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  1. This. Very very much this! I can a lot of potential for EVs, especially milk floats and other (city) delivery vans. But not for the drivers.
  2. Even worse, people will come to rely on all that tech and be less prepared or capable to take over when needed.
  3. I can see the image as posted, don't know what when wrong there? I can't see the pictures @LotusLeftLotusRight posted either, just a link that shows as broken if I try to open it. Second try: I'll add a tip, it's the same car Chris posted but with some modifications aimed specifically at OAP. 🤣
  4. Congrats! Will the Emira become a stablemate or replacement for your SE?
  5. It's also been called crazy, guess it's a very thin line. 😄
  6. Yesterday we collected a boot full of goodies for a next project. We (I) wont start in earnest 'till next year, as I really want to finish my Range Rover first. The TVR will probably be pushed back to the end of the queue, the Jag will surely soldier on and the Deutz will be put to use whenever I need to shuffle cars (and will keep up the old skool image). I might have bought another Range Rover as well, A 1992 Classic. Already have a buyer lined up for that one, just need to sort it. Filip Filip
  7. I fully agree it's all about smiles per gallon and not miles per gallon. 🙂 I do however keep track of the fuel consumption of all my cars, because it is also an indication of engine health (and because I'm an anorak 🤓). Great to hear your Esprit is doing well and you're enjoying the drive! Filip
  8. That could very well be. There is an Audi factory close by (mainly A1 I think), cars are transported by train to the importer and further distribution probably takes a while.
  9. Don't forget to order the Titanic extension pack as well for additional exciting life-like features. 🙂 That's what I did when the Star Destroyer first came out. I still have one sealed in the box. I should put it up for sale and see how much it will now fetch.
  10. When we passed the VAG importer last Saturday the main parking lot seemed pretty well stocked. Much to my surprise. The loading area was pretty empty, just a few rows of Macans. Definitely less crowded than usual, but not really indicating a shortage either.
  11. I've found this .xls on here somewhere, with a lot of useful info about the different cams and timing. Cam_Data.xls
  12. Thanks for the update and pictures Alex. Could you clarify how new additions to the list like myself should proceed? Filip
  13. That's great news! 😎 Put the date on my calendar, fingers crosses we can make it. The misses is already excited about Chatsworth as we really enjoyed our visit there on our last trip to the peak. Filip
  14. That goes for WWII as well, we all know how it ended but there's still some good movies and series about the events. 😉 I'm looking forward to the prequel. I have read Martin's The Hedge Knight and liked it a lot, though it wasn't quite on the same level as a Song of Ice and Fire. Filip
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