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  1. If I was closer I'd happily buy the lot. But I can understand you're not eager to ship, especially to EU...
  2. That looks great! I do hope we'll be able to join next year.
  3. Emira Prime, the new leader of the Autobots? πŸ€–
  4. I stopped watching after 5 minutes of his whining. He's unhappy with the color HE picked, but never bothered to go and see an actual car in that color. Then had Colins signature added but didn't really think about the size he wanted or where to put. How is this the fault of Lotus? Seems like a cheap shot to me, just to be able to complain and get views. And as for being old news, when you get a final edition and there are rumors about the new car all over the web, you know it will soon be old news. But you buy it just because you like the previous model and because the last of the Elise/Exige is by all accounts a special car. Having to wait a couple of months doesn't sound too bad either, especially with current delivery times of up to 2 years for some models/brands.
  5. Love the oil patch where the engine used to be. πŸ™‚
  6. Welcome and congratulations! Good things come to those who wait. 😎 Filip
  7. Supply and demand. This effect has been seen for some exotics for years, because some people don't want to wait for a new one and risk not having the latest version (specifically true for a certain German brand). I thought it was similar in the US, were recent (or new) cars in stock fetch a premium over customer built new ones like we're used to over here, just because they're immediately available. I expected it to affect mainly very recent and higher end cars, but a mate in the business told me that even the smaller, cheaper cars 5 to 10 years old are selling well and he's almost out of stock.
  8. You're thinking of these rattling cans, aren't you? πŸ™‚
  9. I don't want to turn this into a discussion (there's enough of that around, for me TLF is a place to relax as well as find info), but would like to add my 2cents: - totally agree about the person behind you, but again that's a personal choice in that you can ask them or even require it if they want to ride with you. Same goes for poorly secured cargo. I've seen many offroad incidents where a piece of heavy recovery equipment was carelessly thrown in the back and became a projectile as the car bounced around. Luckily nothing worse than a broken windshield but a very real risk. - valid point about emergency services having to clean up the mess, one might add other drivers (at fault or not) involved in an incident - not sure about the cost to society, as cold as it may sound a fatality typically leads to less costs than a severe injury. You'd need detailed data about fatalities and severity of injuries with or without seatbelts to do the math. As said, I do wear my seatbelt! But I don't like the (current) need to protect the population from everything that could possibly happen through a multitude of rules and warnings, instead of relying on common sense (even if seems all but common). 'caution, hot!' on a coffee machine springs to mind... Filip
  10. Funny how some forms of control are easily swallowed by the masses but others meet a lot of resistance. You could easily draw up a similar meme for speed limiters For the record, I always wear my seatbelt, but don't think it should be mandatory. It's a personal decision about your own safety, unlikely to affect others. So (in my view) it should be mandatory equipment in all vehicles so everyone has the personal choice to use it or not.
  11. Sounds like a car very much worth saving! I'm sure some local will chime in soon enough and offer to come have a look etc. Plenty of friendly and helpful people on here, you've come to the right place. πŸ˜‰ Maybe an interesting project for @johnpwalsh and Lotusrescue.
  12. You can adjust the position of the mirror housing on the door by loosening the small screw underneath the black cover. That could allow you to find a better angle so you have enough mirror adjustment.
  13. Not a Lotus (I think) but should work with one of the early light racecars! I wouldn't want to be the one driving it on there though! And driving the Landie would surely be an event as well, with the narrow track and high center of gravity.
  14. How about a Tadek Marek V8 in a G-Esprit? 😎
  15. @cweeden did you get my pm, asking for some info to join the list?
  16. If you don't need to move it far a (decent) trolley jack will do. Ideally with a helper, someone to push the car and someone to pull and steer the jack. We often have to resort to this trick to maneuver cars around the crowded Workshop.
  17. I agree it sounds like an electrical problem, but I wouldn't focus on the battery connections. After all, with the engine running the alternator will provide current even if the battery gets disconnected. What puzzles me is you also lost the dash. I had a look in the diagrams at what is common to all systems and could find only the 12V feed from the starter to the loom and the earth lead from engine to chassis. The battery is connected through those 2 leads, as is the alternator, so this could explain the total loss of power even with engine running. Filip
  18. A lot of people seem to buy cars purely based on imagine. So all they care about is what others think. I admit this is less likely for a driver's car but does apply to some other sportscars, bought more for posing than to drive in anger. And it goes for a lot of other stuff as well, as long as it has a desirable brand and/or gets raving reviews, it is seen as something to be had.
  19. Even without an immobiliser a thief will still have to get past the ignition and steering lock without a key. Unlike on some modern cars where it's easy to clone the signal from the keyless entry and nothing is stopping you from driving off. Just need to disable the GPS tracking or drive the car into a metal container or such.
  20. I looked into this a while ago as my wiper had been slipping for some time. Finally it let go about 30 miles from home in a downpour... I couldn't find an arm with the same length and the correct shape, most have an angled section at the end that the Excel doesn't need. I ended up using the bottom section with the spindle fitting from a Range Rover wiper arm (as I have plenty of those) and fitted it to the Excel arm with an M5 bolt. The spring could be reused and seems to be working fine. The bolt is not the most elegant solution though.
  21. Not specific to Lotus, many cars have a similar system as an added theft prevention should you unlock the car and then go and do something else. Some cars even relock automatically 30 seconds after being unlocked if no door is opened, again to prevent you walking away from an unlocked car. Can be very annoying for sure!
  22. You'd need to paint it frog-green. πŸ™‚ Properly cool, I've always liked the Muppets, the Lotus connection is the icing on the cake.
  23. Too bad you let the TVR go before having a proper drive. But I'm sure there will be other projects along! πŸ˜‰ I haven't made much progress on mine, she's taking up floor space but not getting used or worked on... Hopefully things get better next month and I'll find time for my own projects. Filip
  24. Also try to measure the current going from the alternator to the battery. If the battery isn't completely charged you want to see around 20A from a healthy alternator at idle. I just fitted a rebuild one to an Esprit and that's giving 30A, as is the one in my Range Rover. A modern, electronically controlled alternator can put out as much as 100A at idle if there is a large current draw from electric seats etc.
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