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  1. I am impressed. I don't take mine out if it looks like it might rain! I think I am right that they do not use salt on the roads in Japan, that must help to stop rust and corrosion.
  2. Well, with the season of salt and wet dirty roads my Esprit is off the road for the winter. I have (of course) a number of jobs to do (including the cambelt). The demon tool to help me along? In the summer at my local charity shop I bought some skiing sallopettes for £3. These trousers are chest high, lined and insulated so I am toasty warm now. Good luck with your winter work schedule.
  3. Not sure about torque settings, I guess you would only get a torque wrench on the nuts with the engine out of the car. Normal good engineering practice, tighten from the centre out. I thought the gaskets should be fitted dry-------is silicone sealant up to the job? Interested to know as a change of manifold is one of my winter tasks. Cheers Roy.
  4. Millers 10/60 with added zinc sounds good. I think over the years my engine will have built up a reasonable protection before all the synthetic oils were introduced. Probably a 10/50 would be fine. Cheers Roy.
  5. An interesting article attached (copyright protected but I do have permission to reproduce it) re engine oil. I run my Esprit on Mobile 1 10/60 which has been very good in terms of oil pressure, consumption, starting etc. What I can't tell is if the engine is wearing due to the lack of zinc. I do have a magnetic drain plug that remains pretty clean between oil changes but having read this article I am tempted to switch back to a good classic 20/50. What do you think? Zinc in Engine Oil - Copyright Document 2017[328658].odt
  6. On my X180 I found that twisting the hose slightly before clamping kept it clear. Your hose looks shorter so this may not work for you.
  7. When I got my car it was being run on 0/30. Exhaust got a bit smokey after hard use. I switched to Mobil 1 ---10/60 and it has been absolutely fine including track days. Change your oil and filter every year it's a no brainer. What's the car worth against how much is an oil change? Good luck with the mapping, Roy.
  8. Just out of interest, what engine oil are you running? Roy
  9. For anyone interested in adjustable cam sprockets check out the history on the search section. Dave did a brilliant fully illustrated 'how to' posted on 29th Aug. 2015 headed: How to set the Vernier cam.
  10. The correct tool is fine, unless of course the previous owner(s) have already butchered the drain plug before you get there.
  11. Been there, done that. I couldn't shift either the filler or drain plug. This is what you need. A clever gadget full of spring-loaded rods which will fit lots of things. All I can say is it worked for me. I bought it at last years Classic Restoration Show so you may get one there at the end of the month if you are going. Unfortunately I didn't keep any details of the Trader who was selling them. It is stamped 'GATOR GRIP BY ENDEAVOR' and covers 7mm to 19mm. Highly recommended.
  12. Hi Travis, I like the idea of marking the belt and zip ties. Another top tip. Thanks, Roy.
  13. Did anyone see the cambelt change tip on TV ( Wheeler Dealers or Car SOS I think). Line all the marks up as usual to ensure the current belt fitted is in the correct position. Get your very sharp Stanley Knife, cut the belt longways all the way round at about halfway across its width. Cut through this front half and remove. With all the pulleys still being held in their correct relative positions, slide the new belt on. Cut off the remaining old half of the belt and ease the new belt fully home. Adjust tension in the normal way. Anyone tried this? Roy.
  14. Hi Mark,I think I read that ethanol content in USA is 15% so more likely to give you problems A fuel pressure test would probably help to diagnose your lack of power. I would guess that injection lines are more able to handle the ethanol than carb lines due to the better quality needed to handle the increased pressure. Updating your flexible fuel lines would be a good job done and eliminate this as a cause of your current (and future) problems in this area. Seems that a new diaphragm is not available for the fuel pressure regulator. A new unit is available.
  15. I hardly like to bring this topic up again but fire and fibreglass are not a happy mix. This is how I see it. Ethanol will rot most things (known) but how quickly will the current 5% mix cause any problems? Some of the 97 octane fuel apparently does not always contain ethanol but the fuel companies seem very reluctant to let anyone know (not much help). Ethanol friendly fuel lines are R graded from R6 up to R10, the higher the number the better the protection. I would suggest not lower than R9. For the very latest top spec there is Cohline Biohose. Additives to go in the tank (1 bottle t
  16. Fit a nice new alloy radiator and fill it with Evans Waterless Coolant. It has never made much sense to fill an aluminium engine etc with water. Roy.
  17. OK, thanks for the input. I am off to the NEC Restoration Show next weekend so they may have some special offers, we shall see. Jon, your daughter is the sort of person I could fall in love with, not the 'You spend so much time in the garage you may as well have your bed out there' type (ie the wife). Mark, rear shocks. Not a bad job. You need to get the spring compressors on whilst they are on the car, all a bit tense so I hope you have some that fit. Make a note of where they are positioned as you need to duplicate this when you put them back. In certain positions you won't b
  18. Job done. I carried on stripping. There is a bearing at the base (rack end) held in with a circlip. This clip needs to be removed. I undid the grubb screws at the steering wheel end. The fitting here (which includes the bearing) is a bayonet type and with this twisted to release it, the whole inner column can be removed. As you can see from the pics, the column splits into 2 parts. The play I had was here, where the top column slid into the lower tube. I introduced some shim metal (4thou) which has eliminated all the sideways play but is not tight enough to stop the column collapsing in
  19. Just finished my winter jobs ---new rear shocks, lower steering UJ, new accelerator cable (inner & outer). The cable wasn't much fun as the original had been laid along the centre tunnel and then the sound proofing stuck over the top! Anyway, I am getting pretty fed up scrabbling about on the floor on my knees and back so the question is: 'How do you raise and support your car'. I have made a pad for my trolley jack for use on the side jacking points which works OK. The front is not so much of a problem as there are chassis cross members you can get to. The rear I find a problem. Wit
  20. Has anybody dismantled a steering column? I have my steering column out on the bench (non-airbag model) in an effort to cure some play at the steering wheel. I have managed to establish that the movement is at the steering wheel end of the column where there are some grub screws which do not look very original holding the black outer crumple zone casing onto an alloy flange. With the lower spline clamped I have movement at the steering wheel. The inner column carrying the splines for the universal joint end and the steering wheel end is not a continuous solid shaft and presumably is joined usi
  21. OK, thanks Jacques, and good luck with the rest of the job. Thanks Barry, I am sure you are right as mine does not have a charge cooler. Cheers Roy.
  22. Hi Jacques, is your original manifold for sale? If 'YES' does anyone out there know if it will fit my 1988 Esprit (Stevens X180 Turbo) Thanks Roy.
  23. I wasn't sure whether to write this up or not as I didn't want members to think I was showing off. I expect there are plenty of us out there who think we would be F1 drivers if only we'd had the right opportunity. On the other hand it could be of some help to anybody who has not done a track day and is considering it. This was a Bell & Covill day, Goodwood 8/06/2015. I booked in November so had plenty of time to think about it! I was concerned on several fronts. I might crash it. I might do some engine or transmission damage. I might damage any part of the car that wasn't r
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