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  1. Happy Christmas everyone. Really hoping to see you all again next year. Martyn 🌲
  2. Hi All, Thanks for you comments above and I will of course look in to running this event again when things are a bit more settled. Unfortuantely I've just heard from Bicester Heritage that this event has now been cancelled following the recent statements from the Government. @Bibs clould you please flag up in the tiltle of the thread that this event has been cancelled. I've been told your ticket fees will be refunded via the Eventbrite system and this would appear to be automatic, but you can obviously logon directly to Eventbrite to request a refund as previously detailed
  3. Hi All, I've spoken to Bicester Heritage and unfortunately this has gone somewhat pear shaped. Car Club Tickets were mean't to be available till the 14th September, but since they had to limit their numbers due to the current situation they are now all sold out. Only 8 tickets were sold under our booking code, so we will now not be allocated a display area since we failed to meet our target of 20 tickets. Normally I would have chassed people to buy tickets, however this seemed inappropriate in the current situation as I'm sure many people will be uncomfortable being around so many people
  4. Hi, You'd be most welcome. I'll need to check with Bicester Heritage as the Tickets for Car Clubs seem to have vanished, we should still have some available though as we've not hit our minimum quota of 20 yet. Will try and check with them tomorrow.
  5. Hi Simon, Sorry it's been moved try here: Martyn.
  6. Thanks Ewan. I'll restart this thread nearer the time, but for those wanting to buy tickets please note the below: To purchase tickets please go to: and click on Buy Tickets and select "Classic or Club Pass" During the process you should select your club as The Lotus Forums and enter the Code TLF2020BH Please note the code TLF2020BH is case sensitive so be careful. Once you've purchased your ticket please PM me so I can keep a list of confirmed people coming.
  7. Well let's hope so. As long as @Bibs doesn't anounce the TLF Christmas Party is being posponed, then I'll be really worried 🙃
  8. Well I guess this is no suprise the date has been pushed back again to the 4th October. @Bibs could you please amend thread details. They are having a virtual event on their Facebook and Instagram pages on the 21st June apparently. Thanks for you continuing patience and I hope you are all well. Martyn 🙂 JUNE SCRAMBLE MOVED TO 4TH OCTOBER
  9. Seems like quite a bargain. Will it come in a variety of colours ? 😄
  10. Just got this from the AA Quite interesting as the MOT runs out on the Esprit at the end of April. I wonder when you do MOT though it will start from then or the original date it ran out ? Martyn 🙃
  11. Well it's off till June 21st then. I guess at least the weather might be better then and probably less risk of a muddy field ! Thanks for all your support of this event so far and I hope those that can will still come along, I'll restart this thread nearer the date. Martyn
  12. I'm sure they'll let me know if there are any plans to cancel, lets just see how it goes and assume all is well until told otherwise. Martyn 🙂
  13. Just bumping this up to the top again as I could really do with some more cars. We have quite a few Pre-1990 at present, so there is room for Post-1990 Cars so please express interest in the main thread and buy a ticket ASAP only £12 what have you got to loose ? Martyn
  14. So far ...... Pre-1990 1. Martyn - Espirt SE - Confirmed 2. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit / Excel 3. Dan E - Turbo Esprit 4. Wayne - Turbo Esprit 5. Dave Freeman - Esprit SE 6. Barrie - Esprit S3 / Essex - Confirmed 7. Chris Cole - Turbo Esprit 8. Len Guy - Excel 9. Codriver - Esprit 1989 Anniversary Edition - Confirmed 10. Nigelsd - Esprit S2 11. Painterdave - Excel - Confirmed 12.
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