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  1. Yes, why didn't the UK customer not receive this!!
  2. Hello, Please could you post or PM more of the Green? Thank you, Phil
  3. What did he say to convince you?
  4. I have asked customer care and gained a similar response. Just keep asking, I'm sure if enough of us ask, something will hopefully happen before 5th November!! Just give us bigger painted body panels Lotus!!
  5. Thank you. Its either Red or Silver for me.... Not sure which one yet!
  6. Hello, Would it be possible to create the following please? - Red - Black pack - silver wheels / black calipers -Red - Non black pack - silver wheels /black calipers Thank you, Phil
  7. Just had my Lotus call. For reference i placed my deposit 7th July 4-5pm ish.... They confirmed before me asking that you have until the 5th Nov to submit your spec (V6) and pay the 3k via the link they are sending to me through email without effecting any position in the queue.
  8. Can't wait to see the Green and Red... My wild card choice is Nimbus Grey!
  9. I guess we are all getting mixed information again.
  10. You can change your spec up to the 5th November and the 3k is refundable deposit at any time. You will only loose your place ( from what i took from the information ) to someone who has spec confirmed and paid there 3k deposit from now to 5th November. So for example if you were 7th and didn't pay the 3k / spec'd your FE V6 until the 5th November and i was 8th and did do that, i would move up 1 place. Also if you wanted FE V6, you would jump anyone who wanted the FE i4 who is in front of you.
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