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  1. Not my best work but a fun little video none-the-less:
  2. My Flickr Album:
  3. My S2 has the older and uglier small driving lamps. I'd like to upgrade to the later larger ones. I cannot find a kit to do this. I have found the lamps on their own but the internet cannot find the later grille. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I'm sure he will. MOT due soon as well.
  5. My car is off to ES Motorsport on Monday for its first health check (only owned her for six days) so by then I'll know all its problems but... At the moment the car doesn't like starting from cold, it'll fire then conk out. In order to get round this I have to apply a small amount of throttle until there is a small amount of heat in the engine. Even then it is lumpy until up to full temp. As a mechanical novice I'm not sure what it could be. Any similar issues from others on here?
  6. Just noticed these on the Lotus website... Checked the media centre and there was nothing there hence the small size of these.
  7. Sorry to jump on this thread but I figured two posts about the headlights would be silly. I've just picked up my S2 and the offside dipped bulb is out. Am I right in saying it is an H1 bulb and if so does anyone have a good recommendation for replacements. Thanks and again sorry for hijacking.
  8. I'm working that day but I'm only on-call so hoping to come and say hello if work don't call me in. I'll be in a Volvo Ambulance so fairly easy to spot Hopefully bump into a few of you there.
  10. This has been posted before but this version is on my new channel and it has been re-edited using some feedback I got from the first version. Hope you enjoy
  11. Keep forgetting to post a link to this. I had my first go at Vlogging. Personally I don't think it went well but I'm still not that comfortable in front of the camera. If you want to skip the vloggy bits then skip to around 1 min 22
  12. Gallery and details here: Press Release:
  13. It's my first video review so be kind
  14. Esprit Owners, how practical is an Esprit (Peter Stevens era)? I know it is not the most important thing about a Lotus but I'm intrigued to know whether the Esprit is a better partner for weekend away compared to an Elise. Thanks
  15. Here's the gallery of all of my shots of the Motosport Elise
  16. It all looks a bit stuck on for my liking. A bit Halfords IMHO
  17. How to ruin a perfectly good Exige...
  18. and a bit of engine bay pornography:
  19. Visited Stratton Motor Company this morning to photograph the Motorsport Elise they have for sale. Here's a sneak peak at the gallery I'll be posting soon:
  20. Can't make it.... Gutted as the menu looks amazing!
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