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  1. Sorry, i just rechecked the manual. Check and make sure pinch bolt in upper uj is HORIZONTAL (not vertical) before turning 3 splines. I had never been happy with the steering on my car-- having a dead feel to it coming out of roundabouts and heavier than I thought it should be. Well, with the uj's correctly phased the steering is transformed. So if you don't feel happy with your steering, check the uj alignment. Roy.
  2. Just done the steering joints on my '88 Stevens Turbo. Remove drivers seat, leave steering wheel on. You can now reach pinch bolts etc much easier. Remove cowling and take off the indicator and wiper stalks. I didn't need to disconnect any wiring as this gave me enough room to draw the complete steering column out by about 5 inches. Remove pinch bolt from upper UJ. Remove 2 large bolts from scuttle beam under dash and clamp bolt down at pedal box. Complete column including outer cage should withdraw enough to clear upper uj. Leaving steering wheel on gives you something to pull on but be gentl
  3. Hi Niell As I understand it the shroud is an important part of getting the maximum airflow through the rad, as are the foam strips top and bottom. The shroud should be quite an easy repair (alloy strips and pop-rivets -or fibreglass). Why would you have a nice recored rad and then bolt fitting kits through it, asking for trouble. Cheers Roy.
  4. Ok Neil, I did get a Far East silicone hose kit but it only covers a few of the main hoses so a bit of work still to do on sourcing the rest. Roy.
  5. Stevens X180 Turbo. I need to replace my oil cooler (13 Row). Can anyone tell me what thread is used for the hose to cooler fittings. Thanks Roy.
  6. Hi All, my winter job is set. New aluminium radiator Silicone hoses, stainless clips. Evans waterless coolant fluid. I know the Evans is not cheap but if you believe even half of its claims it makes an awful lot of sense. Ask me in 3 months time how it performs. Have a nice break for Christmas. Roy.
  7. Very easy to check a coil lead. Set your multi-meter to 'ohms'. One probe at each end. Expect to get a reading of between 10 to 15000 ohms. No reading means no continuity and the lead has broken down. Anything too high (maybe over 30000) resistance too high. Roy.
  8. I would have liked to make this as it would have been my first one, but instead I shall be at Donnington with a shopping list. Luckily it's not a must have but a 'things I would like'. Top of the list is a distributor and ignition amplifier as back up for my Esprit Turbo. Going in the campervan so may do the BTTC Race Meeting on the Sunday. Roy Lewington.
  9. Sounds like head gasket. If you are having to top up the coolant after use----head gasket. If you are not loosing coolant get the engine nice and hot and give it an oil change. Roy. Just had another thought. Take it to somewhere that has an exhaust emission gas analyser. If they put the probe in the steam from the header tank and there is any trace of HC (hydro carbons) then it's head gasket. Roy.
  10. I am after price and availabilty for the following (1988 Esprit Turbo- X180 Stevens) B082T0327J Workshop Manual. L082T0324Z Owners Handbook A082U5993F Esprit badge--2 needed A082U5994F Turbo badge--2 needed Thanks Roy.
  11. Hi Bibs, my emails were to [email protected] I am after prices and availability on a workshop manual and some badges. Thanks Roy.
  12. I've fired off a couple of emails and not yet had a reply. Is there a problem or am I doing something wrong? Anyone have a phone no. I can ring? Thanks Roy.
  13. Get stuck in Chris and start being a real nuisance with sensible questions (Why? would seem to be good one, or 'How much?') Still the biggest problem with our so-called Democracy is apathy from us. How did we ever allow them to charge us for parking when we visit a hostpital? We are all supposed to be cutting back but my Council have plenty of money to paint stupid white lines across peoples drives, lay strips of green and pink tarmac everywhere etc. etc. Even my Parish Council can manage to surround our local green that has a perfectly good fence, with newly erected telegraph pole en
  14. Hi folks, I am new to the forum and new to Lotus ownership. Probably everyone knows this but when you change your cambelt just be careful. The water hose up to the water-pump can easily be cut through by the cam wheel if it is not correctly positioned. The top jubilee clip on this same hose can also foul and damage the waterpump drive belt. Roy.
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