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  1. My bad, I should have specified engines in general, not the Lotus 9xx. The 'now' refering to 21st century. 😉 My point was that often such changes are driven by costs and ease of assembly or maintenance, and are not necessarily a technical improvement. I'm sure Lotus had good reason to use a fixed tensioner whereas most other engines probably chose the easiest solution. Filip
  2. I think most (if not all) engines now use an automatic tensioner. But that could be for ease of fitting more than reliability. Interestingly, I've replaced the timing belt on a Land Rover earlier this week and found the keyway in the drivepulley to be about twice as wide as the key itself. This is intentional, to allow some freedom on kickback and avoid shock loads or slack on the belt. I know Gates has developped pulleys with varying diameter (only very slightly) to further smoothen the load on the belt. Filip
  3. Mine got her first wash of the year last week. Of course the next day it was raining again... I certainly did enjoy the drives in the sun, feels like spring! She'd been used all through winter, except for the week we actually got some snow. I don't mind the snow, but hate the horrible salt and it just makes more sense to use the Range Rover, never having to worry about being able to drive off and a lot less worries about other people and their (lack of) driving skills. Filip
  4. I should print that and put it on the wall in the Workshop. 🙂
  5. I had seen the advert before this topic and must admit I'm very tempted. I'm looking for an open car to enjoy the summer. Last years Spitfires have been sold, not sad about that as while not a bad car they just don't get my pulse racing. I would like another Stag, and have been looking at TVR and Jags as well. But a St Tropez is something else again! And would let me stay with Lotus. I think the car is special and rare enough to warrant a high price and current beids are very reasonable (assuming condition is as advertised). Only downside is I like to drive my cars as much as possible and
  6. I'm originally from Schilde, so not far from Kapellen. You're most welcome to visit the Workshop for a chat and a pint if you're in the area. 🍻 We should probably continue this via PM, en in het Nederlands. Filip
  7. Very true about temp variations due to the length and volume in the pipes on a mid engined car like the Esprit. If I pay attention, I can see a drop of a few ° when the thermostat starts to open and the cold water enters the engine. The idea of switching in series or parallel also comes from the Range Rover. Only 2 fans (auxiliary only, main fan is a big viscous one) so easy to switch. I should take a piece of paper and do some drawings for 3 fans. My Workshop is near Leuven (Holsbeek), otherwise I'm with my better half near Brussels (Tervuren). My roots are near Antwerp, spent some yea
  8. Escape

    Kia Elan

    Good call Chipp, I'll have a look there. My first port of call is always TLF, I really enjoy browsing here. 🙂 Filip
  9. Escape

    Kia Elan

    I came across a cheap Elan M100 today. Some research tells me it's in fact a Kia and not a Lotus, as it was build in 1998. Obviously I would have preferred a Lotus, but it could still be interesting. Main problem is the gearbox is missing. I understand Kia used their own 1.8 instead of the Isuzu 1.6. I take it the gearbox will be different as well, and probably hard or impossible to find. Does anyone have any experience with the Kia Elan? Are there a lot differences or are most parts interchangeable? And are they worth something or frowned upon as not an actual Lotus? The car looks OK,
  10. Interesting question. Purely theoretical, I'd say the fans are there to control the temperature of the radiator output, so it would make sense to put the otter switch there. This can be either at the radiator side or at the engine side. So if the radiator doesn't provide enough cooling (assumed because of lack of air flow an no other problems like internal blockage or such), the fans should come on for extra cooling. On the other hand, the objective is to keep the engine temperature within limits, so you'd want to monitor coolant temperature at the engine and apply extra cooling when need
  11. Considering all the work done, it's obviously a well used and equally well cared for car. So I wouldn't be put off by the mileage.
  12. If you disconnect the O2 sensor, the car will indeed revert to open loop. Which should be OK-ish, certainly not rich enough to damage the cat. Even with the O2 connected, the ECU will run rich under acceleration, but never excessively (unless something is wrong).
  13. I had a similar experience when stopped with the Esprit (RHB, but in belgium). While the cop with the breathalyzer was staring at an empty seat (I had opened the window he knocked on 🙂 ) his colleagues were bent double laughing. 😄
  14. Me no want A/C, I ripped it out of all my cars. 😉 But in the Esprit the wiring is till there (too much effort for too little lightness to gain) so I could reuse that if fitting a bypass with a 3-way valve.
  15. If you have to keep the up and over door, make sure it can't hit the car on the lift when it's raised! Would be a shame to cause damage and you do need to be able to open the door. I would not recommend trying to reduce the height of the posts. As you said you'd need to shorten the cables as well and make sure everything can be adjusted correctly. In the previous workshop we modified a 2-poster to make it a bit less wide. One of the side effects was reduced lifting height because the cables were too long. If you look around you should be able to find low lifts. Especially those aimed at
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