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  1. Hi All, Thanks for the replies so far. I've spoken to Bicester Heritage and we need a minimum of 20 Cars of which 50% or more need to be pre-1990. So far we have: Pre-1990 1. Martyn - Espirt SE 2. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit / Excel 3. Dan E - Turbo Esprit 4. benja-p - Esprit SE (might be latter than 1990, but hopefuly Ok) 5. Dave Freeman - Esprit SE 6. Barrie - Esprit S3 / Essex 7. Chris Cole - Turbo Esprit 8. Len Guy - Excel Post-1990 1. Geoffers - Evora 400 2. Sparky - Esprit GT3 3. Nigel ? - Europa SE 4. Chillidoggy - E
  2. The pre-1990 I think only applies to individual entries and not to Clubs. Certainly last year The Lotus Drivers Club had late model Exige's and Evora's on display as did the local Club Lotus Stand.
  3. Hi Guys, Unfortunatley no Duxford again this year however please see here: I think I've already mentioned this to a few people already and it was a great event last year. Martyn
  4. I've just heard back from Duxford regarding the Spring Car Show and unfortunately there will be no show again this year despite some indications last year that the event would be revived. As an alternative I looked at various events last year and the best one I went to was the Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble. It's quite a large event and the grassed areas around the Airfield were packed with cars as far as the eye could see of all makes and types. Most of the Heritage Workshops were open showcasing Car rebuilds and other specialist services around the Classic Car business. Even more Cars wer
  5. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE. Trevsked top-plumber - Turbo Esprit shelly Schumacher Elan M100 se turbo Vipers - 3-Eleven 430 PainterDave - Excel Composite guru - Elise 220 Cup (work dependant) JNW - Esprit S1 or Essex Esprit Bibs - Evora NA Dave Eds - Evora NA or M100 Sizona - GT430 or JPS Esprit Martyn - Esprit SE
  6. Bibs Rachel Cliff Sparky Madame Sparky ChrisJ DanE Martyn Looking forward to it, food was fantastic last year. Martyn
  7. Thanks Hopefuly see you Sunday. Email just arrived from Neil ended up in Junk Email, but at least I've got it ! Martyn.
  8. Thanks. Obviously something wrong then as I didn't even get a reply.
  9. Has anyone had tickets from Neil ? I've not had any response from two emails, I'm suspecting the emails maybe getting blocked in one direction or the other.
  10. Just emailed Neil, so should be along on Sunday. Martyn
  11. Hi All, I've attended this event several times with the Herts/Middx/Essex Group and it's allways been a good day out. Geoff is looking for a few more cars for the Club display on the Sunday if you'd like to come along please contact Geoff Morgan directly as below by emailing [email protected] Replies are required ASAP as the registration closes this Monday 3rd June. Sunday see's the Driving Tests on the Brooklands Site where the various Cars grouped by Year compete round a series of different courses marked by hay bales representing gates and garages which are driven againsed t
  12. martynv


    Sorry Chris mines too noisy for the track. Will be in the Elise again. I'm sure they'll still be plenty of Esprit around though
  13. My Metro Turbo went like that all the green lacquer flaked off the lamps ! Good to see everyone last night
  14. Some more info here: Looks like there maybe some hope for 2020
  15. Hi All, For those waiting for an announcement regarding the Duxford Spring Car Show I found the following information: If you scroll down to the bottom you'll note IWM Duxford will not be hosting the Spring or Summer Car Show in 2019. This is a great shame as it went really well last year and it was hoped to go even bigger this year. It was unfortunate that certain Car Clubs decided to not turn up last year due to the entry problems of 2017, still that's their choice but ultimately they've shot both the
  16. Can't wait Christmas event of the year See you all there. Martyn
  17. Excellent job Bibs, well done Can't believe the weather either after the weekend before. Great deal on the Dunston Hall room Friday night too, it was huge and even had it's own ensuite patio not to mention the five wild bunnies on the grass ! Martyn
  18. 1. Bibs - Ticket Purchased 2 + 3. internets - 2 tickets purchased 4 + 5. Pascal Massun - 2 tickets purchased 6. David Boyd - Ticket Purchased - (if I'm still stuck on the M25, can you send me a burger via carrier pigeon please?) 7 + 8. nigeninja - 2 tickets purchased 9. C8RHK - 1 ticket purchased 10. Sizona - 1 ticket purchased 11. Advantage 1 ticket purchased (if I buy two can a stuff my face?) 12 + 13. scotty435 - 2 tickets purchased 14. theelanman - 1 ticket purchased 15 + 16. Can't count Clark aka Sparky - 2 tickets purchased 1
  19. I'm going up on Friday to stay at Dunston Hall overnight. Martyn
  20. Great day out on Saturday. Quite a varied and interesting variety of cars on show too. Thanks to Bibs and Neil for organising. Martyn
  21. @mayesprit Ian, I'm at Dunston Hall Friday so I'll have one free seat in the Esprit if you or your daughter want a ride. Martyn
  22. Manged to get a Saturday Ticket, so save a space for me Martyn.
  23. I wonder if it comes with the Helicopter as well
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