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  1. Go on then 1. Sparky 2. Dave Edwards 3. Martyn Bibs might be an idea to purge the 2016 stuff out of this thread as it's going to get a bit confusing
  2. Ooh look I'm first for a change 1. Martyn Esprit SE
  3. Thanks to Dave and Megan for organising a great afternoon / evening out + all the tasty food Stunning location and property you have there. Had a good drive back on all those wiggly roads which for a change are actually wide enough to get an Esprit down without worrying about over hanging walls and hedges. Martyn
  4. Wayne and Michelle Pete and Sue ChrisJ dave eds philflash trevor sparky james sizona andy Clements Martyn
  5. Would be great to have you along next year Lara . It's always the Sunday of the first Bank Holiday in May, so put it in the diary Martyn
  6. Thanks Dave. I've sent you a PM hope to see you tomorrow, though not in the Elise obviously ! Martyn
  7. Busted gear change cable on the Elise on the way down. If I can get back this evening will hopefully be down in the Esprit. I've got a track package up for sale if anyone wants to give me a few quid for it. Can't use the Esprit on track as its to noisy ! Martyn.
  8. Hi All, Please see below the official response from Duxford regarding the delays entering the site before the show. They've obviously taken note of the points that were raised and have taken action and I hope this will encourage everyone to come along again next year Good afternoon Martyn, Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to feedback about our recent event, without feedback we cannot improve our events for the future. We apologise for the delay you experienced getting onto site at the Spring Car Show on Sunday 30 April. There were some staffing i
  9. A big thank you to all who supported the event it's very much appreciated As always my aim is to build up this event and this year was the biggest yet . As always please put us in the diary for next year it's always the same weekend, maybe we can try for sixty next year I'm sorry about the problems some of you had getting in, we arrived at 8.50am and although the Gate opened late at 9.10am we were all in place by 9.30am which I thought was an excellent effort by IWM Duxford. Unfortunately things started to go downhill after that a subject I will raise as I guess will many others with Dux
  10. Ah that looks good Andy. Well I hope everyone is ready for tomorrow and I look forward to meeting you all at Duxford. It looks like we are at 54 cars, so may still need some careful parking so please don't hog space and do stay with your car until we're all sorted. If you can find the correct change £12.60 in the piggy bank that will probably speed things up on entry. Although it looks to be dry tomorrow it is going to be windy and Airfields by there very nature are very flat and exposed, so wear something warm or you'll be running for the hangars fairly quickly. Mart
  11. Trevor looks like your in as Andy can't make it. Hope you can make it next year Andy
  12. There maybe space but I can't guarantee it unfortunately as we have to fit 55 Cars in a space for 50 as it stands. You can always come along and take your chance of course you never know till the day dawns how many will turn up. There is always the Overspill Area if our allocated area is full
  13. Neal I should try the Car Club entrance if before 2.00pm as some would have left by then and there's been several drop outs. You can always park in the overspill area anyway. Sorry you can't make it Mark hope all goes well for you. To all: The Car Club Entrance is clearly marked as Gate 1 on the PDF I put up on Monday. As for queues sometimes it's better than others, but the plan as always is to get everyone off the A505 and in to the Overspill Area in lines ready to go through the kiosks. It will almost certainly be quieter later on as the gate opens at 9.00am this year I would gues
  14. Thanks Dave. Chris Cole has pulled out so should be Ok now
  15. Hi All, Duxford is this Sunday 30th April. The final details are as follows. Firstly please read and understand the following information from IWM Duxford and remember I've signed these on your behalf: IWM Duxford Spring Car Show Information for Car Clubs.pdf In particular note the requirement for oil drip trays if your car has the odd leak and is likely to soil the grass. This year the dedicated entrance gate on the A505 will be open from 9.00am till 2.00pm and the entry cost is £12.60 per person and £6.30 for Children over 5. Gate 1 is where you need to enter and thi
  16. Punky, I'll add you to the VIP Reserve list Martyn.
  17. Ah well it'll save sometime next weekend
  18. Full details will be posted on Monday. I always do it this way to avoid people getting confused as to which Sunday it is and turning up on the wrong day ! The good news is I have secured out usual spot in front of the Civil Airliners and Marshalls permiting we should be able to extend down to the Crash Gate as long as it's not obstructed. Drip trays will be required for those with external bottom end lubrication The entrance fee as posted originally stands as £12.60 per person. Martyn
  19. Ok Paul you in . If anyone isn't coming PLEASE PM me so I can make room for others Thanks Martyn. Martyn - Esprit SE Chris (Esprit22) - Esprit Turbo ChrisJ - Excel SE or Turbo Esprit - hopefully not both like last year Chipp-M100S2 Nr2k - s1 elise Owen - Esprit GT3 Phil Flash - probably M100 could be Elan+2 Markw996 - S4 Esprit Loose Cannon - EspritGT3 Mark Hur - Elise S1 Steve A - M100 Bibs - Elise S1 111 Neal H - Evora 400 Sparky - Esprit GT3 Pete - Elise S1 111s Neil P - Exige S P
  20. At the moment we are full. It's always a balancing act with these things I have to put the application in a month ahead of time to secure a good spot and base my numbers at that time. I allowed at that time for 50 cars at which point we were only at 40 cars. It's likely some people will pull out in the weeks leading up to the show and if they do we can squeeze more people in. Until the day dawns we won't know for sure, but I will try to fit in as many cars as possible there's often space left on the day and sometimes we've found further space to extend in too. I'll create a reserve l
  21. Fees are as here: You could potentialy make a single entry on the day for £12.60, however you'll probably end up in the overflow area as we are now full unfortunately as per my previous post
  22. Guys I'm going to have to close the entries on this one. I've spoken to Duxford and I'm not able to secure any more space unfortunately. If anyone else wants to come there is overflow space in the field next to the entrance gate, if there are spaces remaining or we can fit more cars on the stand on the day we will of course acomodate you. Thanks for all the entries and I look forward to seeing you all on the day Full details will be posted here on the week leading up to the show. Martyn
  23. Mark I've added you to the list, but I'm going to check with them with regard to space tomorrow as I'm not sure which area we've been assigned this year yet. Martyn - Esprit SE Chris (Esprit22) - Esprit Turbo ChrisJ - Excel SE or Turbo Esprit - hopefully not both like last year Chipp-M100S2 Nr2k - s1 elise Owen - Esprit GT3 Phil Flash - probably M100 could be Elan+2 Markw996 - S4 Esprit Loose Cannon - EspritGT3 Mark Hur - Elise S1 Steve A - M100 Bibs - Elise S1 111s Choppa - Esprit S3 Neal H - Evora 400 Sp
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