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  1. Just to add, If I were to fit a different relay (either standard or timer) instead of the delay module, I'd rewire the relay socket. Easy enough and avoids the extra wire tangle. I guess one should also add a label to warn of non-standard wiring, but as I'm not planning to sell my Esprit ever, that's of no relevance to me.
  2. Seems like we'll be at least 6 cars from Belgium. 🙂 Last year at Brands I think we were the only one.
  3. The firewall at work wouldn't let me access the site, once home the tickets were already sold out... Luckily for me I can get a spare ticket from a fellow Belgian owner. Thanks a lot Pascal!!! Filip
  4. Escape

    Elise Artioli news feature

    Found 2 more pictures of Elisa and Elise:
  5. Something like this could be made to work, with the same wiring mod as a standard relay. I kinda like the idea the pods stay up when flashing, in busy city traffic one flash often doesn't get the message across. 😀
  6. I'd buy one as decoration for Escape's Workshop. It would divert attention from the mandatory calendar girls on the walls. 🙂
  7. Escape

    Newbie from Brussels

    Congrats with the Elise Johan, and welcome to TLF! I work in Brussels (and drive my Esprit there) and live nearby, so if you want to meet up, I'm sure we can work something out. I'll be going to the festival as well, always a great day and very much worth the travel. Greetz, Filip
  8. Escape

    Green dot cam pulley wheels wanted

    I've ordered mine from SJ. Comparing them to the originals showed there was a difference in timing that seemed correct, though I didn't actually measure. Have to add this was for the later HTD belt, so I can't comment on the older trapezoidal style.
  9. Escape

    Take off

    Steve, I stand corrected. I could have sworn the top mount was different at the rear, either my memory is going downhill or it's been too long since I had to work on the Esprit. 😉 Measuring before making any changes would be the best way forward! For an 88 the values are 170mm under the crossmember front and rear.
  10. I can't think of much I'd do differently, very happy with my current 3 Lotus and not to many problems with my first Esprit either (apart from the fact it didn't have an airfilter fitted ad I drove it home about 300miles without knowing). Buying a known car has got to be a big plus. Especially if you know the seller on here. My main regret is not buying one sooner! Filip
  11. Escape

    Take off

    The shocks are not interchangeable, but I do agree the rear should have a lot more down travel, so something is not right.
  12. Escape

    Green dot cam pulley wheels wanted

    SJ sells those (at least until a couple of years ago).
  13. Escape

    How hot is too hot.

    I consider anything above 25°C too hot, especially if I need to do work. We've been having temperatures up to 39°C last week, while we were preparing for the open house days at the animal shelter. Little or no shade, working on sandy ground moving about 10 tons of materials with 3-4 people, laying floors, putting up tents, etc. After the third day I wasn't just tired but suffered from head and stomach aches. But the work needed to get done, so we persevered. It still around 30°C here and next week we'll be taking everything down again. Not looking forward to it...
  14. Escape

    This Cannot be Happening! Opinions, please!

    You'd probable get away with running the engine with the missing tooth, but I'd worry about wear on the (new) timing belt because of possible rough edges where it broke. Doing the timing belt with the engine in the car isn't too hard. And because you just had the pulley off, it shouldn't require much force to come off again. Best of luck! Filip