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  1. I have a spare correct Motorola that needs a regulator (it currently overcharges) $30USD plus shipping to anyone who wants it.
  2. If you can't find one secondhand why don't you get it welded. I had my aluminum alternator bracket welded and it is just like new. It cost me USD$20........pretty good deal.
  3. Wayne, There is alot missing. The prior owner kept the light pods and alot of other stuff. Essentially you have a really nice, crack free, collision free main body, bonnet, rear lid, doors, excellent rust free SoCal chassis complete with front suspension, rear supension arms, rear brake calipers, emergency brake cables, both fuel tanks, bulkhead glass, and all VIN tags. As it is right now the car is just sitting on the chassis NOT bolted down. I purchased the car as a spare in the event my S2 had a collision. I have a storage issue hence the need to move it along. The asking price is reflective of what I paid for the car. In regards to seperation Wayne, what are you looking for?
  4. Slade, What's up??? Yeah I know the feeling..............I just don't have enough time to get to it. I think if it sells it will sell here........of course $1,500 was a starting point, I am open to offers.
  5. I am looking to cash out.........USD$1,500 I will ship worldwide. My computer is having problems so I can't post pictures directly. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone on the forum want to trade for 149H? I need a set of matched Dellorto DHLA 45's and a genuine 2.2 normally aspirated engine? 149H is missing a bunch but is a decent project. Let me know. I will ship worldwide.
  7. My 1979 S2 has one key and it fits both the ignition and the door locks. I needed a copy so I found an exact duplicate with the plastic head at Part Number KB-AA3P The cost was $5.95 per blank and they worked excellent.
  8. Trevor, I set my Dellorto's up with the following specs: Choke 36 Main Jet 160 Main Air Correction 230 Idle Jet 45 Idle jet Holder 7850.7 Pump Jet 60 Starter Jet 70 Main Emulsion Tube 7772-8 Stater Emulsion Tube 7482-1 I need to also say that I fitted Dellorto DHLA 40's to my car. I wanted the 45's but after talking to a few people who deal with the 907 I was told it is a waste of cash to stick 45's on a Federal low compression engine. My car runs well but around 4,000 RPM she flattens out a bit. I changed the combination a little over this weekend and I am no better.................runs like absolute hell up to 4000 then it feels as if the boat anchor got tossed out. I have the electromotive coil packs fitted which is another tuning issue..............mess with the carbs and you have to mess with it as well. Ah, the joys of old car ownership................LOL!!!
  9. Eric, Thanks for the pics. I, like Tony, don't have that spacer in my setup. My shocks/springs are stock and the car was sitting level before I had the upper link added. I think the cure here is a set of adjustable shocks and a twist or two on the upper link to get the camber corrected once she goes down a little. Claudius did the mod for my rear suspension upper link.
  10. Sorry for the late reply gent's, I have been busy over the last few days. Ok where to start............stock shocks and springs. I have seen a rubber pad where the spring seats on the upper portion of the this the "perch" you removed Tony? I compared pictures of when I picked the car up from the prior owner and it is deffinately about an inch or two higher now. I wonder if the addition of the upper suspension link mod changed the geometry of the supension enough to wind it up a bit and provide an "arse up" attitude? If it has then adjustable shocks are next on the list. As soon as I can get my computer to behave I will post a few pictures.
  11. Don't let the stickers scare you away, my car a had a few on it as well. The seller needs to check today's market for that car, he is about $3,500 too high. It cracks me up when people ask absorbant prices for cars they don't see very much in their area. I don't know about that car being an 1982 unless it sat on a dealer's lot until it was sold in 1982. That was a common practice here in the states since these car, like many other British cars, did not change much from year to year............thank god. The last year for S2's was 1980. The sunroof mod is enough to make me turn around but given the rarity of the S2 Esprit I would bite. I too would need more than a spin aound the block and I would also need reciepts for past work. A tip: I purchased a 100% original S2 with 67,000 miles last year for $7,800 (asking price $8,500). The car had a few problems but it had NOT been messed with. I just put $10,000 into her over the last few months to make her reliable enough to drive everyday and she still requires paint/respray and some interior work. These wonderful cars are no different than Porsche's in the respect that they can suck your wallet dry as well. Don't be put off by Mr. Chapman's approach to building a car, everyone does it differently. BTW: I sold three old 911's I had sitting around to get my Esprit.
  12. Mine are sagging in the middle as well................I'll give the "screws in the middle" a try for now. I will do a little research on getting a few surrounds popped out for those of us who need them.
  13. Unless I have consumed a few too many pints...........which I have been know to do, my beloved seems to be sitting a little high in the back. I did have the rear suspension modded to include the upper link, and new lower suspension arms fabbed up but I don't remember my car sitting as high in the rear as it now? Currently if I take a measurement at the offside aft front wheelwell sill I am sitting at 6.5 inches and a measurement taken at the offside rear fwd sill is 8.0 inches. Normal or a sagging set of springs?
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