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  1. Yes there are 2 temperature sensors. The one supplying the dash gauge is at the front of the engine, in the elbow on the thermostat housing, near the timing belt (as explained earlier in this thread). The one on the rear is for the signal to the ECU, so wont affect the gauge. Just to summarize, check temperature with Freescan or Espritmon if possible, to (literaly) get a second opinion. If you don't have diagnostics, an IR thermometer will also give you an idea of actual temperature. If that is also low and consistent with the dash gauge, check the thermostat. You could be runni
  2. The screw terminal is for the permanent feed (thick brown wires), one of the spades is for the wire from the starter relay (red-white), the third one is not used on the SE, but it is on older cars. It provides 12V (or at least battery voltage) to the coil while starting to give a better spark. Once running the coil gets a ballasted feed, usually 6V or 9V. Not sure about the black connector, a small spade one is unlikely to be an earth. So be careful connecting it! It could be the optional coil feed. Are there any markings on the starter connections? Filip
  3. I can confirm the early SE uses the old BL stalk, which I actually prefer. I think the change was made in 1992/1993 along with other changes to the interior. Maybe from the highwing on?
  4. The metallic looking path is just that, a metal film on the circuit board. The channels are cut to form different pathways for the different components/pins. This is a very simple circuit, with only 2 paths, each going to one end of the actual resistor (the block on the other side), connected by the 2 solder joints. I think you'll find the right pin is not connected to anything, just a standard connector. IMHO 3.3ohm is close enough (10%) to the target value to leave it alone. That is if you get a consistent reading, even when shaking etc. Open circuit measurements are often due to poor c
  5. Happy birthday TLF and many congrats to you @Bibs!
  6. Do you mean a red battery symbol on the dashboard? That's not a low battery warning, but a charge warning light. It should go out when you start the engine and the alternator starts working. It could be a wiring problem, best check voltage on the battery with engine running or even better current from alternator to battery. As for the temp sender, a bad or broken connection will mean the gauge stays at zero. Do I understand correctly the the gauge works if you wiggle the wire? Than it's obviously a bad connection, probably caused by unplugging it to do the cambelt. You can use pliers to s
  7. YES Or was it a rhetorical question?
  8. Trust me, our national broadcasting station is a good match for the BBC when it comes to spinning stories a certain way... Mind you, the private station are not much better, seems like they are all compelled to show just one side of the story. COVID was/is a good example, not one really critical question was to put to any of the so called experts that made a daily appearance in the different news broadcasts. Filip
  9. Could it be running rich and flooding at hot idle? That would explain being unable to restart once hot, but driving fine once moving. 26 is indeed a though one to work from... I'm sure someone will come along with some good pointers on things to check/try. Good luck! Filip
  10. No disrepect intended of course. Just the first thing that came to mind with all the banter about bacon. Besides, I only rarely eat meat. But like it too much to call myself a true vegetarian... Filip
  11. I've had a couple of different brands of flat wipers on my Esprit, with different results. No Bosch as far as I can remember. If the wipers are too stiff and pre bent, they wont be very effective on the flat Esprit windscreen. If the cover is too large, they tend to lift or creep up the screen at higher speeds. Quite annoying in an Esprit! I liked the PIAA wiper I had some years ago best, but have been unable to find them again. Hence trying out some other brands. Filip
  12. The first 13 years are about 20 years ago. What's more important is what the last owner did to and with the car. If he (or she) drove it regularly he probably solved all issues as well and it should be a reliable car, regardless of what happend in its youth. Filip
  13. No bacon for me, I'm off to Israel it seems...
  14. On my '89 there was access, not sure I'd call it a hole. From the Lotus position I could just reach the bolts and take out the aerial. I have replaced it with a wire antenna under the frunk with an amplifier from an old Range Rover. It works OK, but reception gets worse when the engine is running, probably because of the proximity of the fusebox. Filip
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