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  1. It really shouldn't kick in if the car isn't completely stationary, that's properly dangerous! As for city traffic, I'm typically surrounded by (company) cars with start/stop when coming home from work. Usually very busy traffic, and there constantly stopping and starting again to move a few meters. No way that do have any good! Sitting at a red light or such for half a minute or more is a different situation, where it's probably not a bad idea. Just like I know to switch of the engine myself when waiting for a railway crossing, as that can take up to 10 minutes. Filip
  2. That reminds me of a friend who had a company Mini Cooper some years ago. It also featured start/stop. While he was telling me about the claimed fuel savings, the light turned green and he duly floored it to show how the saved fuel was put to good use. Filip
  3. Luckily I don't have start/stop on my own cars (they're all way too old ) but I am confronted with it if I drive another car or even as a passenger. I quite hate the system and always turn it off if I'm forced to drive a car so equipped. I'm convinced the real world savings are negligible, but it will surely help do better on some tests. I too have heard several stories of early failures of alternators and such. Not all cars have redesigned parts, some just add the start/stop to be able to claim lower emissions. As said probably not a problem for the first 3 years or so, and after that no one cares... Filip
  4. That sounds like a temperature dependent resistor, the label 'RT' seems to confirm this. They come in 2 varieties, resistance increasing with temperature (PTC, positive temperature coefficient) or decreasing with increasing temperature (NTC). A local electronics supplier should be able to get you a replacement based on the color code. Filip
  5. I was about 20 when I went to see an Esprit for sale at a well known Lotus dealer in Belgium. As a carguy, I knew about the Esprit as the fastest 4-pot and one of the lowest cars on the market. The car for sale was an S4 or S4s (not sure anymore, it's a long time ago and I wasn't that well aware of all the different versions). It looked lovely, I immediately felt at home inside but I didn't push for a testdrive. I could just meet the asking price, but some research made it clear that running costs (especially registration and insurance) would be too much for a student. While looking at the S4(s), I also got a chance to admire a Sport 300. A proper dream car, then and now still. Fast forward 10 years or so, I had several Land/Range Rovers and a proper workshop. The Lotus was all but forgotten, until I started looking for a fun car to compliment the 4x4s. I looked at a couple of Maserati biturbo's, but the ones for sale at a reasonable price didn't seem trustworthy. Testdrove an Escort Corworth, but despite being a 'sensible' 4-seater (all my Landies were/are 2-seaters because of Belgian tax rules) I just couldn't see myself driving that to work each day. TVR and Jaguar also crossed my mind, but the ones I found most interesting (Cerbera and XJS12) were again dismissed because of taxes. Aston Martin was and still is very high on my list, but (still) not prepared to pay the prices they command. Back to Lotus, never really forgotten. I went to see another Esprit, but was put off by the questionable mods and fixes. I did strengthen my belief that a Lotus might be just the right car for me. Around that time I also became a member here, loving the abundance of info. I found another one for sale in Germany, an 1990 Turbo SE. I called to inquire, rounded up 2 mates, got a wad of cash and next day we set off. The testdrive was my first drive in an Esprit, and pretty much everything I hoped for. A deal was quickly reached and I drove it home. She served me well and soon became my preferred daily driver, even in busy city traffic getting to work. Unfortunately, she was lost when our Workshop burned down in 2015. 2 weeks later I was actively looking for another car, more specifically another Lotus. I knew getting the Workshop rebuild would take a lot of time, and really wanted something to enjoy again. I drove an Excel SE, but it couldn't fill the hole the Esprit had left. As good as those are, it felt too much like a (fast) normal car, and not special enough with the Toyota switchgear etc. Mike ( @cbclotus) was selling his 1989 SE at the time and was sympathetic to my plight and offered a real good deal. The same 2 friends needed little convincing, a ferry was booked and off we went. And back she came, with a small hick-up caused by a blown oil cooler line on the M20... She's been my daily driver ever since, covering almost 40k miles in under 4 years. The more I think about it, the more I get the feeling the SE is just the right fit for me. I've since added an early Excel, which I do like but don't use often. And a lovely JPS Elan +2, great for classic car runs. The Esprit SE does remain my favorite. Even after having seen (and driven) several other Esprit variants. Filip
  6. Actually, I think an extra fan for the oil coolers would make more sense on an SE, because they don't have any forced airflow otherwise. In a G car I would think the radiator fans give sufficient airflow to keep the oil coolers working even at standstill?
  7. If the temperature got consistently too high, a fan would definitely be the way to go. Because on the SE and later the coolers are mounted on the sides, not in front of the cooling fans with the other rads like on older cars. But adding tape to one cooler and a fan to the other wouldn't be logical. And add weight. Filip
  8. I have a similar experience with both my SEs: my oil temperature rarely exceeds 60°C on normal driving. Only in traffic does it rise, because there is no airflow to the oil coolers. Max I've seen is about 90°C, stuck in traffic with high ambient temperature and coolant temperature also around 90°C. I had this discussion last weekend with a good mate who drives a C63AMG (always fun when we park up side by side, the Esprit does get the most attention. and rightfully so ). His oil temperature is usually 100-110°C. We expect the Esprit to run cooler as it's an older design, but the difference seems very big. Especially considering the fact the Esprit uses a much thicker oil to begin with. Covering one cooler for day to day use seems like a very good idea! Especially with the colder weather. I am a bit weary temperature might rise too much if I do get caught in traffic. But I'll give it a try, great suggestion @Karl lambrechts! Filip
  9. That's a difficult one. I have lots of tools that are extremely useful, often something I pondered about for some time before actually buying and would now be hard pressed without. With so many jobs to do and so many different sizes, not to mention accessibility requirements, I really can't name just a single tool. Ratchet spanners would be high on the list for me. I was never really that interested in a good compressor, I dislike the noise and having to faff about with airlines. But I did get a proper one for the Workshop. And because the four post lift uses compressed air to disengage the safeties (easily enough to rig open, but even I'm not comfortable with that) I gave in and installed airlines along 2 walls. I must admit this has come in very handy already. But a persistent leak on the airline drum is keeping me from being too positive. Filip
  10. Recently had a similar problem with stereo power on a customers car (non-Lotus). Turned out there was a bad pin in one of the connectors, one of many I must add, going from the vehicle connector to DIN and then to a Pioneer connector. Took me some time to find it, as no load voltage was OK. I'd start from the added gauges and work back to the vehicle wiring loom, carefully checking both power and earth wires/connections. Filip
  11. Escape

    Tyre Failures?

    Never had a tyre failure on a Lotus, but do carry a spare on longer journeys just in case. Only had it happen a few times on other cars over the years, but always very inconvenient and always happy we had a spare... Filip
  12. It does look good. Long time since I said that about a prancing pony.
  13. I agree, the spare tire does not serve any purpose. I put it in for longer trips (abroad), but prefer the extra storage space for day-to-day use. On impact it's likely to cause extra damage, because it will push the heater core into the cabin. Potentially spraying the occupants with hot coolant... If the weight were such a issue, you should never put any weight in the rear either. Filip
  14. That would be or Steve's alternative. I have one waiting to go on the Excel, still haven't got 'round to it. I'm sure one of the studs will break and turn this into a proper nightmare job... BTW, the X180 NA is not an SE, that title was reserved for the turbocharged and chargecooled version. Filip
  15. More to the point, you're missing 2 throttle bodies. Seriously, I do love the V8s, it's a terrible shame they were limited by the gearbox. In Flanders, the larger capacity makes the V8 a lot more expensive for road tax, so I settled for a 4-pot. And extremely happy with it I must add, especially with a V8 Range Rover (commercial) to satisfy my need for that lovely V8 burble. On both the MAP is in the intake of course (hence the name), and the BOV should be before the throttles to be able to vent with closed throttles. I'm sure we mean the same thing, just wording it differently. @MrDangerUS that's a very clean install on the plenum chamber! I never considered that, but now I'm tempted to look into it. Filip
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