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  1. The Esprit in question was bought at auction by a member on here. He mentioned his hired car company on one of his posts but the car is not on his site. He may of sold it on?
  2. Nice to see a Lotus Esprit series 3 (84) on ITV's new show 'The Trouble with Maggie Cole', possibly hired from Webb's of Weybridge?
  3. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing.
  4. I didn't notice it there yesterday, I tried to hold them up but no owner appeared and the ticket was already on the windscreen.
  5. I take it this beaut is yours Barrie? It was a great festival, not sure why the Hemingways and Lord March never did another one....probably down to money. I have dj'd for Wayne and his family since but have never asked him about it. There were many classic cars there spread out across the grounds and unfortunately I presume some of the ravers in attendance don't appreciate and respect the cars unlike the enthusiasts at FoS. Don't blame you for taking the Esprit away early, this may of been that DB5......
  6. One I took at the Vintage Festival at Goodwood 8 years ago.
  7. Thanks Tony; I think the black sill confused me in all the excitement of seeing one yesterday. It still looked great with this modification; anyone know anything about this S1? Someone here must know it.
  8. Thanks Gavin, as I was walking to work I saw it come out of Askew Rd (W12), I got my camera phone ready and it fortunately passed me twice on Goldhawk Rd. It reminded me of one of the last S1's that Scott Walker had for sale a few years ago. It was moving so fast that I almost missed it, shame I didn't get a shot of the reg but I think It may of been OHR...R. With Nicholas Mee (Aston specialist) being on the same road I see every Aston Martin on a daily basis along with other classics but nothing gives me a buzz like seeing an early Esprit go by.
  9. I saw this nimble looking Esprit go past me in West London this morning. Initially I thought that's a great looking S2 but then noticed the lack of intake/cooling ducts + the wolfrace alloys. Or is this a late S1 with black spoiler and sills? I think it was on an 'R' plate, maybe a hybrid of both whilst replacing the S1 with the S2.
  10. I looked at all of the lots last year; there were a few interesting items for Beatles fans but also a load of old tut on offer. Nice Asprey luggage but went for more than I only got 22 secs screen time :-)
  11. If you guys had a spare $5,760.00 you could of also got the ultimate luggage for your S1. The Asprey cases from The Spy Who Love Me that they load into the boot, Lot 942 -
  12. Although this is probably the only car on show that Sir Roger Moore actually drove and signed.
  13. I tried to upload more but I guess I am only allowed to upload 24.41MB a day? I have many more that I can upload, it may be a long process though if I can only do half a dozen a day.
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