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  1. Two people (male + female) were arrested yesterday evening. Gatwick is back to full operation although with the obvious knock-on after effects of the disruption.
  2. His latest comment, this time about the Driftmas video. He really is a monumental cock and thankfully one or two of the replies are calling him out.
  3. Revamped Home Alone for the Google Generation.
  4. They're actually just checking whether your cruise control is engaged or not.
  5. Cunning linguist. I meant post this in the Random Pics thread the other day but didn't get around to it. It's not actually a grammar problem, but it is someone's problem. Genuine road sign I spotted in my travels:
  6. Had trouble P-ing and Q-ing.
  7. I had a semicolon once. But the doc said some antibiotics would clear it up.
  8. Someone's left a car ticking over at Hethel. A screengrab lifted directly and unashamedly from Group Lotus' Instagram live stories today:
  9. Must have been on cruise control in the wet. No other possible explanation.
  10. I'll be selling cable ties.
  11. My preference is more about the revised interior, better gearchange and resolved braking system.
  12. Or just buy a V8 Esprit, preferably from 1998 onwards.
  13. You've got to be envious of how quickly young people heal! Hopefully she'll be fit enough to get back in a car in the New Year. She bumped into Daniel Ricciardo at Dubai airport:
  14. Advantage


    Bought a couple of these over the weekend to give as alternative Advent Calendars - which should make December fly by when compared with a small piece of chocolate everyday. Link to Winchester Distilleries page
  15. I wouldn't be completely shocked if it turned out your chassis wasn't entirely true. The chunks that the previous owner has hacked out of the spine chasing those water leaks won't have exactly added any strength! It may well have twisted slightly. It would only take the smallest of twists to require an extra shim or two to bring the suspension back into alignment. Screengrabs for those who haven't seen the video:
  16. It seems some are viewing this result as being some sort of failure. The Exige finished 8th out of ten cars chosen for the day. Ten cars that represent the best driver's cars from every single manufacturer. To even be selected for the day means it's going to be a good car and the rankings of the day are the results of nit-picking and personal preferences of those taking part. Instead of lamenting it only finishing 8th, celebrate that it finished 8th in the world of cars. That's a good result.
  17. I believe there was an erroneous Yellow Flag waved that a few drivers in front of her responded to which caused the inevitable bunching. She made contact with Daruvala's car and subsequently suffered brake failure. Just over 170mph along (and slightly above) the straight with no control over the car. She had seven hours of surgery today which successfully repaired her spinal fracture and all limbs are active. She's got a tough journey ahead but so far things seem positive. Two photographers and a marshal were also injured in the crash, receiving combinations of concussion, broken facial bones and liver lacerations.
  18. Genuinely a thing. High Street shop John Lewis went looking for a real John Lewis and found a chap in Virginia answering to that name. Apparently, yes, this advert is based on real life and is their alternative Christmas ad. #NotARetailStore
  19. She has since Tweeted: Just wanted to let everybody know that I am fine but will be going into Surgery tomorrow morning. Thanks to the @fia and @hwaag_official @MercedesAMGF1 who are taking great care of me. Thanks to everybody for the Supporting messages. Update soon. Compilation of various sources:
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