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  1. How long have you had the ProTech? Mine have done over 20k miles and show little signs of wear. So I'd be inclined to fit them again if need be in a few years or so.
  2. Escape

    Newby !

    Hi Paul, Don't let the horror stories scare you, a properly maintained Esprit is a reliable car. I use mine as a daily driver (4-pot turbo). They're relatively easy to work on (apart from some hard to reach parts, but even those are by no means worse than most modern cars) and most importantly, there is a huge source of information and knowledge on these forums. So if you're willing and able to get your hands dirty, an Esprit could be the perfect super car for you. And wont break your bank account. You should really try to narrow down your criteria (model etc), and ideally go and look at a few and drive them. Could be hard, as they're so rare. Once you have the experience, your path will become clear. Both whether an Esprit is your kind of things as which model would suit you best. Good luck with your search and keep us posted! Filip
  3. Escape

    Check light and temp gauge

    Have you checked coolant level? Erratic temperature readings can be caused by pockets of steam passing the sensor, due to a low level of coolant.
  4. Escape

    game over...

    Excellent, I'm looking for someone to rent the rest of the building. I'll have my assistant draw up a contract in his name and have her send it to his assistant. πŸ™‚
  5. Escape

    game over...

    @Sparky if your travels ever take you near or through Belgium, you're most welcome!
  6. I tried to get the plug out off the chargecooler of my red SE once, but decided to stop when the force applied became so great something was bound to give, and not necessarily the plug... Didn't even bother on my current SE, I just use the bleed pipe to the header tank to get any air out, seems to work just fine and a lot less hassle.
  7. Escape

    game over...

    Yeah, the roof light is really handy, and gives a bit of an open feeling. The intermediate floor was something I added during the rebuild, to have workbays underneath and storage above. With the old layout, this wasn't possible. But it does mean we have a little bit less room around the lifts. Amazing how soon you fill all available space, no matter how large. πŸ˜‰ Filip
  8. Escape

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    I'm sure you enjoyed the Evora around Snowdonia! 😎
  9. Escape

    game over...

    I haven't been able to spend as much time finishing and fitting the Workshop, but this week was a major milestone. A few weeks ago we got a second hand 5 ton 4 post lift. A real bargain, if a bit rusty. Other things getting in the way meant I only got 'round to putting it up last Friday. On Tuesday I finished the wiring and hydraulics and immediately put it to use on my Range Rover. A failed pin in the clutch fork meant the gearbox had to come off (seriously, 2 cent roll pins on a car that was at least £50k when new instead of machining a keyway? 😧). I felt SO GOOD to work with the lift again, instead of on my back under the cars (including the Esprit for the recent cambelt change). With some help of a good friend, the job only took about 4 hours. Still have some refitting to do, but the gearbox is back on and clutch working as it should. Got some pictures taken as well, with Lotus content (of course). We will get a 2-poster in a later stage as well. Right now the priority is finishing the electrical wiring. Filip
  10. I'm very happy with the alloy tanks I got from SJ. They even survived the fire that destroyed my red SE and have been reused on my current SE. As for checking the fuel pressure, the valve in the FPR opens according to pressure on the inlet side. So in fact it regulates the pressure it's fed, not the outlet. As long as flow is limited, both inlet and outlet will have the same pressure. Filip
  11. You said you filled up both tanks, but as they are (should be) connected, once you've filled the first, the second should be almost full as well. Which explains why you couldn't add much to the second tank. My guess would be a problem with the sender, either mechanical (though I can't imagine how the float could be damaged) or electrical. I think the sender has the lowest resistance when full, so that would rule out a bad connection causing added resistance and a faulty reading. I agree with Kevin and trust the odometer above the fuel gauge. I know I can do about 400miles (normal driving) when full, so usually fill up around 350miles. I must say the gauge seems pretty accurate (averaging out the inevitable bounce). I sometimes have a problem getting the tanks completely filled though, even with both caps off. This is shown by the gauge that starts moving almost immediately, instead of remaining at full for the first 50miles or so. Filip
  12. Escape

    Looking for a post 1993 esprit

    Congrats! Lovely color!
  13. Escape

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    A few pics from the Gentlemen Drivers Rally a few weeks ago. Always a great day/weekend out, friendly people, interesting cars and very enjoyable roads. 😎
  14. Escape

    Looking for a post 1993 esprit

    I wouldn't worry too much about mileage, a car that is driven regularly will be in better mechanical shape than a garage queen. How about this one? A well known car on here, with a lot of work done. Good luck with the search, hope you find one to enjoy sooner rather then later. πŸ˜‰
  15. I agree with most comments you're probably worrying about nothing. I do understand you, I also always keep an eye on pressure and temperature gauges. But don't forget most cars don't even have such a gauge to worry about! Make sure you have the correct oil (20W50 or 20W60) and a correct and recent oil filter. If you really want to be sure, a quality analogue pressure gauge is the way to go. Greetz, Filip