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  1. Yours does seem deeper and richer. Maybe Lotus are just better at painting cars these days?
  2. I agree. Press shots were ok but at the show it look much nicer
  4. I would imagine we'll see those options added to the Coupe very soon.
  5. Just found the pics in the Media Centre, you need to go into the Sport 350 album. I'll have a look at the TLF post. I had a magazine deadline yesterday but persuaded them to push it so I could include this in my report
  6. Nicely done Bibs... Just waiting on Lotus to send me the f'ing press release and images!
  7. Now I'm aware that these videos include a lot of my face and that isn't good for anyone but if you can stomach it, check out what I got up to the other weekend at the Lotus Driving Academy:
  8. We recently celebrated 20 years of the Elise by taking 47 cars in convoy from Stratton Motor Company in Norfolk to the factory at Hethel. Here is video footage from the day, hope you enjoy:
  9. Yeah it's really hard to find a decent song that can actually be used on YouTube and have the video with ads. Really annoying.
  10. Thanks Jonny, I tried to give them a 'period' feel.
  11. Not quite, I had to stop part way home to have a sleep, a result of my over exuberance the previous night. Made a very rough edit and uploaded it whilst I slept.
  12. Thanks for setting up the shot Andrzej!
  13. Here's a video I made at Brands whilst Andrzej was taking his pics for TLF:
  14. Link to my gallery on Flickr. Didn't take many images but managed to grab a couple:[email protected]/sets/72157655021952309
  15. I must admit I've not seen his Evora comments as I rarely read anything he writes these days. I must go and find that piece t see what he said. And yes I wish people would stop being surprised at what they can churn out at Hethel.
  16. Whilst you are not wrong, this is true of most motoring hacks. Yes most do more to hide it but if you get excited about a particular brand then it will show in one way or another. The Lotus' I've reviewed in the past have always had a touch of bias surrounding them no mater how hard I tried because I love the brand. Besides CH is more of an entertainer now than a full blown road tester.
  17. Somehow a Lotus event is happening near me and I have the day off as well! Happy Days! James I may pop in on my way home in the morning to discuss any press coverage I may or may not be able to offer.
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