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  1. Thanks chaps It looks as though I will have to don my gynaecology gear and poke around under the driver's side footwell. I had a bad feeling that Lotus used vacuum operated bits as well as cables. I will try out your suggestions and see what happens. Cheers Geoff
  2. As winter approaches and we Newcastle people begin to wear warm clothing (a thin shirt?)I have found the S4 heater is not what it used to be. My workshop manual is missing the heat and vent section so I need a few clues. Anyone had any heater problems on an S4? Where is the heater control valve hidden? How is it activated? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks Geoff Moat S4
  3. 1994 Lotus Esprit S4 Norfolk Mustard (F*** off Yellow) SCC082910RHA61378 Owned since May 2002 Geoff Moat Current Location: Tyne & Wear
  4. It's that time of year again but I have found strange things going on with insurance quotes, some of which may benefit others in our group who need cover beyond that offered by classic type insurance. I have been with Direct Line for years because they gave the best price and included class 1 businessuse. This year the quote came in at
  5. Having done a bit of research, it apears that all the "custom" guys have a stock of the same basic silencers to which they stick on whatever bendy pipe is needed. The system quality will, therefore, be pretty much the same but the bending and welding may vary considerably. The effectiveness of the welding will be OK but some welders are much neater than others! Same applies to benders but maybe I shouldn't go there! I have now left the car with the local guys so I should have my new, shiny system later today. To be continued ....... Geoff
  6. I looked at a few "off the shelf" versions and the SJ seems good value. However they are in Devon and I am in Newcastle. I now have a firm quote for
  7. Yes, the pipe size stuff is very useful. The guys I am using specialise in motor sports systems and do stock large bore pipes but I will double check before letting them loose. Generally, I have found Direct Line very competitive. Last premium was
  8. Hello guys. I am contemplating replacing the standard Lotus silencer with something a bit lighter and shinier. I know several listers have done this but can find no mention of changes to insurance. I just checked my insurer's (Direct Line) and was quoted
  9. Hello, I live with Geoff Moat and after reading some of the comments after the day out on Sunday, I feel that I should set the record straight. Far from being the kindly old Grandad in the Werther's sweetie ad. Geoff is more akin to Albert Steptoe or one of Harry Enfield's old gits. Don't take his reluctance to come to meets personally, this behaviour is very typical of his attitude to socialising across the board and more especially towards family events where children are involved. The only reason he got off his arse and came on Sunday was because it meant he had a legitimate excuse to play out with grown up toys. I should add at this point, that I was amazed he actually turned up at the event on the day as he has a great reluctance to take his car out of the garage on rainy days. He was also seriously worried about driving to Rugby and leaving it on the street outside my brother's house the night before. On a positive note, I think he really enjoyed himself on Sunday - although he would never admit it - to the point where he might actually come to another similar event. I would therefore be really grateful if you could organise a few more similar away days to get him out of the house and give me a bit of peace! Regards Maddy (Geoff's long suffering, much younger and nicer partner).
  10. Impostor at large! Me, the infamous Geoff Moat, attending an event? Nice guy, OLD!!!!!, grey, looks like the child molester in the Werther's ad, NEVER. Obviously an impostor attended the event. Can I revert to obnoixous, arrogant, nearly 30, slim with boyish good looks? The real Geoff Moat S4 I have heard mutterings at home that when I wear my half-moon glasses, I look like Pinnochio's dad!
  11. Am I just getting old or is it some kind of Esprit addiction? This thread prompted me to visit the Lambo site and make a choice. Diablo then Countach - but the body shape is of a similar ilk to the Esprit. More worrying - did all super car body shapes hit a peak during 80-90s? The older shapes look a bit boxy and the current generation have the chopped off "stubby" shape typified by the Audi tt - yuk! Geoff Moat java script:emoticon('') smilie
  12. So which is worse? Driving a barbie car, or a box car? Go for the box everytime The Barbie choice will mean everyone calling you Ken and when you come to get rid, it could cost you half your house, boat, bank account and pension!
  13. lukeforitt


    Hello I am a Newbie, joined after a recommendation from Pual C. Location: North East England - near Newcastle Personality - grumpy old man! Ex garage owner so tend to be a bit of a techie. Car: S4 Norfolk Mustard Owned since May 2002 Used as everyday transport Looking forward to some interesting Esprit chat! Geoff Moat
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