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  1. I'm in touch with Bauke; he has some trim... not new or as new I'm affraid... still searching. Thank you anyway, Berend!!
  2. The lazy headlamps will need simply some lube on their hinges to work fine. When refiting the ligths on the facia switches do not remove them individually, the litle plastic tip wich supports every switch cracks very easy.
  3. Dan, I triyed at them. Mark at Lotusbts told me the company who are making their new windscreen trims are really struggling to get the profile 100% perfect... They have been trying now for over 1 year, without success. They have not given up but they are running out of options. Mark is trying to re-discover how the trims were originally made, he refuse to believe that a process followed in the 1970's cannot be followed today!! So I'm on searching a new or re-conditioned trim... Jordi.-
  4. Hello! My Eclat is at the workshop, front windscreen off because a crack. The trim has been damaged on removal. I've buyed some pieces at SJSportscars. Unfortunatelly, the trim on the upper border of the windscreen does not fit. I'm searching for a new (or good used) one. I'm affraid there are no more trim available. SJSportscars and Mark at LotusBits are out of new trim. So my question: - Where can I find the upper border trim of a Lotus Eclat/Elite windscreen? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you! Jordi Mir
  5. Thanks for sharing, Dave! A very interesting document about the car... and the times (see the charachters on the brochure pictures journey...!!) Thanks, Jordi.-
  6. Dave, Looked again al the thing. Once removed the engine radiator the A/C condenser remains bolted only at the bottom. The bracket on top are now free, because they are bolted to the engine radiator itself. The size is pretty the same for both elements so with a little tilting and persuasion, it is possible to removal via the engine bay. Best regards,
  7. Hello, Dave! The A/C condenser seems accessible as soon as the radiator has been removed. There are again two bolts on the bottom and two more brackets bolted at the top, Those are deeper but the space to work is wider (the condenser is not as narrowed fitted as the radiator). I will do a look and maybe pictures at it next weekend, If I notice some potential interference I will post here to your knowledge.
  8. Ah, the flow direction... you're rigth: I discovered one fan blowed forwards and the other rearwards!! Gremlin electrics... After flow direction was solved, cooling improved a little.
  9. Done radiator removal this weekend on my Eclat. No front exit available because A/C condenser... The most difficult part is to take the radiator out of the place because there are two mounting brackets on top of the radiator wich make it wider than the gap... you need to simultaneously turn and tilt the radiator to begin the removal...
  10. mikeeech, Buddsy: thank you for the inputs! At first the cooling system had a clogged heating radiator, a fault gauge sender and a non working thermostat. I also changed one of the fans because its electric engine burned. Now both fans works fine. Two new thermostats were testet, normal and "hot climate". Heating core is clean. Little change. Engine still runs on the "hot" side (fans activate too often, most of the time, also when riding at 80 km/h on open road...). I agree with Buddsy: "hot climate" thermostat will make the engine run too cool when winter, with no cooling improvement in the summertime over the normal thermostat. And now there is the leaking... I want to get a definitive solution!! Thanks again, Jorge E
  11. Hello everybody ;O) I'm on the maintenance and restoration project of the Lotus Eclat 2,2 (1980). Original radiator has two leaks on the front side. I need your expert advice: is it better to recore the original radiator or to buy a winner-racing brand aluminium one? Or other different brand? I live in Catalonia - Andorra - Spain and the car is always running on the "hot" side so I do preffer efficiency over keeping original. Is aluminium better for this purpose? Wath is your advice? Thank you!! Jorge E
  12. Hello Jack! Woukd be nice if you can share pictures of your garage... Must be a nice time-dessign contrast, Evora and Éclat! I also own an Éclat, located in North-East of Spain, wich I'm in process of restoring Wellcome!
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