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  1. I think 5 years is the limit to sell tires as new, even when unused, because the rubber can/will degrade. On a Lotus, better to err on the safe side. If it's a set for a weekend offroader, less of an issue. I've driven my Esprit on what I think were original Goodyear Eagles, over 25 years old and about half worn. Stored dry and dark for most of their lives. It was an emergency decision, to be able to move the car while the other set of rims was being repainted. I was very cautious, but did give it some beans on an empty, wet parking lot and was amazed by the grip they still offered. Not something I want to take chances on in actual traffic and/or spirited driving.
  2. Escape

    Prices Soaring

    Not the best article, but at least it agrees buying an Esprit is a good thing to do.
  3. Escape

    [SWEDEN] UK tour 2019 (incl. Assen)

    Wales is a great place to take a Lotus! Last year I did Brecon Beacons in the south, Snowdonia up north and the Evo triangle. Can't wait to get back! You guys will have a great time. 😎 Filip
  4. Escape

    Esprit hybrid project? Not sure what to think of it... When I saw the ad, I assumed it would have a nice Audi V8. The V6, no matter how powerful, doesn't seem like an upgrade. And why would you replace the beautiful dash with something so bland?
  5. Escape


    @Jeanvm no, it wasn't easy. Especially since it was done without a lift, just put the car in the garage on blocks so I could just crawl under. It took about 1.5 days, half of which I had help from a friend. We rebuild the water pump with an improvised press and did the timing belt (including changing the cam pulleys) at the same time. So not too bad, especially for a first time.
  6. Escape


    I can only echo the others: just do it! 😎 I have used my current 1989 Esprit as a daily driver for the last 3.5 years, and covered almost 40k miles. Lots of fun and enjoyment, very little trouble. Only limited normal wear and tear, apart from some upgrades of my own choosing. Worst was a rusty fuel tank, but that's the only rust problem on an almost 30 year old car. Other than that, consumables like tires, battery, waterpump and shocks. A cracked coolant hose had me on a difficult search earlier this year. Like everything else, I repaired it myself at very little cost. With a more recent car, I don't expect you toe have any such issues the first years. Only lots of fun. Filip
  7. Escape

    Useless Facts about anything

    @Kimbers, I'd just get a chair, but make sure it's out of Wendys way. 😉
  8. Escape


    Such a sad sight... One I'm all to familiar with... 😞 We've stripped most of the cars that burned down when our Workshop caught fire. I was very surprised to find what parts are still usable. The alloy fuel tanks of the Esprit being the most remarkable! Engines seem to clean up quite well to, but it has to be something special to warrant the work. Most bolts come out easily enough, some threads in aluminium parts did strip. We plan to reuse diffs and gearboxes from the Range Rovers as well. The oil inside seems to protect the gears from damage. The one we tried already has covered over 15k miles since without issue. Some alloy parts do seem very fragile though, like the casing of a hydraulic winch gearbox (filled with grease, not oil), that was totally cracked and beyond repair. I wouldn't be very comfortable using suspension arms etc, especially lightweight alloy items off a Lotus. And considering the forces acting on those parts. Greetz, Filip
  9. Escape

    Vehicle Tax moan/rants/whinges

    In Belgium road tax used to be based solely on engine capacity. So a small turbocharged engine like in the Esprit was a good deal compared to a lowely tuned large V8. But the political sharks caught on, and now it takes into account the maximum of kW and displacement, and adds CO2 all in the name of being green. With a net result of increasing taxes for most cars, except hybrids etc. Which is why cars like a Cayenne PEHV are very popular as company cars!
  10. @Bibs That's pretty much the same rule as in belgium, only we'd get away with just a notice if it's not a legal requirement (like reversing lights), not a fail. Front fogs are never even tested. Most drivers probably don't even know how to switch them on. Unfortunately, everybody knows how to switch on the rear fog, especially when it's totally uncalled for (but that's another rant...). Filip
  11. Escape

    Commuting in a +2

    I salute you sir, driving the +2 as a daily! Which for starters means it's up to the job, that in itself deserves a lot of respect. And great to hear you're happy with it. 🙂 To be fair, I would have to be hard pressed before using mine like that. Despite being used to an Esprit as a daily. What is your daily anyway, the DB7? As much as I love the classic feel when driving the Elan, it's just a bit much for my taste. She also feels very vulnerable in the busy traffic I have to face each day. I must admit she does need some attention, mainly the gearbox and some electrical niggles. Just like yours, the brake pedal isn't consistent. But unlike you, I haven't taken the time to investigate let alone repair. You should add a picture of the Elan with some moderns. 🙂 Filip
  12. The front fogs have a dedicated fuse (F27) and relay, either of them could be the cause but neither is related to the cigarette lighters. The rear fogs are on fuse 3, also no link with the cigarette lighters. I'm surprised non-working front fogs are an MOT failure. Most cars didn't/don't have those anyway. Filip
  13. Escape

    Vehicle Tax moan/rants/whinges

    Barry, I've been trying to convince people over here, but to no avail... From time to time I even have to endure EU commission meetings. And we don't get a free lunch anymore.
  14. Escape

    Vehicle Tax moan/rants/whinges

    Believe me, road tax in UK seems very reasonable compared to a lot of other European countries. In bhellgium you'd pay around €1800 for an Evora, and well over €2000 for an Esprit V8. And you'd have to pay another €2000 just to register the Esprit. Possibly even more for the Evora, the regulations changed a few years ago (for the worse of course) and not so easy to simulate if you don't have all the details of a specific car. Which is one of the reasons I drive an old 4-pot Esprit and have the Range Rover registered as a commercial vehicle with no back seats. Filip
  15. Escape

    The world is a confusing place

    Yep, you can't fault his logic!