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  1. Yep, it's doable at home but don't underestimate the weight of the bodyshell - especially if you're leaving doors/tailgate in situ. They got a bit portly compared with the G cars. Don't forget the nuts/bolts that hold the pedal box on, too.
  2. Wait, what? Another one?
  3. Frikkin' starving. Make mine a double, please. Extra cheese, splosh of brown and hold the fruit, ta very much.
  4. That's missing a flappy bit on the front.
  5. Not keen on the prospect of tasting gearbox oil. The smell is enough to identify it. However, is that a puddle of brake fluid, screenwash or cat pee? Only one way to find that out and that's using your tongue. Note, your tongue - not my tongue.
  6. The trust made an announcement on Twitter this morning. No, not a name - just an update and an explanation for the short delay:
  7. Great, you can tarmac drives to earn some extra cash too. Do ya loike dags?
  8. Talking of Bugs, this one cracked 300mph last month. This Chiron hit 304.77mph (490.48kmh) at VW's Ehra-Lessien track back on August 2nd. Driven by Andy Wallace - who else?
  9. There was no running done by the victim. Remind me why the police lied?
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