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  1. Every time a Carlton story pops up it prompts me to check the DVLA for news of my old one. Sadly there's been no change since it was SORNed complete with expired MOT back in June 2012. Anyway, like buses these things. Wait around for ages and then three turn up at once.
  2. This was re-shown the other evening/morning. The Overhaulin' lot say it was their most ambitious build ever. A 1972 Europa gets chassis, body and engine mods courtesy of Chip Foose. First shown in 2013 (approx 45 minutes long)
  3. That would be my choice, although it might only be small enough for a finger. Line the hole with silk or velvet and use it to pass the time when stuck in traffic.
  4. Up to a point. Still undergoing physio for lack of flexibility and strength but recently the upper pins have started to give her localised pain. So she's booked in to have all the metalwork removed later in the year. (Doc was gutted as he was quite proud of his handiwork!) We're back at the hospital next week for the follow up to the MRI about the fluid pocket on her hip. It's a long game!
  5. Daughter just sent me a WhatsApp video of us doing shots with her mate in a bar last night. I'm too old for this shii...
  6. I like having fresh flowers in the house, especially brightly coloured ones. My daffs are going over so I'll pop out to Asda tomorrow and grab a load of left-over roses for pennies.
  7. There's a nugget or two more than that. A tie-up with Williams to develop electric powered vehicles, including talk of an expensive halo model for instance.
  8. Tech 1 diagnostic machine? Or biscuits. I hope it was biscuits.
  9. I for one, am surprised. It's not like social media to take an isolated part of a whole quote completely out of context then blow it up to be exactly what it isn't in order to be offended. This shocks me.
  10. Wasn't it JMG who was responsible for the recent price hikes? They were expensive before but not outrageously so, yet these days the RRP seems to illicit a proper eyebrow raise and I'm not sure if the Evora is capable of justifying its current price-tag. The same accusation was levelled towards the V8 Esprit when it was first launched. A year or two later, the response from Lotus was a huge price drop in percentage terms (£60k down to £50k) for a model that was marketed as being a stripped out version. Once that base had been established an even more expensive version was released (the £65k S350). JMG has just done the pricing structuring the wrong way around!
  11. 4.4.0? That's about three better than before!
  12. Are there ghosts in the machine today, or is just my end? I've lost the preferred skin colour and a couple of admin type messages are overlaid towards the top of the page, screengrabs below:
  13. Rose tinted specs off, chaps. The Evora's lack of sales can't be magicked away by a few adverts. It isn't a car that appeals, it's as simple as that. No idea why as all the ingredients are there, I guess it's just the wrong recipe. I've no idea why I don't want one either and I'm prime Lotus fodder ready for wallet harvesting. I'm an easy sale yet I don't yearn for one. Imagine extrapolating that to those who haven't got a long history of buying Lotus or those who are quite happy to entertain owning something from the P word company. It needs to go and its replacement needs to wow the public into yearning for one and not just receive worthy nods or accolades from journos.
  14. It was featured on Top Gear, the world's largest car based entertainment show, appeared in a US soap and was wearing a shiny coat while being the key vehicle for the baddies in a Hollywood movie. Yet still, even during its biggest selling year it barely scraped half of its sales target. In the UK last year, it sold 70 units. That doesn't mean it's a bad product and I agree it's an underrated car, but it doesn't sell.
  15. To be frank, I think it's about time the Evora was dropped. It hasn't ever sold well, not once reaching the original annual sales targets and for whatever reasons hasn't captured the imagination of the buying public. Even a good showing and worldwide exposure on Top Gear didn't make people want it. Another round of new bumpers and increased bhp won't solve that. Let it die and bring on the new-gen stuff as soon as possible.
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