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  1. I used Liqui Moly liquid gasket, seems to work great on just about anything. We once did a field repair of a Range Rover gearbox with batroom silicone. That got us home and seemd fine as well, but we did replace it (with Liqui Moly) next time we were in there. IMHO, it just needs to do its job and be suitable for the relevant temperatures and oil etc. Filip
  2. Could it be that the button has been removed? That would explain why you can't find it, and why the key can fall out. People not used typically have a hard time removing the key because they don't realize they need to push the little button. Also, in the diagram above there's no relay, the Otter switch turns the fans on directly. But you do have a relay, like the later cars, right? Or is that an upgrade you did yourself (if so, good call!)? The reasan I'm following this so closely, despite not having an early Esprit, is that since recent engine work the fan on my Eclat Excel comes on at lower temperature and seems to stay on longer than necessary. That does use a relay as standard, and I have a manual override switch fitted just in case the Otter should fail (or any time I think more cooling is appropriate). Filip
  3. Lez, I though you said the fans kept running with the ignition off (key out?). For the switch to cause that, it would have to have a permanent live feed. I thought the Otter switch has a ingnition feed. I don't have diagrams for the older cars, so can't check, but interested to know. Important thing is that you've got it sorted and can enjoy the car again. Filip
  4. Relay is the likely cause, sticking on as long as there is power going through it. The Otter switch should have an ignition switched feed I think (as it is on later cars).
  5. The jack does look like a generic one, to fit under a sill. But the drawing in the parts manual is very similar, so it seems to be the real thing. Maybe Lotus used a jack from GM?
  6. You could always try an impact gun, if you don't want to take out the pump. It has a better chance of breaking the threads lose without damaging the mountings.
  7. Looking good Henrik! What brand do you have on the rear, and what has your mechanic been able to find for the front? I'm running 225/50R15 Toyo at the front and BFG Sport Comp 255/50R16 on the rear on my SE. Filip
  8. I guess it depends what you want. If for looks, I'd say the SE is the better starting point. Performance wise (and I hate to admit this), the S4s will be closer. I seem to recall the Sport 300 also came with ABS, like the S4 and S4s. Something the (early) SE was not burdened with. Filip
  9. Have you performed the easy test? Let the pump run to build pressure, wait a bit and see how many times you can pump the brakes before the pump starts again. You should be able to apply the brakes 3 or more times with a good accumulator. If the pump runs after each press of the pedal, the accumulator is probably not accumulating pressure. Could also be the pressure switch or internal leaks, but the accumulator is a known wear item, so logical to start there. And usually not too hard to take off and replace. Filip
  10. If it's that hard to remove, and it's just for checking the pressure, I'd leave it well alone rather than risk damaging something. You could fit a pressure gauge elsewhere as well, for example where the pressure switch sits. Maybe that's easier to remove. You would need to add a 'T' to mount the switch again and run the pump. Filip
  11. Indeed, a Heron. I had never heard of those. Apparently there was a version with pop-up headlights to. That definitely looks a lot like an Esprit! Not sure I can actually like it or not...
  12. I came across this: n"t it? Looks familiar, doesn't it? Anyone care to guess what it is?
  13. As the dealer is getting some flak, some clarifications are in order: was the ECU-dump done by the same (respected) dealer as the maintenance, or by a different dealer? Was/is the car sold by a dealer or privately? As above, Lotus is not to blame, especially if it is a privately sold car. It would be different if it was Lotus approved or something. Also as above, if you liked the car, I do not understand how 50 or70k miles could be a problem. Unles you're more concerned about resale value than actually driving and enjoying the car? The more miles I can put on my Espirt, the happier it makes me, adding up the smiles per galon. Filip
  14. You mean like this: (yes I know it's fake, but again, do we really care if some things are fake?)
  15. Do you really care about the mileage? If the car looks good, what does it matter if it has 50k or 80k miles? I agree about the standing starts being a bit disturbing, but that's something you wont even know on most cars. I don't know anyone who has gone to the trouble of getting the ECU read before buying, certainly not in this much detail. If you want to be in control of every aspect from new, you need to buy new. If you find a used car you like, at a price you think is fair, don't worry too much and just go and enjoy it. You can never know everything, digging too deep will only make you worry. Filip
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