sports village in Norwich, I was not the oldest and I am in my mid 50s, most of the others had been nabbed on 30mph cameras round Norwich. I thought the course was OK but a bit boring. GF did one last year having been snapped near what I still call the Jenny Lind hospital in Norwich.
  3. Yes I understand and I don't want to invade anyone's privacy, just interested in what sort of design elements Colin brought to house design, I would guess he included ideas that were new to buildings. Interesting I had not heard about him having a second house in Norfolk, I can understand why he would chose Brundall though its a nice place. Incidentally my garden is bounded at one end by the river Wensum but I am the other side of Norwich and technically its not the Wensum by the time it gets to Brundall ;-)
  4. Thanks for info. No not the Tim who moved to France. I noticed the gates to East Carleton Manor when I visited the grave last weekend. Would be interested in knowing a bit more about the design of the house, I knew that Colin had also been involved in boat designs, I wonder if he use tech in his house as well. I keep meaning to visit the airfield museum but keep forgetting, I am pretty sure my Dad did something technical or engineering as I know he was not in the forces. Unfortunately I can't ask him any more.
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    I learnt to fly in 84, over the years I owned a ms880 on my own and later shared in 2 Cessna 172s and finally a TB20, I loved flying but it was expensive and with limited time it was often difficult to decide where to go so I would find myself flying somewhere for a cup of tea and then flying home. I last flew on 11/9/2001 when I was ordered to land at the nearest airport on the way back from goodwood. Now more interested in sailing ....
  6. Hi All new member here. I was born in Norfolk and have lived here most of my life so I have always know about Lotus and its local connections. Yesterday I decided to do a bit of exploring and I visited Colin's grave, I went there many years ago but now there is an adjacent grave which I assume is a family and had names of at least 2 people who died in 2007 and who were both only in their 50s. One was called Sarah and I believe that may be Colin's daughter? not sure who the others are but they died too young. As a teenager in the early 1970s I remember my dad telling me that he had wor
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