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  1. The system works ok, but is a little "Stiff" on the return to the centre. Seems really good at slow speeds ie. around towns and in and out of the garage but on straight motorway roads have to constantly correct. Have spoken to Mike Taylor at Lotus Bits, he reckons it can be improved by adding a little more caster angle. I may do this when I have time, meantime its "liveable".
  2. Understood from SJ that hydraulic power steering cannot be fitted to X180 without extensive mods to the car. I eventualy opted for electric PS fitted by Lotus Bits, its not ideal but at least "wifey" can now manouver the car in restricted spaces.
  3. OK. I have been in touch with EZ power steering without much luck, the agent is away on holiday until 12th March. He confirms that they can supply what he calls a DIY kit for approx. £2200 which seems a bit steep for a kit? "Litesteer" could do it for £1400 approx. but they are based in Sussex! That's a long way from Tiverton Devon and I would prefer the agent to fit the system.
  4. Thanks for the info. will certainly contact them soonest and let you know what's available!!
  5. Has anyone experience of Esprit X180 N/A fitted with electric powered PAS? I understand "Lotusbits" can convert. Any other Company that can convert? Apparently its not possible to fit the "Excel" version of the hydraulic PAS.
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  7. I know this may be a silly question, but can anyone attend as a spectator----I have Esprit S3 and CN Plus2 and am contemplating travelling up from Devon. I don't want to show either car but, would love to attend on the 20th! Roger.h
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