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  1. ....yes and that is exactly the problem / weak point of the EMU Black! The exhaust camshafts are not supported with VVT and only run in the basic position, but according to the ECU master there should be no problem. See the picture
  2. There is another important difference between the Delta 800 and the EMU Black: - The Delta 800 supports four camshafts, two inlet and two for the exhaust. - The EMU Black only supports two camshafts for the intake, none for the exhaust! Greeting from Germany
  3. Hello electro_boy What you write is very interesting! I am still considering whether to install the "ECU Master EMU Black" or the "SCS Delta 800" in my EVORA S. For me, almost the most important thing is that all original CAN bus functions and full OEM functionality are guaranteed. (Included OBD II) Please report if everything works as in the original and if not, what are the differences to the OEM functionality. I am looking forward to your feedback. Greetings from Germany / Hamburg
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