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  1. I don't know how i didn't see this thread until now. I know very well unfortunately how incompetent Park Place Dallas is when it comes to warranty service. I've also dealt with Cody H and have had similar experiences with both him and Park Place as a whole. I had hoped that when they moved from Plano to Dallas things would get better, but alas they did not. The silver lining is that Lotus USA did make things right when I escalated to them (David Simkin and Brian Shepherd), and although it did take a bit of time to get parts, David/Brian @ Lotus USA made sure that things ended well for me with my car. It's really a shame that bad apple dealers ruin the owner experience for these cars, because the cars themselves are truly incredible (which is my I bought a 400 to replace my '12 S). Thankfully, as of a few weeks ago, Park Place Dallas is no longer a Lotus dealer. Crossing my fingers that they'll open up an independent service shop in town to handle warranty work so DFW owners have somewhere to go.
  2. FWIW, my reverse proximity sensors (ie the ones that beep if something is close to the rear bumper) are also non-functional.
  3. All of a sudden, when I go into reverse gear, my reverse lights and camera no longer come on. I checked the 5A fuse at position R12 on the rear fuse panel and it was fine. I replaced it anyways just in case, but still no reverse lights or camera. If I manually select the rear camera from the Alpine head unit, I get no video (just a black screen). This is for a 2017 Evora 400 (Federal/US). Any tips/ideas on where to troubleshoot next? My local dealer is next to useless, as I've been back to them 3 times in a row for an airbag light that keeps coming back.
  4. Rjandern, i did not. When the shop who did my audio upgrade opened up my car, they found that there was a factory subwoofer/enclosure, even though it wasn't on my options list (and i could never hear it work). Either it wasn't hooked up, or it was so bad that i couldn't tell it was even there. Long story short, they reused the enclosure and put in an aftermarket amp/sub, which sounds 1000x better.
  5. I have a wrench light on startup, which indicates an electrical fault. Lotus TechCenter shows a P2797 Transmission Fluid Cooler Pump Performance fault, and it appears the pump is dead (does not audibly run when the test cycle is run within TechCenter). Anyone ever experienced this issue and know how involved the repair is? My car was delivered from the dealer with numerous warranty issues that have not been fixed yet approaching 2 months after purchase, and this fault showed up today. I am not a happy camper right now. The number of issues I've had with this car is bordering on the absurd.
  6. Peegee, so just to make sure I understand you, I would need to buy both parts from my post above (#30 and #2)?
  7. My '17 Evora 400 (Federal) did not come with the subwoofer option, and as we all know, the stock audio is laughably poor. I'm a bit confused as to what parts I will need to add a sealed subwoofer in the factory location, as previous posts have indicated that I need to buy a bracket, and others have said I need the subwoofer shell (which apparently comes with the crappy stock subwoofer, which i obviously don't need). In the parts diagram here (, do I need #30 (mounting bracket, subwoofer for $10)? Do i need #2 (sub-woofer speaker for $293, which looks like it includes an enclosure for the subwoofer)? Do I need both? Any other parts I would need? I would like my subwoofer to be sealed, much like the S1 audio upgrade detailed in this thread/video ( I know next to nothing about car audio, so appreciate you Evora audiophiles out there in pointing me in the right direction!
  8. Yep, thanks much for test fitting them. Now if we can just convince Bridgestone to start making RE71Rs in 285/40/R18s...
  9. Anyone know if the 18" Team Dynamics 1.3 track wheels for the S1 Evora fit the Evora 400 and clear the calipers? I have an Evora 400 on the way, and hoping I can continue to use my existing TD 1.3 wheels (I have a '12 Evora S currently). Pretty sure the rears will, but the 370mm front rotors of the 400 give me some trepidation. Are there any reasonably priced 18" track wheel alternatives to the TD 1.3s if they don't work on the 400? I can't risk the super-expensive forged wheels on my 400 on track. Lotus's pricing for replacement wheels is astronomically high, nor do i want to pay for 19/20" track rubber.
  10. Does the diffuser from the S1 Evora (I have a '12 Evora S) swap over to the Evora 400? Trying to determine what parts I can reuse when my new Evora 400 arrives, as I have an HKFEVER carbon fiber diffuser on my S1.
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