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    From the album: Exige S V6 test

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    IMG 8897

    From the album: Exige S V6 test

  3. That cool, I didn't take any offence anyway I actually thought it might have been you that I saw! To be honest though It's the S1 and S2 I struggle to spot well from a distance. The rest I'm usually pretty hot on.
  4. Spotted A red S3 Esprit turning onto the Cromer Road near Alysham at around half 5 today. May have been a Turbo but couldn't see for certain. Also saw Red Elise S2 and Red M100 Elan on the same road shortly before.
  5. Slightly in love with the Exige in Kryptonite Green:
  6. Saw an test spec Exige V6 Roadster on the A11 this morning. Looked good in white. Tried to get a pic but we couldn't get close enough (in a Renault Van).
  7. It is still listed on the Lotus website but is it one of the moth-balled cars or is it still being made? I saw what looked like a GTE mule at the factory last week but couldn't get close enough to see what it was.
  8. One of the images from my forthcoming Elise S review. Quite happy with this one. It's been a while since I took my time photographing a car and I'm really happy that I did.
  9. Saw this on Wednesday (as well as the grey and baby blue ones) and it looked lovely. They also had some Kryptonite Green cars in final inspection area and they looked superb. My potential lottery money might have to go on the Exige V6 Cup in Kryptonite Green.
  10. I was at Hethel today just having a less than leisurely drive around the track in an Elise S. I tried to have a gander at this new building as I went round and to be honest I have little to report. It looks like it has been started but no work has been done for a little time. I did think about asking about it but I didn't expect much of an answer. Had a great day though and so good to back on track!
  11. Shame this isn't a few days earlier as I'll have an Elise press car on loan.
  12. We need your story... I'm launching a new feature on that'll be about people and their cars. We want interesting stories about interesting cars. There is no specific format to the posts, just whatever you think is worth talking about. I thought I'd start here as there are plenty of interesting cars on the forum. If you are interested then drop me an email at Thanks, David
  13. The SP:01 isn't a pretty car but it looks better in orange than in the blue press pics. Much better looking than the Tesla. One thing I've often wondered is why Lotus don't do their own E-Elise. They did most of the work for Tesla so they know what they are doing. Obviously money would be a factor but surely it can't be too hard to 'throw one together' now they have the experience.
  14. As the kids would say...'That Exige is totes amazeballs!!'
  15. Did a quick edit of the press image from Detroit Motors for my website ( ) and got to see quite a bit more of the design:
  16. Got some nice images from Shawn Scott Photography of a V6 Cup (or at least the ones they have sent across the pond). I posted the rest of the gallery on my site: Oh and I do like the Exige in the Bronze. It will no doubt be a rare colour!
  17. Nice shot of the Exige V6 Cup from Lotus' site. It suits the yellow really well.
  18. Today a very nice Metallic red S1 Elise followed me onto the A47 bypass and then off again at Thickthorn. Its not very often I see S1s and seeing this one reminded of how pretty they are. Also saw a dark blue M100 Elan with a yellow stripe down the side and a dark grey facelift S2 Elise near the football ground.
  19. Bought a can last night (couldn't help myself) and now I smell like Kimi. Shame is Kimi smells a bit chavvy!
  20. Such a shame it hasn't been properly launched. Looks like a nice update. The Sports Racer is nice but the Evora is ready for a nip & tuck. That said the chap from Lotus at the Autosport show did say that they would be launching a facelifted Evora in the summer.
  21. Can anyone shed any light on this photo I found a little while back. Is it just one of the Mansory cars?
  22. A yobbo would have bought a Corsa VXR! hehe I must admit the hot-hatch thing has worn thin. Especially when I think about what I could have bought for £17k!! This is the 11th car in 9 years so I have a habit of chopping and changing. Trouble is I bought new and it's italian so it is worth less than I owe on it. It is rare though. Only 250-odd registered in the UK and 190(ish) bhp from the 1.4 isn't too shabby. Might have to get the wheels refurbed to be less chav-tastic!
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