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  1. How does a chap order a set of carpets for an LHD 88 esprit with grey interior? cheers Jim
  2. Hello, do you know what the price on these would be on a group buy?
  3. I just read through this and several of the links to the Porsche forum. I was very interested in the overhaul of the fuel distributor. In talking with Toby (Delorean northwest) who has been working on my car, the fact that Bosch will only support these via factory approved rebuilders is the issue. there seems to be only one factory approved guy left in the US and has a backlog of units most of the time. So it comes down to parts. The diaphragm is the buggy as most of the o rings ect are generic. So I am headed back over to my UK office on the 17th and I am going to pickup a used fuel distributor from an 87 and bring it back and see if I can take it apart and maybe with Toby's help come up with a way to fabricate the diaphragm he has been exploring this via his aviation background. Mr.DangerUS.. have you installed the tools digital warm up regulator yet? I want to remap the fuel curve with that so that I can run more boost. The lotus engine is capable of much more boost if the fuel is fattened up and temperatures are kept in check. I am looking to run 1 bar. protecting the engine with and MSD rev limiter with overboost protection and bypass the lotus fuel cutoff over boost relay. two ways to increase the boost.. heavier spring and or shims in the waste gate ora pressure controller in the line between the turbo and the waste gate. this is a better plan as then it allows for boost adjustment on the fly so it is was a sunday drive boost can be limited and if lets say it was a track day boost can be run at max. Please let me know in the utools kit and if you had any more experience with the larger flow injectors. thanks
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