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  1. It's been a right old day down here today. Truly humbling listening to some of the stories the veterans have to tell, but also rather gratifying to see so many turn out to support and thank them. Our flypast might not have been quite as exciting as the events at Duxford, but it was accompanied by a gun salute from HMS St Albans so proper loud seafaring bangs were heard. Picture Credit: Cpl Ashley Keates - photographed from his office chair MV Boudicca has just left, bound for Normandy with her escort and her own sail past just outside the harbour mouth. Good sized crowd again to wave her off with cheers and applause being exchanged as she glided past. Lump-in-throat time to see all those old boys standing on deck waving back. Did a screengrab from HMS Warrior's webcam as she went past HMS QE while the crew gave a salute and three cheers from the flight deck:
  2. There's been lots of recent activity in my town for the 75th, as you would expect. There's a real buzz about the place with plenty of visitors by land, sea and air but also plenty of movement restrictions and new (manned with guns) road barriers popping up and many more police launches chugging about. Today (Weds) sees the huge commemorative event on the common with gun salutes, mock landings and a lunchtime fly-past of all kinds of historic and modern planes before the Red Arrows do their bit in the afternoon. MV Boudicca leaves port in the evening carrying around 300 veterans on their poignant trip back to Normandy escorted and saluted by the Royal Navy. It's quite an emotional week for the city.
  3. Daughter had a Nissan Juke as a courtesy car while her Audi A1 was being fiddled with a month or two back. She absolutely loved it and said of the experience: "Really enjoyed driving that, I felt like a queen!". This was all down to the elevated driving position, good visibility and ease of use. Not once did she comment on the driving dynamics or the vehicle's prowess save to say that she felt it had a "bit of grunt". You or I would most likely turn our respective noses up at such a thing being a prospective purchase, but she is already planting the seeds in her CEO's headspace that she should be allowed to chose one of Audi's soft roaders when her company car is due for replacement in a couple of years. Just because they can't tow 5 tonnes up Mont Blanc doesn't mean their other attributes aren't valued by consumers. It's just that many consumers have different priorities and find different things attractive to them when considering a purchase when compared with the requirements of the owners of daft sports cars.
  4. Advantage


    Me too. It's just that I have no cherries. Or gin.
  5. Is the shop still open?
  6. That fibreglass seems to have gone rusty.
  7. If you're potentially looking at a V12 Vantage then have a drive of the new shape V8 twin turbo Vantage. It's so much better.
  8. That Dragon is an easy extra 30bhp.
  9. It looks a little different from the back these days...
  10. Just going to quickly chuck this one on here from today's event at Castle Combe. A previous Esprit of mine, the first car I'd ever bought new and my second V8 Esprit. Good to see it still looking striking in the sunshine and a real surprise as it was the first time I've seen it since I sold it almost twenty years ago. Centre exit exhaust is new, but the rest of it is pretty much as how I remember and from my understanding it's still the only Chrome Orange V8 GT in the UK (unless someone knows different?).
  11. Have a fab day Bibbo.
  12. No, they didn't need to go racing to raise their profile, they achieved notoriety from day one. Being the fastest production four door saloon for many years helped, but their infamy was gained by being a supercar quick car in the shape of something more commonly seen schlepping up and down the M1 being sold by a conventional manufacturer. This clash of cultures was unheard of back then and caused a furore throughout the motoring press, the mainstream press and even provoked questions in Parliament. Whether this particular example is worth the asking price will be decided by the market.
  13. Funerals are funny things sometimes. You spend an hour listening to someone you don't know reading out a description that doesn't tally with your experience at all, then there's an afternoon making small talk with family and other people you haven't seen for over thirty years and are expected to know who they are. Oh well. Anyway, bye Dad.
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