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  1. Thanks, for the info and advice, keen also to understand the best way of putting a value on the car? It's a lovely example and has only done 12,000 miles
  2. Hi all, unfortunately I've decided it's time to sell my Evora ( MY12 IPS). I'm now spending most of the year overseas and so it's parked up most of the time :-( I'm looking for advice on where's best to put it up for sale. Ideas most welcome
  3. KevCov


  4. Thanks for the offer - I'm up in town until this eve, so won't be able to do that. Thanks again
  5. Thanks - I'll leave it for a while and see if it settles - It did have a service and a load of updates about 200 miles back so it may be that
  6. Hi All, Same problem with mine just popped on this morning MIL and Transmission solid Amber - re-started twice, but still on. Can anyone recommend a ons reader that I can buy and use to look at the codes and reset the car?
  7. I have a MY 12 IPS N/A. depending on driving urban or a run - just di a Kent to Devon. and not pushing the car I get early 20's uban and on the recent run I got jusy over 30mpg,
  8. I did the connection, only trouble is that the Sat Nav now assumes it's night time and so, sets the map display to the darkness setting! I guess I now need to tweak the settings
  9. i understan that I can enable DRL on my Evora? hopefully by simply connecting up some plugs and sockets in the passenge footwell. anyone now a) if that's right? and b) if so which connectors - see photo of my footwell
  10. Cup Holder and a iPad holder - probably in Ally to fit in with the Lotus structure
  11. can someone explain the benefits of fitting an airbox like the BMC please - ingnorance of the benefits on my pary
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