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  1. Good call I think. While it could look nice, you'd run into some problems. Heat from the backbone entering the passenger compartment for example. I know what a difference a new bottom gaiter made on mine, so wouldn't want to have an open connection. And it would be a very tight fit to get something to seal under the open gaiter. And then there's the problems with adjustment, as already mentioned. Filip
  2. Escape

    Breaking Lotus Eclat 1975

    Do you still have the airbox? I'd like to replace the K&Ns on mine with the standard setup. Filip
  3. When you calculate the SIN, make sure your calculator is set to degrees, not radials.
  4. Escape

    Engine Cover Carpet

    I think the carpet is mainly cosmetic. To give a plush feel to the engine bay as well. I've removed the side covers and usually run without the engine cover as well. Adds lightness. 🙂 I only put the cover back on long trips with the misses, because it does reduce noise and makes conversations at speed possible without shouting. You could remove the carpet and run it like that. If the glare does bother you, there are plenty options available. Some form of carpet (SteveV8 ca o doubt help you), mat paint, ...
  5. Escape

    Esprit fuel economy

    Same here, the Esprit is considerably more economical than the Range Rover V8. That's down to about 14mpg at the moment. But it does make light work of the 3.5 ton trailer, the Esprit might struggle with that... 🙂
  6. Escape

    Great roads in the UK

    Great pictures! We drove through the Beacons last year, on our way back from Ireland. We didn't do the A4069, but the A470 and surroundings was great as well. On the way up I made a detour in Snowdonia and did the Evo-triangle. I enjoyed that even more, both the roads and the scenery. Since that trip, heel-toeing has become a natural habit. 😎 Filip
  7. The workshop manual was typed out from other notes, and does contain a number of typo's. I'd say in this case the '8' in 3887 was probably a poorly written '5'. That way all the numbers are consistent. The changepoint is the introduction of the Eagle chassis, with different settings. Your car has the Eagle chassis, so you should use the second set of settings. Filip
  8. Escape

    Best oil and filter?

    Geert, I don't think we really disagree. If the oil level is too low, you add anything you have at hand. I have been in such an emergency twice myself, both times after a pipe to the oil cooler blew. I topped up, drove home and changed the oil before driving the Esprit again. But from my understanding, Smithy has his Esprit at home, no urgency to use it and the level is at minimum, so not too low. In that case I'd look for some 20W50 rather than add something else. Filip
  9. Escape

    thermostat failed?

    If the thermostat remains closed or doesn't open far enough, that would be very obvious on the dashboard temperature gauge. In my SE, I can actually see when the thermostat opens by a slight drop in temperature at the end of warming up, after which it rises again and stabilizes. This is because of the volume of cold water from the radiator and pipes that is added to the flow around the engine. It's good you got readings from the ECM. And by replacing the engine coolant sensor you should be able to rule that out. Which leaves either the wiring or the ECM itself. The sensor is NTC, low resistance meaning high temperature. So it wont be a bad connection, rather a short to ground somewhere. Filip
  10. Escape

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?

    That doesn't look too bad. The doors remind me of a Vector. It would have been better as a wedge design, the rounded front and rear wheelarches don't seem to match the angular doors. And the interior layout is terrible...
  11. Escape

    ?Alternator Whine?

    If the cambelt has been changed a couple of times and the whine stays the same, it's less likely to be a belt. The alternator belt would have been replaced or at least removed and refitted each time as well. So I'd look at the tensioner and pulley bearings (including those of the alternator). Filip
  12. I recently came across 2 photos of my very first Lotus. I had almost forgotten about it. Thinking about it, that must be how it all started. It was gift from my grand parents, and I'm very happy granddad is in the photo with me. The second pic shows the car was competitive for quite a few years.
  13. Escape

    game over...

    After a long and at times troublesome rebuild, we've now set ourselves a deadline: on October 20th we'll open the doors of Escape's Workshop for all interested. A date not without meaning, as It will then be 10 years since we started, give or take a few days. Still a lot of work to do: at the moment the parking is Land Rover only, as all others are likely to get stuck. The sad remains of 3 cars still sit on the driveway. The 2-poster still needs to be installed. And a LOT of organizing and cleaning to be done to make the place presentable to everyone and not just to us grease monkeys. I hope to see a few Lotus turn up! Greetz, Filip
  14. Escape

    Esprit fuel economy

    I've been keeping a record of mileage done and liters fuel for about a year now, which equates to about 12k miles. Best I've seen was 35mpg, average is 25.5mpg. I find there is often a difference of a few liters depending on which station and which pump I use to fill up. Some of them are on a slope, so I can't get the tanks completely full. It does average out of course, and I'm quite happy with 25-26 in a supercar used as a daily driver (read, lots of traffic and equal amounts of enthusiasm when the road clears).
  15. Escape

    Best oil and filter?

    I'd be inclined to leave it on minimum rather than add the wrong oil. Or better yet, just pop down your local store and get any 20W50 to top up. 😉 The K&N is a good choice, makes changing so much easier!