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  1. Experience is a very valuable thing, no one will live long enough to make all mistakes himself. 😉 So when older people want to share their experience, I agree you should always listen. Even if you don't always agree or decide to try things your own way. That is also important, otherwise there would be no progress and everything would remain the same. I tend to favor advice from those wizened by age over that of 'youngsters', unless the latter clearly know their stuff (IT being a good example). Filip
  2. She's home. 🙂 I stopped along the way to get a set of filters and spark plugs, hope to get her running tomorrow. Filip
  3. That's about the only amusing thing about it. No point in taking out your frustrating (genuine or not) on a vehicle, as Vincent Vega said: "What's more chickenshit than f***ing with a man's automobile? I mean, don't f*** with another man's vehicle."
  4. That seems a bit odd, surely the turbo is what makes it unique. I hope it wasn't due to reliability problems...
  5. If the length of one or more arms in a pivoting mechanism is changed, the rotating speed will change as well. So yeah, you need to get both rods the same length to get the same movement.
  6. I have both an Esprit and Elan, so happy to share my 2 cents. Although I never actually had the poster or even a model, I dreamt of an Esprit for many years before finally getting a Turbo SE. Loved it so much when it was lost in a fire I got a very similar one just 3 weeks later. It's my daily driver, modern enough to just get in and drive, stunning looks even standing still (and the original Giugaro is even prettier!) and always an occasion to drive, even on the daily commute (back when we used to do those that is). Some years later I was offered an Elan +2S JPS and just couldn't re
  7. Good thing you caught it in time! I never have the cover on, I prefer to be able to see the engine. An I must admit, when at traffic lights or such I sometimes glance over my shoulder at the engine, seeing if it's stable, not shaking or anything. Mostly psychological, 'cause there's a lot to go wrong that you'd never spot, but still nice to see a running masterpiece of engineering.
  8. Not really, you can't shift, you can just ask the computer to shift when you want it instead of when it wants to I agree with a lot of what is said above, about new sports/fast cars just requiring a lead foot (and a good waddle of cash) and offering little involvement. The only real way to be happy when you accomplish something, is if there is a genuine chance of failure. The Esprit doesn't exactly know for its gearshifts, so if I get it right, I can smile (grin) because it was because of what I did. Where's the satisfaction when it's a computer doing what it was programmed to do? Ag
  9. Any battery that fits will do. You might want to get the largest possible if you don't use the car a lot, or go for smaller to keep weight and price down. The manual states 55Ah, so the 60Ah in the link will be fine. If I were you, I'd go to a local shop instead of ordering on the bay though. Coolant should be G11, usually blue. Filip
  10. Construction prices are always higher than expected... I had specifically asked to err on the high side when asking for a quote, as that would be the negotiating point with the insurance. But I still ended up considerably higher than the quote... Insulation has been on the rise for some time, no doubt due to increase in demand, both because of tightening regulations and more people doing DIT and renovations while stuck at home. Good idea to do (part of) the insulation yourself. Especially if you were planning to board up anyway. I'd suggest plywood or something else with some strenght, makes i
  11. Looks good! I enjoyed playing around with simulations like that when rebuilding the Workshop. And it paid off, we're very happy with the decisions we took and haven't really found anything we should have done differently. For a long term project, a 2-poster is a good choice. As for where to pu it, I'd try to make sure you can get another car in while the Esprit is on the lift. Maybe put it at an angle (or even perpendicular) to a side wall, you'll have just enough room to manoever a car onto it. That way you still have some room directly behind the gate to park another car, and the rollin
  12. Fixed that for you. 😉 Still planning to sell the Excel, the Jaaag is put to good use in the sunshine. We'll see how the TVR does, realistically I should limit myself to just the one open top car... Filip
  13. So we went to see the TVR yesterday, with the idea to drive her home if nothing catastrophic showed up on a short test drive. However, the seller couldn't get her to start... Not for lack of trying, we had to stop him or he would have kept starting until the starter motor gave in. She did fire a couple of times, but would die within seconds. So I'm thinking the problem is fuel related, the pump screaming like hell seems to confirm this. We did reach an agreement, at a reduced price. And I urged him not to try to start her anymore for fear of him bodging it up. I'll just go back with the traile
  14. We had our mutt at a BBQ in the Workshop earlier this week. Meeting some new people and his first time around a BBQ. Of course he was very interested in all that great smelling meat, but he behaved himself, waiting (reasonably) patiently at the table for scraps. My better halve was worried he'd be a complete hooligan, instead he made new friends. He did try and make our chef trip a couple of times when carrying the meat platter to and from the table, luckily without success. 🙂 No pictures I'm afraid, still wanted to share. He also tried to help us change dampers, but backed off when the i
  15. I think this is a good thing. Just like the 7 lives on in Caterham (and others) and is still considered a reference in its niche. This could be an answer for those who want a pure driving experience and would find the Emira too big/complicated/comfortable/... It light not be a Lotus, but the spirit will live on. Just imagine if someone had bought the rights to the Esprit and had continued to evolve the platform and shape with modern engines etc. Different price range to a 7 for sure, but no doubt many would dream of such a car. Which is not to say it would sell well enough to be viable...
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