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  1. I have 453, there are other things then a 500 which makes my car go faster on track. Sure about that.
  2. I don't see any advantage in doing that....... much more things to work on.
  3. Ok, here we go. Still too short because of time.... Lotus + more intense + more feedback + manual gearbox + running cost - geo - chassis compared to GT3 Porsche + "the better car", chassis + unbelievable good grip + motor + pdk (yes this is opposite of the + manual for the Lotus) as FOR ME, the GT3 is sooo good, that to really enjoy this piece of machinery ON TRACK, the PDK gives an extra dimension (where the manual gearbox gives this extra dimension rather on road). - running cost - weight
  4. I am not able to explain this by typing on my smartphone. I am racing at Spa this weekend and will come back later this week with my opinion.
  5. Bought a GT3 next to the Exige Ex 460, curious to compare 1 on 1....... I will keep both cars for minimum one year.
  6. With this kind of power I would say other things will decide: - skills - set up - tyres - LSD ......
  7. Went to Circuit de Clastres (France) today. It was a very very wet day, at the end we had a drying track:
  8. Ok now we can go for again a wave of "new models" 410 sport 430 sport 450 cup R and after that we can still ad another robo-gearbox to sell again "new" models. Exactly one year ago my dealer said that ther will never never come something els as a 360 cup, the 380 sport would be the last Exige. In Exactly one year we have 380 cup, 430 cup. Nice !
  9. I am not good with this things but I agree. I will ask a friend to change.... Very good teaching and smalle but technical track settings with diff underground. I have some vids of it at my youtube channel.
  10. I like this kind of open discussion, so go ahead Handling days: I do several of thes every year. Drifting an Exige wit or without LSD is working ok. I am an amateur racer, so not a pro, I don't say truth is here, but I like to go a little deeper on that slide "strategy". So my opinion is not a pro one, but the one of a passionate driver. You are, imo, not totally wrong, but it will be about the right input and, most important, the big difference between the standard open diff or an lsd. With an LSD it is "easier" to stay on throttle as you will have much quicker and better
  11. Next time I will go for a softer rebound in front for track use. It now was 7 (from hard), will try 9 now. Rear felt good wit a rebound of 5. Bump is 4 for front and rear. I got unforseen understeer in middle and exit corner. My guess is that the rebound was too hard.
  12. I was lucky, at the Trackday a truck of Manthey came with two mechanics, to put this GT3RS on track. Did sound quiet different from the orginal too...........
  13. So I went to Zolder to test the car a little, but mainly to drive around some customers/friends in the passenger seat. Got 7 laps alone to test the car a little. Very poor grip (tyres, track, no lsd?) Car went well but on the fast lap side there is for sure 1.5 / 2 sec to win with good grip, good tyres and an lsd, I THINK. I had to wait long to go on throttle (no lsd), brake very early (grip), or even keep my feet half throttle because full I would go off track. Check how the are lost front grip .......
  14. Sound of the the titanium exhaust....... Check also the sound after a 991 Turbo
  15. This is my standaard Track setting: Front bump 3 Rebound 4 Rear bump 4 Rebound 4 I rather put bump harder instead of softer I have to change. Sometimes, on fast tracks, I have understeer on corner exit, it helped to change rebound to 6 even 7 wit front bump on 4 But I never felt really "good" on Nitron, I would think it needs stiffer/shorter springs on track. (but as I like to use my Exige for road too I didn't change)
  16. Because I think it is better for track use.
  17. Big change I test it on thursday. Not really into the mood to go for a fast lap, but I will be able to give some good feedback. I did use the 460 conversion, but still not the LSD. Car will be very nervous.
  18. I always try to heel n toe, but pedals are not really good placed for it, and you have to give a good deep push on the throtlle or, indeed, it doesn't react good.
  19. VERY nice car ! I hope I am wrong but I read exactly the same experience as I had on my 380. Put it on a dyno and check your figures matches the claim Lotus makes. I hope I am not right in my feeling. Anyway with a hard limiter exactly at the peak performance you loose around 20hp in reality for sure. Pls check my dyno result where you see the ecu gives you a huge amount of torque at low rpm and not at all in a nice curve. This gives drivers a good feeling, a lot of wheelspin and a good 0-100 result, but...........(in my car) it masks the (in my case for sure) the false
  20. Perhaps I can't say everything here, so no comment on rev limiter No blip, I don't need/want it, like to work myself as much as possible when driving, this is the MAIN reason why I havd bought my 4th Lotus. LSD: Drexler.
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