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  1. Advantage

    Interview with Bibs

    Makes you want to just smush that little face.
  2. Advantage

    New Esprit

    As previously mentioned, the Hotwheels concept from around ten years ago.
  3. Leno and Collins recreate a certain movie scene using a helicopter and a white 400. I've started it at the relevant marker, but it's worth rewinding and watching the whole show when you get the time as it's all about movie cars.
  4. Advantage

    S3 Shenfield Essex

    Hooky plate. A10 TUS is on a retention certificate in the bottom drawer in my bedroom. 😁 I remember a while ago up at Donny some irate bloke came bounding over accusing me of replicating his friend's plate on my car. Turned out that he was convinced by the yellow dot in the middle of his mate's "8" and he soon slunk away somewhat sheepishly. A10 TUS could be for sale to a discerning buyer. Offers over£25k and I'd have to like you first.
  5. The questions being asked are why didn't it see her - it relies on more than just visible light - and why didn't it even attempt an avoidance manoeuvre such as applying the brakes. Technology fail.
  6. Advantage

    Lotus SUV...

    Yep, the Urus. As a thing it's awesome. 4ltr V8 twin turbo, 641bhp 2200kgs, 0-62mph in 3.6 secs and claimed 190mph - but £165,000 plus options, so knocking on the door of £200k by the time it's on your driveway.
  7. Advantage

    McLaren Technology Centre

    /Drums fingers impatiently/
  8. Advantage

    Bobby Bell

    Afraid not, no. I didn't actually see him in the congregation although Martin gave him a namecheck during his talk. I spotted a certain Essex in the car park and said a quick hello to Jamie and Justin before the service started, but was rushing off to Gatwick straight afterwards (Geneva motorshow) so didn't loiter to chat.
  9. Advantage

    Best front wheels ever?

    Grainy pic for those who don't Twat Tweet.
  10. I'm still here.
  11. Advantage

    Bobby Bell

    Lovely memorial service this morning. A handful of anecdotes and poignant stories from Martin and Michael. Also some truly wonderful readings and a touching solo vocal performance from Bobby's young grandchildren. It was a privilege to be there.
  12. Advantage

    Daughter Crashed

    Quick update, The boot has helped in all manner of ways, mostly around her mental attitude towards the injury. There was a small period of a low mood when the realisation that the cast coming off didn't mean she was suddenly fixed, but these days she's so much more mobile, albeit in small doses and being able to shuffle around moving from her bedroom to the kitchen/front room or just using the toilet unaided has lifted her spirits. She can get to the bar and coffee shop these days without the chair, although a couple of stops are needed on the way. She had her first physio the other day (just as all that snow happened, which meant the hospital waiting room in that section was almost empty! ) and the doc there was impressed by her flexibility and range of movement with the other three limbs but warned that having this leg catch back up might take some time. Slight concern over the tissue injury to the hip, but only from a getting-fit-again perspective. Loads of different exercises to do at home which do highlight just how quickly the body can lose its strength when not being used. Very simple stamina and/or strength type of exercises bring on muscle shakes quite quickly. Vitamin E gel seems to be making headway on the surgery scar itself, although she's not overly concerned about this. Back at work since Monday this week. Only part-time to begin with and obviously working from home (reduced daily hours, but Mon-Fri) , but it's been good to see her feel part of the team again as she gets back up to speed with the various projects and contact with colleagues. Her two immediate managers are coming down next week for a lunch meeting with her just to chat in person about her return to work. She's already made good progress on a few of the tasks set by her boss who laughingly said he'd forgotten how annoyingly effective she was at her job () so will look to increasing the workload in increments over the coming days and resume the autonomy she'd managed to previously nurture. Very excited yesterday to take delivery of her new company iPhone X and spent the evening fiddling with it. Apparently her replacement Audi has landed at the dealership - I expect the previous order form was just photocopied - her work will take delivery next week and just park it inside the warehouse until needed. Effective, but painful way of getting the new March registration plate... But at least it means they haven't sacked her!
  13. Advantage

    Server performance problem today

    That's lots of words Bibbo. I'd love to be geeky enough to know what they all meant when arranged like that. I'm just going to presume "phut".
  14. Advantage

    Snow Day!

    it's been a beautiful dry few days down on the South Coast. Blue skies and sunshine, although the breeze is a little brisk. Ten minutes of snow yesterday which melted within the next ten minutes. Nothing further to report really. The rest of the UK sounds grim - wouldn't want to live there.