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  2. I'd be up for this, particularly as it's right next door to my team! I know I'm new but I'm sure Jimbo (Jaws) will vouch for me! 1. Trevsked: NA + Lotus sports exhaust (Blue Tips) + K&N Filter Element. 2. M1lum: NA with "Chavvy" exhaust, std intake 3. TomE: MY11 S with decat, standard exhaust and intake 4. OJ 48: MY11 S completely standard but with a few miles on it
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    Thanks! Long time lurker, first time poster!
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    A colleague has been doing some mileage accumulation on the Exige on his 120 mile round trip commute, he usually manages it on about half a tank at cruising speed. It's the same engine and gearbox as Evora S which manages 20-25mpg but with less weight and a smaller frontal area so a 250 mile cruising range is probably not far off. I can only assume that Auto Express managed 100 miles to a tank on track, but then I once managed 85 at Rockingham in my old Evo that had a 55 litre tank!
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