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    From the album: Autosport 2013

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    From the album: Autosport 2013

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    From the album: Autosport 2013

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    From the album: Autosport 2013

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    From the album: Autosport 2013

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    From the album: Autosport 2013

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    From the album: Autosport 2013

  8. I was speaking to one of the Lotus chaps at Autosport and he was quite excited about how many cars are being built at the moment. Things are slowly starting to look up at Hethel and whilst that doesn't guarantee a new Esprit, it can't help. He did say there will be a new Evora refresh this year but we all knew that.
  9. I really should proof my posts before submitting them, I missed a few words out! Oops. Thank you for the warm welcome! J400GED, I'm based in the centre of Norwich.
  10. Hi, My name is David and I am Lotus-less Lotus fanatic from Norwich. I am sad to say that so far I have not yet owned a Lotus but I will and the brand is very dear to my heart. Having grown up in Norfolk from the age of 7, Lotus was always going to be popular with me but aged 8 my mother went to work the company. I attended the launch of the first Elise a few years later and I was sold. I used to visit the Lotus design centre often and I'd always have my Lotus scrap book with me to show off my obsession. On one visit Julian Thompson even gave me one of the original design drawings for the Etna concept which I still have to this day. I will have Lotus one day but so far there always seems to be a reason why I can't have one. Should money be no object I'd opt for an Esprit Sport 300. Anyway I'd thought I'd join a group of like-minded people so here I am!
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