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  1. I have one from a '89 SE. Have to check it still works. Partnr is A082M661SS, different from the earlier ones, but maybe close enough to fit? Filip
  2. I"m sure we all get frustrated at the way the police handles things on occasion. But it can't be easy for them to stay motivated and keep working hard when even if they act and catch someone, there is a good chance they will be on the street again before the paperwork is finished. At least that's the impression we get over here, especially in places like Brussels. Filip
  3. I find the easiest way to compress the springs to fit the dampers is in the press. Mount everything upside down, so you can fit the top nut to the damper once you've compressed the spring. Do make sure the spring is straight and stable, so it doesn't go flying off! Filip
  4. If it stayed in place for 25+ years, I'd say the fix was well within design spec. Do you think it would have worked loose soon if you didn't take the engine apart? Sure glad you did find it in time! Filip
  5. That's much like the situation in some cities over here: the city council has installed a Low Emission Zone, but the bus company (funded by the region) still uses older buses, so just pays the fines. Money flowing from the region (= our taxes) to certain cities, all in the name of saving the climate.
  6. I knew I had ordered those from SJ a while ago, but it did take me some searching. The part number changed to B082D4106F, stil available: Filip
  7. ^^ my thoughts exactly. Would be ironic if Porsche would add a cheaper car for those who want to drive while Lotus tries to compete with them higher up the range. I do fear Porsche would be more succesful on both accounts, regardless of the qualities of the actual cars...
  8. I kinda like the 914/916. Always nice to see one on a classic car event, instead of the unavoidable range of beetle variants. An entry level car a "with almost no electrics, everything mechanical, puristic” would be nice! But I fear marketing will decide there's a lot more money to be made by slapping a 914 badge on an Audi TT...
  9. I wonder how much of that is actually necessary. Aside from resale value off course. But looking at it as a daily/regular driven car, as long as the clutch performs as it should, why change it? Same with the tires, would it really be noticeable if you just have them balanced separately instead of getting the entire car tracked and setup?
  10. I do all work myself, so service history isn't a consideration but I still change the oil on all cars once a year, regardless of mileage (more often if mileage is high of course). It doesn't cost a lot, puts my mind at ease knowing there is good oil in the engine and most importantly, it's a good excuse to give the entire car a once over to spot anything that might need attention. Filip
  11. It's tight but possible on later Esprits, so should be doable on an S1 as well. If it ain't leaking, I would leave it alone though. Wouldn't be the first time a new seal leaks more than the old one it replaces... Edited: to get it out you can indeed put screw in it and pull on those, works on most seals of that type and avoids the risk of scratching the metal seat. Filip
  12. 4 marks on the crank and 1 one the cam is enough to detemine the position of each cylinder and associated valves. At revs the time between the injection point for the different cylinders and the duration of injection are probably similar enough so it doesn't really matter if you extrapolate the position of each cylinder within one revolution of the crank. Firing 4 times for 8 cylinders is like wasted spark, maybe it was just easier to use something similar? Or the injection in 2 steps is deliberate to get better mixture and/or more accurate control compared to one long burst? Filip
  13. I find Car SOS pretty much the best show of its kind. They always seem to do a thorough and honest job, and for someone who deserves it. And if you think of a certain Mike, you'll not find Tim irritating at all.
  14. Really hope for a chance to meet you guys again this year!
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