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  1. This! Having a well trained dog at your side without a leash is one thing, but letting a god roam free while your being a smombie gets my blood boiling. A few years ago I got into an argument with a couple who were walking in the local park while their elderly dog was desperately trying to catch up (probably because he/she had stopped to sniff something or doing his/her business). They were completely oblivious to the fact their dog was almost out of sight, just marching on looking at their phones (ffs, it's a beautiful park, look away from the screen!). I stopped them until the dog could catch up and gave them a piece of my mind. I briefly considered just taking the dog with us and finding him/her a better home, but our own pooch would not have liked that at all!
  2. There was a Dutch parody that showed a teletubbie doing the same. 😄
  3. I wanted to like that post, but actually it's very sad that even after death you're not allowed a sense of humor if not politically correct...
  4. As I understand it, the soldier has admitted to shooting the man, but that does not mean pleading guilty to the charges of committing a war crime. Whether the shooting was justified, will be up to the judge and/or jury (not sure how this tribunal works). They can hardly claim self defense, so this was probably the best the lawyer could come up with... In general, I often don't get defense lawyers. In theory everyone has the right to legal counsel, but how can you actively try to plead in favor of a known murderer or rapist? Unless you only care about the money... Filip
  5. I've got you beat on that one: last weekend we were in the Ardennes for the Gentlemen Drivers Rally, a series of runs for classic and special cars. On Saturday morning we got stuck in traffic in a local village, due to roadworks leaving only a single lane with traffic lights to regulate access (about 3 minutes of waiting and 1 minute to move on, because it was a long and narrow stretch). We'd noticed a lot of cyclists on the roads, probably an event in the area. While we were patiently (though not too happily) waiting for our turn to pass the roadworks, cyclists started moving in between the cars with disturbingly little care, passing us both on the right (as they should) and on the left, with larger groups just using the opposite lane and forcing oncoming traffic (that had just passed the roadworks) to slow, stop, or swerve to the sidewalk to avoid them. When I made it to the traffic lights they turned red again, so I waited. Not so the cyclists, they ignored the red light and went head to head with the cars passing the roadworks from the other direction. One group was forced to slow down next to me because a car decided not to yield. One of them showed a glimmer of intelligence and asked his mates 'shouldn't we stop for the red light?'. He was met with laughter as the entire group made their way past the light! I know this is a generalization, but of the literally 100s of cyclists there I saw only a handful stop for the red light. Not a good way to start our run, luckily we could move off the main road after the roadworks. And I must admit some of the cyclist we encountered during the rest of the day behaved better, one even waved me past while moving to the edge of the road (like I do when a fast motorcycle is on my tail).
  6. Just booked, too bad there weren't any places left for the BBQ... (my own fault for not booking earlier 😞 ) I read something about a 'pootle in the peak' run on Saturday, can we still join that? Filip
  7. Going from 3/16" to 1/4" is a 77% increase in section, so the difference in resistance at higher flows will be considerable. Also worth remembering the clutch needs more fluid displacement than the brakes, as the brake pistons only move a little bit as it's the pressure increase that provides the braking force. And there are (usually) more brake lines, one for each corner with ABS. Not to say 3/16" wont work, just that there is some reasoning behind the larger diameter clutch pipe. That is the case on a lot of cars btw. Filip
  8. I'm sure the Emira will be waterproof, so just enjoy the drive home come rain or shine. 😉
  9. Like in the old Mission: Impossible show.
  10. A news item about cyclist safety today focused on the importance of separate cycle paths. Someone from the city was explaining how they had gone to great costs to build this wide cycle path, with perfect tarmac and a line of trees as a boundary to the road. In the background a cyclist clearly prefers to drive on the road, in traffic, instead of on the cycle path... Point proven I think. And no, the news crew was not blocking the cycle path.
  11. Somebody to give her a hand before she brakes a nail? I'll volunteer!
  12. Truly man's best friend! 🙂
  13. I was thinking exactly the same thing! And that's just the simple version of the Jag V12: no NAS emission stuff, no fuel cooler. 🙂 Is it a (late) 6.0? Looks like a serpentine belt on the AC compressor, mine uses V-belts.
  14. That'll take some work... Let's hope somebody is up for the challenge!
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