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  1. Let's just hope Lotus doesn't use Apple's battery tech. 25 different plugs for the charger and a new one every year. Then a battery that lasts for a couple of days - unless you actually use it. when its life can be measured in minutes and a screen whose replacement will void the whole car's warranty if not done by one of the three service centres. Mind you, the customers will never complain as they're all believers of the cult, so that's good news at least.
  2. Technology, you say? Machines, they're full of kids.
  3. As above, I do struggle to understand the thinking behind them. Surely people know if all the lights in the house are on or if there's a TV blaring in every room? But more importantly, what's in it for the suppliers? They won't be doing this in exchange for nothing, so what do they get out of all these installations?
  4. But Porsche is good SUV manufacturer. Their offerings aren't as competent off-road as the output of Land Rover nor do they have the LR's breadth of ability, but they make a pretty good tarmac based SUV. I wonder if one day the lessons they've learned in making SUVs will trickle down to those funny little sportscars they also make.
  5. Buy the Porsche. Nothing SUV shaped from Lotus will be happening in the near or mid future.
  6. I went to a show at a local Comedy Club last night with daughter. They gave a brief nod to Red Nose Day with a few red balloons and a couple of collection buckets. They've just tweeted that the night raised about £190 in donations - which I work out to be a touch under a quid per head. Us south coast White Saviours are a generous lot.
  7. The exhaust is pre-shaped like that as standard due to clearance issues, don't panic. It's slightly oval just past the downpipe for about a foot - all perfectly normal although obviously there's no "bashing" going on during its manufacture. You can just make out the contour in the parts diagram.
  8. Advantage


    Yep, I'm over on Thursday too - but from Gatwick.
  9. Maybe the spare was included in US crash testing to demonstrate that its presence has no detrimental effect on the car's crash performance rather than showing it to be an integral part of the protection?
  10. Another one from Harry. I'm enjoying his channel, you should subscribe too if you like good old fashioned nerdy approach to car stuff. This time he's in a 1977 Countach LP400 for a very brief video. This car is from the same era as the S1 Esprit and is also fondly regarded for its purity of design devoid of arches and bulges, small tyres and free-revving engine making the most of its lack of bloat. Sounds familiar..
  11. The spare tyre was deleted by the factory on GT3 and V8 GT models.
  12. How big was the glass of gin you put it in?
  13. It's always been crap. In fact I'm struggling to think of any Steve Coogan performance that has been (intentionally) amusing.
  14. Limited run of 20 I believe, with just over half already allocated homes - apparently.
  15. Although, to be fair to the OP, it's not how a business reacts when things are good and lovely, it's how they respond when things go tits up that is important. I don't subscribe to the "Customer is Always Right" mantra because some customers are knobs, but I'm surprised at the level on unprofessionalism on display.
  16. Quite, and that's my point. Another MY of no new cars. Another MY of trying to persuade US and worldwide dealers that it's a good idea to have a franchise. Another MY of single digit sales figures. It's such a depressingly sad and predictable cycle. A new hope for "Great Things" is offered up and lots of excitement abounds. Then - nothing. It's all very well having an enthusiastic optimism for the marque, but that doesn't pay the bills. It wasn't that long ago that the delay between ending S1 Elise production and supply of the S2 model caused dealerships severe financial hardship at their Lotus outlets and some didn't survive that delay. It came as no surprise to hear that a number of current UK dealerships have recently taken on a Caterham franchise. They need the income! It seems we're stuck with another year of dealerships trying to sell a product that the public doesn't want, hence my earlier expression of disappointment.
  17. Wait, what? The Evora is being continued? That's actually quite disappointing. How long for, is it just a short-term stopgap?
  18. Every time a Carlton story pops up it prompts me to check the DVLA for news of my old one. Sadly there's been no change since it was SORNed complete with expired MOT back in June 2012. Anyway, like buses these things. Wait around for ages and then three turn up at once.
  19. This was re-shown the other evening/morning. The Overhaulin' lot say it was their most ambitious build ever. A 1972 Europa gets chassis, body and engine mods courtesy of Chip Foose. First shown in 2013 (approx 45 minutes long)
  20. That would be my choice, although it might only be small enough for a finger. Line the hole with silk or velvet and use it to pass the time when stuck in traffic.
  21. Up to a point. Still undergoing physio for lack of flexibility and strength but recently the upper pins have started to give her localised pain. So she's booked in to have all the metalwork removed later in the year. (Doc was gutted as he was quite proud of his handiwork!) We're back at the hospital next week for the follow up to the MRI about the fluid pocket on her hip. It's a long game!
  22. Daughter just sent me a WhatsApp video of us doing shots with her mate in a bar last night. I'm too old for this shii...
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