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  1. Pauls sugestions seem like a good idea, you'll probably get something like 13.6 - 13.9 volts accross the battery if the alternator is working Ok. What wories me is why are alternator problems are causing it to missfire I can't see why this would happen unless the battery was fairly flat and causing the ECU problems. Could it be the warning light came on as a result of the engine starting to stall and the real problem is maybe something like an HT lead resting againsed something hot or has been abraded by rubbing up againsed something causing the missfire ??. Martyn.
  2. martynv

    Mad S2 owner

    Hi Steve, Best of luck with you project hope it all goes well for you. How about posting a current picture then we can all appreciate your efforts even more when you've finished it . Martyn.
  3. Hi Richard, Looks like you've got a nice looking car there. Cam belt and Oil etc sound like a good move don't want any nasty suprises do we . Hope you enjoy your Esprit good luck with sorting everything . Martyn.
  4. martynv

    Bromley Pageant

    Hi Mike, I see where you get your MPx from now. Didn't realise this was your S3 looked a nice car. Hope I can get mine to look that good eventualy, got quite away to go yet though . I really like the later Giugiaro models they seem to have a lot of character. Its a shame the cars where so close together as it was difficult to get really good pictures. The V8 as you say looked good, unfortunately it had departed by the time I came back to take some pictures. Bye Martyn.
  5. martynv

    Bromley Pageant

    Hi All, Here are some pictures from the Bromley Pageant. Europa in superb condition but not sure about the colour though Nice Exige seems to be gently grazing in the grass !!! Stevens shape Turbo superb inside and out. Wish I had the interior for my SE out of this one. Star of the show I reckon an Immaculate Essex. B) Hope you like the Pic's Martyn.
  6. The problem is over time any switch thats connected to a high current or inductive load will tend to get burnt and pitted, this is why you are seeing such a high resistance. Another point is that if your using something like a digital multimeter to read the resistance they only use a very small voltage and current during measurement which is good for not damaging electronic components but useless for really testing a high current switch as the low voltage doesn't break down the crap on the contacts. Idealy the resistance should be zero when its on but in reality it will get higher over time, h
  7. It was pouring with rain when I got home and haven't driven the Esprit in the wet yet so decided not to risk it !!. I did go down to Bromley on Sunday, there were quite a few Esprit on the Club Lotus stand including a superb Essex. I'll post some Pictures of the Loti at Bromley tomorrow in the Bromley Pageant thread. Bye Martyn.
  8. martynv

    Bromley Pageant

    I'm going in the afternoon if the weathers Ok. Penny Mallory and Jason Dawe are mean't to be there filming one of this years used car roadshow series. Info @ Martyn.
  9. martynv

    Blue S4

    Yesterday (21/06/06) saw what looked like an immaculate Azure Blue S4 it was around 7.45pm at the bottom of Larkshall Rd just before the Railway crossing at Highams Park Station. Not seen it before but I know Barry Ely had a V8 and an S4S that colour so I guess it could have been Barry himself or someone might have bought one of the cars maybe. Looked to be a beautiful car though. Martyn.
  10. Ok, Thanks for the info. Be nice if we could park together if you can swing something though Bye Martyn.
  11. Hey Bibs, Count me in. Not sure I can make it for 6.00pm but will give it a try work permiting . Do we need to register on the SELOC forum as well or are you going to book us all as a block ?. Martyn.
  12. Well She'd never get underneath an Esprit would she . Martyn.
  13. Hi, Good to hear all is working again . Sounds like something is amiss in the alarm though, I guess leave it alone for a while and go out and enjoy the ride . Bye Martyn.
  14. I'd guess its more than likely to be the alarm at fault since that was the last thing you touched before it failed. Just a long shot but have you tried turning the hazzard lights on and off ?. The alarm fitted on my SE has been connected to the indicator circuit by cutting into the wiring on top of the steering column with tap-in connectors. It might be worth seeing if yours is the same, its only a matter of removing two screws either side of the top column cover behind the steering wheel to get it off. If you can see extra taped in wires in there removing them from the original wiring should
  15. Hi Troy, Yes your not far from me. Be great to meet up with you and see your Esprit as well . Email me and maybe we can have a bit of a chat. Bye Martyn.
  16. Hi Mark, Good spot , yes I did buy it from Barry. I bet that deep red Esprit of yours gets you noticed, what year is it ? looks nice in the thumb nail picture. Bye Martyn.
  17. Hi Matt, The cable actually came off the release handle end, so no cutting required. But still a bit of a pain when you've got the battery disconnected and half your tools in the boot, as I had . Hopefuly the guide will be useful to those unlucky enough to have it happen to them too as it doesn't require any additional disconnecting of the cable to get it back on and it provides a fairly easy method for getting the tailgate open again. Bye Martyn.
  18. Hi Bibs / All, Thanks for the welcome everyone and the kind coments on the Esprit . I'm based in North east London near Walthamstow. The car does look good in the photo but I will have to admit it does need a realy good polish though quite a bit of road film on there !. I'm working on the interior at present cleaning up all the leather trim, hard work but its gradually paying off. Great to see so many enthusiastic Esprit owners all in one place. Hopefuly I can contribute to the forum in the near future. I've recently put a guide together on re-attaching tailgate cables which Kato shoul
  19. Hi Everyone, My names Martyn as you've probably already worked out !. After wanting an Esprit for as long as I can remember I've finaly got one here it is It's a 1989 Turbo SE. Was originaly looking for an S4 but saw this SE in a dealers and decided it might be a safer bet than buying privately after reading the advice on LEW, plus it was the colour I wanted and had the glass back and sun roof which where high on my list of wants as well as that nice big wing on the back. It's done 44,000 and has got a full service history and lots of bills etc. The guy I bought it from has b
  20. October sound fine to me. Looks like you've got 100+ cars now in the numbers thread. It'll be amazing too see that many Esprit in one place if it all works out.
  21. 116 1. Martynv 2. 89 SE 3. +0 4. B&B 5. NE London
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