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  1. @ johnpwalsh Thanks for that link. Very Useful.
  2. After rainy Easter, things are looking brighter! . My Esprit still needs lots of small details to be completed, but im still enjoying the process after almost 7 years!
  3. I also bought a pair of aluminium tanks but from SJ, that was 3 years ago, everything fine for the moment.
  4. This past month i have been clocking as many kms as possible to the S1, inculding 100kms down south to the Costa Dorada and back. Also around the city to check for signs of overheating. my experience has been generally good but one day, on my way home i experienced a shocking "scratching" steering column, and literally got stuck when turning to the right. I had to force it to go through. I stopped the car checked everything i could but found nothing, so i carefully drove home. At home i got myself under the car and discovered some loose screws in the steering column that were loosing out of their position and scratching the metal around them. That got solved. Another day when making the final depression of the acceleration pedal while entering the garage, the cable snapped and the revs went up like crazy, i luckily reacted fast and disconected the key. It took 15 days mechanic to come buy take it out come back and replace it with a new one. That was on the 30th of July. Now i have done another 200kms to it. Just yesterday after doing around 30kms while waiting outside my garage i saw the temp needle rising untill it touched the red(orange), imediately turned off the engine.I saw alot of smoke coming out the back, so i took the fire extinguisher used it from under the car then opened the engine bay, took off the cover and realised that it was all water vapour from the water cooling. Everything is fine with the engine, after letting everything cool down i started investigating and found out that the water had overheated because the fans had not satarted blowing, this was cause because the temp sensor has failed as i checked crossing the fan cables and fans work properly. Now i have to replace that sensor. For the time being i have designed a cable that closes the fan circuit but it has a switch, i dont know if its very safe but it allows me to turn on the fans manually until i get the sensor replaced. One question, the cable i have used is a lamp cable that has an On/Off switch, i have passed it from the sesnor area, under the engine cover, ththrough the belt space that goes into the cabin and is lying in the drivers seat? Is it safe to activate the fans this way momentarily, does all the fan power go through these cables hence possibly making them hot if they are not thick enough? For the moment everything has been a pleasure and easy to solve but im hoping for the surprises to finish and have a reliable car which i find it is, engine is very smooth and love the noise, it revs well and S1 is fun to drive. I always have a grin while driving it. I will try and post some pics soon.
  5. Update : Finally my S1 is almost 90% restored, i just couldnt wait any longer to have it fully finished so i made it take a break for the summer. I went 100 kilometres north of Barcelona to fetch it from my trusty Lotus Fan mechanic and bought it down to my house for the summer months, i have had it for July and now august and i will take it back to him in September so he can finish it off.
  6. I am glad Barça sold Neymar for 222m , he is not worth that (We will probably build a new stadium with that cash), in the other hand a Lotus Esprit S1 in mostly original condition should be worth around 100K€, if we put in context the amount of J(rest of the world) cars that were made, between 60-80K€ would be a reasonable price for a good one.
  7. Congratulations for the 30 years! Had mine for 4 years now but have hardly used it a few months, been restoring it for the rest of the time.
  8. What a fantastic Esprit that is! How is the project going?
  9. Hello Paul, im the guy you sold the esprit steering wheel, thanks again! Just wanted to ask if you could kindly send me a copy of the owners manual. thanks in advance.
  10. Looks fantastic! Excellent colour combination Blue with Magnolia interior. Has also motivated me after 3 years restoring my S1 ?
  11. rajesprit


  12. Nice. That Esprit and the Turbo Esprit games for C64 and Amiga were my first contact with the LOTUS brand. I didnt stop untill i got my Lotus Esprit.
  13. Hahaha, but isnt the balance of the car affected if there no wheel in the front frunk?
  14. Hi, in my Esprit S1 i only have the 4 wolfrace wheels, i dont have the spare wheel which goes in the front trunk. So my question, apart from an original spare is there anything else that can substitute that? Even if its one of those "buiscuit" type spare wheels.
  15. Thankyou, all the research ive done comfirms that.
  16. For anyone who knows about S1 Esprits, I have a question. Looking at the fourth last pic that I posted, I remember having an issue with the length of the exhaust pipes, whenever I parked in reverse I used to smoothly hit the wall with the exhaust not the back bumper because it protrudes less than the exhaust pipes. I never thought that was correct, it didn't make sense to me. I'm in the process of cutting them at least 2cm short from the bumper. Can anyone shred some light on this, thankyou in advance.
  17. It was very hard for me to decide for the Monaco white. I had to choose between originality (Black was the original colour from factory and also quite rare in LHD, I think only 9!!) or personal choice and dream Monaco white S1 esprit???? Finally it had to be the dream, white is also better suited for sun in Spain because when I was living with the car in summer it was really hot with the engine stuck to your back the sun cooking the black paint and the not UV windscreen. At least I have solved the black absorbing sun paint and the windscreen. (Old windscreen cracked while driving and the replacement has a light green tint).
  18. The orange Lotus is my mechanic's Esprit, he is really bitten by the lotus bug, but its more the modern Esprits. And this is the current situation of my Esprit restoration:
  19. After time, money and patience, came the final registration plates, the white ones. The H is for Historic Vehicle in Spain. But what is the BD??? Is that Bond? By the way that's me, I just had to buy that shirt!
  20. Notice that British registered Lotus? it was bought for spare parts by my mechanic for another of his projects. Then came the the time to enjoy the Lotus S1 and decide what to do? Keep it as is or go for a much better level of originality, reliability and I suppose, satisfaction?
  21. After buying the Car I got temporary number plates (the green colour) and then I had 6 months to get the S1 properly registered and with a valid Mot equivalent. It was also important for me to spend time with the Lotus so I could decide if I would love it enough to get into a long and expensive deep restoration.
  22. So, here I go again. These are some pics from when I bought the S1 from Germany, which after asking Lotus England for the Certificate of Origin, I got to know that this particular Eprit S1 was first sold and registered in Switzerland. In Black with undisclosed interior, but probably beige or brown Marcasite.
  23. Im sorry, i didnt restore the gear kob myself, it was my father who did so, wood crafting is a hobby for him, he did a great job. I know he first took off the round metal badge then polished off all the old varnish, glue and imperfections , he then refilled the side hole with plaster and finally varnished the knob again.
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