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  1. Looks tasty... Found a few more images of it on Google but can't upload from my ipad. It PB racing are claiming to be co-developing it with Lotus.
  2. Isn't that an old photo? Way before they stared building Roadsters?
  3. I may abuse for this but.... .... Numbers mean nothing really. 3.8,4.1 Could you tell the difference? The important bit is how it drives. If they have managed to get better in gear acceleration or a better torque curve extra then all is good. Frankly though having driven an Exige S V6 and a Roadster I can imagine needing more performance
  4. Thanks. I'm always looking for guest posts so if you have anything you want to write about then please send it my way. I did keep it brief this time and I've found most blog readers don't want much over 700 words. I would have preferred to go more in-depth but I wonder if many people would read the whole thing. I'm sure most people would prefer the Boxster, it is more things to more people but for me the Exige provides an experience that is hard to match. I'm not saying the quality is on-par with the Germans but it is an improvement none-the-less. I see what you are saying and the overall design is not great. The S1 Elise interior is prettier and the 340r shows beautiful simplicity at its best. That being said the Exige just feels better screwed together than any other Lotus I've been in apart from the latest Evoras. There are fewer rattles and the switchgear feels more solid. True the indicator stalks are poor and the air vents look cheap but for a semi-hardcore roadcar it is pretty good.
  5. The only black coupe I've seen locally is the one in long Stratton... I stare at it most days on my way down to Colchester!
  6. Thought you may be interested in my review of the new Exige Roadster: Feedback, good or bad, is welcome
  7. Here's one from yesterday... review to follow in due course (with questionable video!)
  8. ShaunM, Kronos1664, Andyclements, Chipp, Garry, ammy-pop, J400GED, Buddsy. OwenGT3, clivef38, i like cocopops, L666, BC007, grandadtrumpo, gumin, john gt400, theelanman, DAV1D
  9. Doubt it was mine... Don't think I've parked it there before. My aim for next week is to get the car advertised.
  10. Saw that the other day. Lose the spoiler and it would be lovely. Gotta get rid of my Abarth first and then I'll be hunting for real. Got an Evora SR for two days next month so that'll quench my need for a Lotus for now :-)
  11. Kimi looking cool after driving the Exige S V6 and S Roadster:
  12. DAV1D

    Exige S Roadster

  13. It will be good to join the other local Lotus'. I've seen quite a few over the last couple of days weirdly.
  14. Just noticed these new images on the Lotus website of the Cup R. The red really suits the car I think.
  15. Saw that one Bibs. If I had the money now I would probably jump on it. Just need to find a way to get rid of the Abarth first. I think I am leaning that way. In my opinion the S1 is the prettier car and it is the one I've always hankered after. Plus like you say they are a good investment unlike a lot of cars these days.
  16. I'm toying with the idea of getting an Elise a year earlier than planned. I'd like to spend around £10 or £11k and I was only really thinking of getting a late S1 but I'd like to know from you guys if you think an Early S2 would be a better option?
  17. I had quick spin in the Exige S V6 last month. It left me wanting more but I took some images for the website. Here's a couple:
  18. DAV1D

    IMG 8907

    From the album: Exige S V6 test

  19. DAV1D

    Exige S V6 test

    I had a quick play in the Exige S V6 from Lotus Silverstone
  20. DAV1D

    IMG 8906

    From the album: Exige S V6 test

  21. DAV1D

    IMG 8905

    From the album: Exige S V6 test

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