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  1. recently fitted my OSPORT Carbon Rad Ducts. I have to say I'm over the moon with how good they look!
  2. DAV1D


  3. Had a great day (despite the subsequent burnt legs!). Great to see old faces and meet new ones. Also had the honour and privilege of driving Mike Kimberley back to Norfolk in my Elise as @Kimbers Excel was a little on the warm side! Roll on next year!
  4. Here are a few I snapped... Video to follow soon! You can see the full album on flickr:[email protected]/albums/72157668133798886
  5. I'm going to aim to be at Clacket Lane services by half 8
  6. DAV1D

    Evora 400 Colors

    Sorry it's a really rushed job!!
  7. DAV1D

    Evora 400 Colors

    If I could afford a 410 then my choice would be go for the Aubergine (Purple) colour from the S2 Elise and Exige. Lovely colour and I think would go really well with the Carbon!
  8. 215: Silver Elise S2 (unless it sells and then it'll be my yellow Elise S2!)
  9. This is very exciting! I'd love something like this in my Elise. The first video you posted looks great as it is!
  10. I only have one suggestion (as Lotus seem allergic to showing up to the UKs biggest celebration of the cars they make) and that is simply........ Carmen Jorda
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