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  1. Was there on Sunday and bumped in to Adrian. Was a bit wet around lunch time, but was great to see the historic F1 cars again. I remember the one and only year we had a stand there and it was a total mud bath I was the only one parked there as everyone turned round and parked along with Club Lotus once they spotted the mud. Spent the evening washing off the mud in the hotel car park, good job I was only staying there one night πŸ˜€
  2. Just need to pick the one when the sun shines then πŸ˜„
  3. I'll have an attempt at tidying πŸ˜€ 1. Bibs - Evora 2. DaveC72 - Evora 3. KennyN - Emira (If Lotus manage to stick to their estimated delivery date) 4. Mark (indevon)- Evora 5. Techyd (Dean) - Elise 6. Nigel - Europa SE 7. Kevin - Turbo Esprit 8. Choppa Esprit S3 9. Bazza - Something Lotus 10. Mayevora - Evora Sport Racer 11. Tony F- Elise S1 12. Adrian - GT3 ? 13. Exeterjeep - Evora 14. Martyn - Esprit SE
  4. Yes, remember that one, a gallon on petrol on the floor and a parafin heater 🧨. Turn it off...... Oh Ok then 😊
  5. Not planning to do anything till things settle down again, it's just to unpredictable. Please feel free to organise something if you wish, but it's probably best to just join in with the Lotus Owners Club they seem to be there quite often.
  6. Happy Christmas everyone. Really hoping to see you all again next year. Martyn 🌲
  7. Hi All, Thanks for you comments above and I will of course look in to running this event again when things are a bit more settled. Unfortuantely I've just heard from Bicester Heritage that this event has now been cancelled following the recent statements from the Government. @Bibs clould you please flag up in the tiltle of the thread that this event has been cancelled. I've been told your ticket fees will be refunded via the Eventbrite system and this would appear to be automatic, but you can obviously logon directly to Eventbrite to request a refund as previously detailed. Again thanks for all you support and I hope for better things in the future so hang on in there and stay safe. Thanks Martyn.
  8. Hi All, I've spoken to Bicester Heritage and unfortunately this has gone somewhat pear shaped. Car Club Tickets were mean't to be available till the 14th September, but since they had to limit their numbers due to the current situation they are now all sold out. Only 8 tickets were sold under our booking code, so we will now not be allocated a display area since we failed to meet our target of 20 tickets. Normally I would have chassed people to buy tickets, however this seemed inappropriate in the current situation as I'm sure many people will be uncomfortable being around so many people even outdoors and I wouldn't want to make anyone feel obliged to buy tickets. If you've already bought tickets you have a couple of options: 1. If you still wish to go please logon to and download a fresh ticket dated the 4th October. If you arrive in a pre-1990 car you will be directed to the main display area (dependant on space) If you arrive in a post-1990 car you will be directed to the main car park. Please note the event now finishes at 2pm and due to the strict social distancing it's likely there will be queues while viewing the Workshops and visiting the toilets etc. 2. If you no longer want to go then you can claim a refund up to 7 days before the event by visiting and clicking on request a refund. You may need to register with eventbrite if you didn't do this while buying your tickets. As always thank you for your support this is always appreciated and hopefuly we can revisit this event in the future. Thanks Again Martyn.
  9. Hi, You'd be most welcome. I'll need to check with Bicester Heritage as the Tickets for Car Clubs seem to have vanished, we should still have some available though as we've not hit our minimum quota of 20 yet. Will try and check with them tomorrow.
  10. Hi Simon, Sorry it's been moved try here: Martyn.
  11. Thanks Ewan. I'll restart this thread nearer the time, but for those wanting to buy tickets please note the below: To purchase tickets please go to: and click on Buy Tickets and select "Classic or Club Pass" During the process you should select your club as The Lotus Forums and enter the Code TLF2020BH Please note the code TLF2020BH is case sensitive so be careful. Once you've purchased your ticket please PM me so I can keep a list of confirmed people coming.
  12. Well let's hope so. As long as @Bibs doesn't anounce the TLF Christmas Party is being posponed, then I'll be really worried πŸ™ƒ
  13. Well I guess this is no suprise the date has been pushed back again to the 4th October. @Bibs could you please amend thread details. They are having a virtual event on their Facebook and Instagram pages on the 21st June apparently. Thanks for you continuing patience and I hope you are all well. Martyn πŸ™‚ JUNE SCRAMBLE MOVED TO 4TH OCTOBER 7th May 2020 To our valued supporters, motoring enthusiasts, and community, We hope that you are keeping well and staying safe at home. Due to the current circumstances, we have decided to move our June Scramble to October and to hold another virtual event on 21st June. We feel that this is the right thing to do as we enter the next phase of the β€˜new normal’ and all continue to pull together to bring an end to these abnormal times. Our April #StayHomeScramble was a huge success with in excess of 1000 vehicles from vintage Bugattis to WW2 tanks shared by enthusiasts through our Facebook and Instagram channels. We hope to inspire the same classic motoring activity from home once more. In the meantime, the videos on our Instagram IGTV page are a must-see for enthusiasts keen to learn more about Bicester Heritage and its past and they can be found here. If you have any questions or requests do send them through to us here and we look forward to sharing our next virtual event with you soon. We are also planning some socially distanced events and will be in touch as soon as we can with further details. Clubs Your club booking will remain and bookings for members will now remain open until midnight on Monday 14th September when member bookings will close to allow us to collate numbers and assign areas accordingly. You will be informed by Thursday 24th September on whether your club has been assigned an area based on booking numbers. On behalf of all at Bicester Heritage, do take care, and please ensure that care and compassion for one another remain at the forefront of all our minds.
  14. Seems like quite a bargain. Will it come in a variety of colours ? πŸ˜„
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