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  1. On 26/04/2021 at 08:50, scotty435 said:

    Not a Toyota V6, one wonders which manufacture is suppling the V6 🤔

    I have heard that the Emira will come with a version of the current V6 which makes sense given the chassis is an evolution of the Evora. 4 banger will be turbocharged apparently. Given the Geely ownership, Mercedes are an obvious choice. Could it be the A35 or A45 engine? 

  2. 21 hours ago, BWex said:

    Actually,  I see that a picture was posted in the other thread.  Nevermind.  But it does like EXACTLY like the cheaper metallic white in the picture....

    Sorry I didn't take a picture when I was there but here's some footage I shot of a Metallic white 400 at Stratton Motor Company:


  3. Sorry if I posted this before but I can't remember doing so....

    I was lucky enough last year to get a few hours on track with the 360 CUP. I made a low-rent video and tried my best to review in the short time I had with the car:


  4. On 5 March 2016 at 02:27, Xisthos said:

    I echo the preference not to have the front access panel painted as well, just like in the 360 cup. It doesn't look very nice in body color, and I find it even more strange that they painted it as it's supposedly now made in carbon fiber too, and they're showing off the new parts made with it.

    Nothing in the press release mentions anything about this being carbon from memory. It's composite like the rest of body I believe. It should be carbon though and would much better. The yellow paint does not suit it IMHO

  5. The clam is the same although I think Lotus now use lighter clams on all Exiges compared with the earlier V6 models. The only difference is the inspection panel which is simply a different shape and the same as the one on the 360 CUP. It looks great on the CUP but I'm not sure it works as well in the body colour. Just my opinion.

  6. On 2 March 2016 at 16:31, Neal H said:

    But if you take the roof off the Roadster the air flow will be so disrupted that the rear wing won't work. The front diffuser on the other hand will continue to do its job so I think this rather debunks that argument! If Lotus really believed this they wouldn't risk adding them to a Roadster, unless of course the areo kit comes with the disclaimer that if you now take the roof off you will die :)

    Good point

  7. 1 hour ago, Neal H said:

    I assume the 'aero kit' is optional and you can still buy a Roadster minus all the carbon bits. Hopefully you can pick & choose - the front splitter would appeal to me but the rear wing wouldn't.

    From what I'm led to believe, the front splitter works with the rear spoiler to balance the car. Just the front splitter could upset the balance at speed? 

  8. It is an interesting topic. I get very anal about Lotus colours and the current plan of not naming most of the colours annoys me. I like to look at a car an know which specific colour it is but then I'm sad like that. 

    I'm actually planning to do a full colour change on my car. I fancy something different and not done on a Lotus before. I have a few ideas but top of that list so far is Porsche Ultraviolet from the GT3 RS. I'm not usually a purple fan but that colour looks quite cool to my eyes.

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