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  1. Despite being a jolly jape, anyone else think that this is actually totally believable?
  2. With both McD's and Nandos shutting from this evening it seems that sh*t just got real.
  3. It can be a bit confusing. Pushed to market as a Vauxhall without even a nod towards its slightly more exotic beginnings, yet they used the stereotypical image of a Lotus owner in its advertising campaign. No wonder the car provokes discussion.
  4. There's panic buying and then there's panic buying. This sort of panic buying is not acceptable. Not happy about this.
  5. The number of electric cars type approved for towing in the UK is tiny. We're talking just four or five models and none of those are capable of the full 3500kgs tow weight. The Model X has the largest towing capacity at a mere 2270kgs. The E-Tron and EQC can tow just 1800kgs whereas the I-Pace is a miserly 750kgs. They've got some way to go before they are comparable with even a 25 year old Discovery.
  6. What new models? It's all the usual smoke and mirrors so far and you don't have to be overly cynical to roll your eyes and mutter under your breath about the situation as it's all been seen before. We haven't had any new models for years. The last new model we had I went with Bibbo and Tony to see it being featured at Top Gear. That was in 2008 and, for context, a fit and healthy Schmacher was pretending to be the Stig. The re-bumpered, re-engined and re-upholstered cars since then are not new models no matter how great they are. Where's the new stuff? Where are the new cars that will grab the column inches, the YouTube minutes and the Instagram likes? Where's the new stuff that will make it worthwhile seeking out the stand at Goodwood or even worthwhile having a stand at Geneva? Where are the new models that will eventually succumb to endless Limited Editions while we moan about waiting for the next new stuff? We've had nothing but empty promises for years and it's only been the genius of the engineers being able to successfully tinker with the existing line-up and the loyalty of a handful of Lotus enthusiasts that have kept the production line from collecting cobwebs. Utterly and repetitively exasperating.
  7. Another new Esprit and another five year plan. Is that the fourth or fifth time this combination has been lauded? Can someone remind me of the etiquette here, please. Are we supposed to be excitedly giggling or cynically eye rolling? I forget which one we're up to.
  8. Advantage

    Kirk Douglas

    What are you upset about? The infatuated teenage aspiring actress being brutally raped by an influential Hollywood heavyweight (who some years later "drowned" while she was married to another Hollywood stalwart)? Or how no one has ever been brought to justice over either event?
  9. Advantage

    Kirk Douglas

    Meh, another rapist dies.
  10. Yep, it's doable at home but don't underestimate the weight of the bodyshell - especially if you're leaving doors/tailgate in situ. They got a bit portly compared with the G cars. Don't forget the nuts/bolts that hold the pedal box on, too.
  11. Wait, what? Another one?
  12. Frikkin' starving. Make mine a double, please. Extra cheese, splosh of brown and hold the fruit, ta very much.
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