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  2. The slight efficiency increase is as much from reducing the lateral thrust loads than the actual torque transfer efficiency itself, but yes, helical gears are actually stronger for a given size/material.
  3. I asked Opie about Millers CRX 75w-90 NT as a replacement and they agreed it should be fine, I'm just waiting to hear back from Millers themselves but the specs look right.
  4. ^I'm still trying to find a plate-style diff for that though if anyone has any ideas....
  5. Hey all, newbie here, but I have to agree with the above, there's no real strength issues with anything bar 5th - and that's down to the design of the shaft and the gear being hung outside the casing, rather than an issue with the gearpair itself. As mentioned, the differential's don't take kindly to one wheel spinning for too long - in fact the only time I've damaged a diff* so far is when it was spinning one wheel a lot faster than the other for a good 30 seconds of full throttle - I think the oil overheats given the spur gears just run on a backing pad, and then you get galling and a toot
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