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  1. I have a feeling that the red S1 is not entirely mechanically standard.
  2. Advantage

    is vegan now a race or gender

    Why did the vegan cross the road? To tell someone he was a vegan.
  3. Advantage

    Tut, David Duncan

    Owned what was probably the most stone-chipped Elise ever. Good bloke.
  4. Not really. The S2 Elise started the outsourcing. There was a period of overlap with the 340R and the Esprit still being in production while the S2 Elise began production. So as for your question of when did they stop - I'd suggest it was with that final, very yellow, Esprit in 2004.
  5. Engineering developed a number of improvements of VARI molding for the Elan, including "Fibreform". This allowed panels to be produced with sharper edges and the new nickle coating of the tooling made the resultant panels more even and gave extra longevity to the tooling. The moulds were also warmed (by water pipes) in an effort to increase the turnaround speed of the tooling as the Elan was a comparatively high numbers production run.
  6. So going back to the original topic, the S2 Elise started the trend of having the bodyshells made elsewhere.
  7. Were any of the 340R body panels made in house?
  8. Nautilus is a beautiful colour for the Esprit.
  9. Advantage

    Future of Lotus

    Not exactly accurate. Pop up headlights have not been killed off nor banned and can still be used by manufacturers. However, the new car will still have to comply with current pedestrian impact regs no matter how the headlights are mounted and that is cost prohibitive for many - as well as being deeply unfashionable these days.
  10. Advantage

    These have happened.

    They're a bit like mix of SnV and peppercorn Kettle's Chips, especially when taken with beer. The present was anything from a posh holiday through to ipads and the like. I received a downloadable recipe book. 😞
  11. Advantage

    These have happened.

    Yes, they're real and a thing.
  12. DeLorean hovercraft. Because, I suppose.
  13. Advantage

    Tesla Quarterly Profit

    Or a pedo?
  14. Advantage

    The fastest recent lotus for sale

    No mention of the standard Jean Alesi being included with the sale.
  15. Advantage

    Tesla Quarterly Profit

    I don't know of anyone apart from a few disciples who think that they are on a sound financial footing.