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  1. It is an S1 (rear quarter light windows and back lights, for example) but it has had a lot of later stuff and odd things thrown at it.
  2. Or, given the tie-up with Williams, perhaps it will be the - umm - ion share? Ayethangkew. Please tip your waitress, try the veal etc
  3. If it doesn't work after a reset* then any other fix will be outside your skillset because it will involve fault finding and possibly replacing parts - and I say that with love. *Ignition on, press the window down switch, when the glass reaches the bottom continue holding the switch down for 5 seconds. Press the window up switch, once the glass reaches the top continue holding the switch up for 5 seconds. Release button. Ignition off.
  4. Needs a winch. a snorkel and knobbly tyres.
  5. Is the one in Monaco still there? Blurry phone pics from Jan 2012:
  6. All that looks good, the second, slightly larger, compressor gets my vote. You'll need a handful of male and female fittings too, to allow the hose and inflator to be coupled/decoupled from each other and the compressor. Have a chat with the staff at Machine Mart as they're usually very helpful and will make sure you've got everything you need. Don't be afraid to use generic terms and names if you don't know the specifics, they won't care!
  7. Any of the small own-brand (Clarke) compressors from Machine Mart will do the trick. You won't need a massive storage tank for occasional use involving tyre inflation as long as the cfm (Cubic Feet per Minute or flow rate) isn't miniscule. This one, for instance will suit your immediate needs perfectly well, but be warned that compressor buying is slightly addictive and you'll soon be wanting all sorts of air powered tools to add to your collection - and then you'll be looking to upgrade to a 150 ltr, 18 cfm compressor in no time.
  8. 🙁 That was all stripped, cleaned, painted, lubed, refreshed, replacedlotsofthings just a short while ago - what's happened? //Checks photo album// Actually, it was about eleven or twelve years ago - so hasn't it all lasted well?!
  9. Pratt's was a petrol company that was the precursor to Esso. It's basically an old filling station advert from the early 1900s.
  10. If you're considering an Evora (instead/as well) then neither a DB7 or DB9 would be comparable. You need to be looking at a good V8 Vantage as it's much closer in design brief to the Evora's role. It won't be as dynamically capable but it will provide an event and an enticing ownership prospect.
  11. Actually, your view about mergers is shared by Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer. Although, his reasons for them doing so vary slightly from your suggestion. Autocar link
  12. Weight of the hypercar? If it comes in at under two tonnes it's doing well. I'd suggest around 1800kgs depending on dimensions.
  13. Under the sheet is the GT4 racing car: The other announcement is, of course, the previously announced electric hypercar.
  14. I'm not sure it's enough to make the cars useable or even affordable. They have to be desirable too. And right now there isn't much that fulfills that criteria. All change please.
  15. Just in case you were stuck on what to get me for a late birthday present.
  16. Is 16/04/09 when the new five year plan starts?
  17. The Elite and the Elite were both well received.
  18. You misunderstand the point I was making. On here and another site the debate is reasoned, calm and informed. On Twitter it's OHMYGODTHESKYISFALLINGDOWNWEREALLDOOMEDNASTYEVILTORIESAREALLRACISTS over and over again. Hence the reason for avoiding such nonsense on that platform.
  19. I have a Twitter account. I don't follow many other Twitterers on there, mainly people, a few ski resorts and some motoring stuff - but a couple of the larger news agencies too. A while ago I used the site's inbuilt censoring system to mute and/or block posts that contain the B-word. I can't begin to explain how much more pleasant the user experience is now.
  20. Meanwhile, Geely themselves posted an encouraging 18% profit increase for 2018. Reuters Link
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