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  1. Advantage

    European Speeding Tickets

    As already mentioned, points can't be applied to your UK licence. What they'll do is similar to over here, so they'll create a "Ghost" licence in your name and apply penalties to that. Reach any thresholds that are applicable (by committing further motoring naughtiness within the time frame they use) in their country and face the consequences etc I take it that the letter you received was in your own language as per EU regs?
  2. I'm in. 1. Bibs - Ticket Purchased 2.. internets - 2 tickets purchased 3. Pascal Massun - 2 tickets purchased 4. Pascal Massun - 2 tickets purchased 5. David Boyd - Ticket Purchased - (if I'm still stuck on the M25, can you send me a burger via carrier pigeon please?) 6. nigeninja - 2 tickets purchased 7. C8RHK - 1 ticket purchased 8. Sizona - 1 ticket purchased 9. Trevsked, 2 tickets purchased 10. Advantage 1 ticket purchased (if I buy two can a stuff my face?)
  3. And now for something completely different.
  4. Advantage

    Midlife Crisis!

    Yee and indeed, haaa.
  5. Pivot stud. That's you, that is.
  6. Advantage

    Is it the end

    They aren't banning anything. They are levying a financial charge.
  7. Advantage

    Happy Fathers Day

    You funny Colonials. Happy Easter for next week.
  8. Advantage

    S1 spare wheel: Wolfrace slot

    Don't forget there's always the steel rims from the later cars you can use if you're just looking for a practical rather than concourse solution.
  9. Advantage

    James Bond submarine Esprit

    I thought Musk considered submersibles to be pedos?
  10. Advantage

    Future of Lotus

    Which part of the url gave the game away? 🤣
  11. Please make something I want to buy. Nothing in the current line-up gets my wallet sweating and hasn't done for some years now. This troubles me.
  12. Advantage

    What's wrong with this GT3 that's for sale?

    £22k. Is that considered cheap?
  13. Yours might be towards the front of this pic between the two titanium V8s and the red S4?
  14. An imposter in our midst! 😲