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  1. Ah, so because someone has a past history for which they've served their time it's ok to murder them? Is that the logic you're going for? I hope not as it's a fairly lame excuse. The police still don't have a mandate to murder, even in the USA. Your argument falls at the first hurdle, but I don't really understand why you're even attempting to defend the actions of the police involved in this incident. 

    The All Lives Matter is mantra is just white whining and whining from a position of privilege brought about by nothing more significant than skin colour.  Aren't you fortunate to be able to do that without being persecuted for it, let alone having a knee pressing down on your neck. Waaa waaa waaa, what poor oppressed middle aged white guys we are. We have it so bad in this world. 

    White privilege is very real. It's sometimes obvious, it's sometimes subtle. But it's always there. If you can't see it or appreciate that then perhaps you enable it. 

    It's not enough to be non-racist, it's time we were all actively anti-racist - and a handful of replies on this thread are anything but. 

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  2. An AM Vantage isn't exactly a cast iron place to put your cash either. Especially if you use it (but in Tony's case it sounds like mileage based depreciation is never going to be an issue - 800 miles, the shame of it) Mine is worth about 68p these days but I have done over 40k miles in it since I bought it, so I feel as though I have got my money's worth from it. 


  3. There is no natural escape route for the refrigerant as a/c is a sealed for life system. If it's losing or has lost gas then it's faulty. On all cars (not just a Lotus) the condenser would be the first thing to inspect for damage or just general crunchy failure. If you're going to DIY a fix and have to open the system then replace the receiver drier as a service item too no matter what other repairs are needed. 

    As for topping it back up again, you should find a sticker somewhere on the car giving details of how much refrigerant to use.

  4. Musk's ego knows no bounds. He's committed to reopening the California plant against the orders of the local authority and has pretty much dared Governor Newsom to arrest him for the violation. In the meantime he's threatened to move the factory out of state if he didn't get his own way. He's a knob.

    (Still waiting for his magic cave-rescuing submarine to demonstrate its prowess.)

  5. Banksy's picture (in Bibbo's post above) was presented to Southampton General Hospital which is where my daughter spent some time while they nailed/bolted/screwed/glued her right foot back together. The staff there are great. 

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