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  1. Thanks for the feedback. It's like a dream of people who like lotus Esprit GT1. I'd like to make a car like that. The most important is I proud that I making it by myself. Enjoy with lotus. Thanks, Umb-Autobody Team
  2. Update Esprit GT1 Project. I changed from the original headlight. It look Okay !! Do you agree ?? We have friends that are interested in our GT1 project. Then we've make another 1 set. And we shipped to USA. The other work that we do for the customer at Thailand. "Benz Brabus" Thank you very for follow up our work. If you are interested in Esprit GT1 part. For more details on the email:
  3. Start project Esprit GT1. Starting from the first time that the Lotus esprit Gt1 racing car experience makes me feel so nice. And want to do it. After waiting for a long time. I'm really exiting to get these now. My Idol Double GT1 Cheers, Umb-Autobody Email:
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