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  1. 😆 From Pistonheads: someone has called out the usual PH anti-Lotus negativity: PH'er Otolith: "Really, all the negativity round here, and it could be avoided with one small styling change."
  2. Tesla have trouble producing a simple Mondeo competitor. I wouldn't be doing any breath holding for a sportscar from them.
  3. Currently upside down and spinning around rather slowly at the Saatchi Gallery, Kings Road, London as part of their SWEET HARMONY: RAVE | TODAY exhibition. Peace and love, man. ☮️ 🕊️
  4. "Yellow, is it E you're looking for?" said Lionel.
  5. Harry Metcalfe appears to be joining in the convoy fun, so if you follow him on social media you should be kept up to date with events. In the meantime - Bus [email protected]@ker*: *Colloquialism/catchphrase from a popular Brit comedy TV show for those outside the UK.
  6. Twelve yellow cars - starting at 15:20.
  7. He's right about the lack of armrests and stowage bins. No idea why these were deleted.
  8. Spotted a familiar sight enjoying the Goodwood dust yesterday. Good to see it out and about.
  9. Dunno, there's a queue already and it's only Thursday!
  10. Don't often do summer holidays these days, so my getaway bags contain winter weather stuff and ski gear. Agree with the need to be presentable while wafting around the posh hotel, but then that can be overdressed for a night out at the local spit and sawdust. I've no idea how may valet manages, but the trunk is usually already in the room when I check in.
  11. Saturday for me. Might be needing suncream. 😎 🌞
  12. I'm not allowed to confirm or deny.
  13. Mid-shoot promo video from Bond 25.
  14. Oh dear. Once again it didn't even occur to me to seek it out and I haven't felt as though I've missed anything.
  15. No, she didn't step out into his path. She was one of a group of people walking across the road and was at the tail end of this group. He decided that "Green means go no matter what hazards are ahead" and they did the whole both move to the left, both move to the right dance before contact was made. They were both deemed responsible for the incident, but he should have taken a lot more care around those already established on the road ahead and not relied upon sounding his bicycle horn to absolve him from riding with more consideration towards other, more vulnerable road users.
  16. The Range Rover has just passed its MOT with the only advisory being stonechip on the windscreen that was first reported ten years ago! (Gavin from Autoglass can sod off if he thinks his resin is going to be injected anywhere near me.)
  17. Completely forgot it was starting again. Oh well, maybe next time - or perhaps not.
  18. It's been a right old day down here today. Truly humbling listening to some of the stories the veterans have to tell, but also rather gratifying to see so many turn out to support and thank them. Our flypast might not have been quite as exciting as the events at Duxford, but it was accompanied by a gun salute from HMS St Albans so proper loud seafaring bangs were heard. 😀 Picture Credit: Cpl Ashley Keates - photographed from his office chair MV Boudicca has just left, bound for Normandy with her escort and her own sail past just outside the harbour mouth. Good sized crowd again to wave her off with cheers and applause being exchanged as she glided past. Lump-in-throat time to see all those old boys standing on deck waving back. Did a screengrab from HMS Warrior's webcam as she went past HMS QE while the crew gave a salute and three cheers from the flight deck:
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