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  1. Good news Mike, finally! I recall you had sent over multiple sets, including mine, I assume you received all of them back?
  2. Over here we have a saying, a bit hard to translate. It boils down to: good tools need to be kept sheltered. 🙂
  3. Still pretty hot around here, but at least there are occasional clouds, so it's a lot easier to take. As for the Jag, I managed to pinpoint the problem to the ignition switch: a poor connections meant the starter relay didn't get enough voltage to stay engaged once the starter drew current. As a quick fix I added a start button so I could use the Jag without worrying. Much to my surprise I never needed to use the back up switch, until today. Despite being parked in the Workshop at a very reasonable 25°C, she again demanded attention. The starter was spinning, but nothing else was happening. i had been 'adding lightness' and simplifying the vacuum system, so naturally assumed I had made a critical mistake somewhere. Then I noticed the dash wasn't working and the radio was intermittent, so definitely a problem with the ignition switch. Luckily the capless bolts had already been drilled out and replaced by socket heads so the ignition barrel was easy to remove. I missed that first time around, otherwise I would have taken it out straight away. Cleaned all the contacts and securely fitted the switch as it was a bit lose. That seems to have done the trick. 😎 It looks like I also fixed some vacuum leaks, as the idle is a lot more stable now. A bit on the low side, but that's easy to rectify, I had adjusted it downwards a couple of times already.
  4. If neither brake light is working, it's unlikely the bulbs, they rarely fail at the same time. But do check the bulbs, for all we know the car was running for months with one brake light out and then the other failed as well. 😉 As for common causes, if the other rear lights are working, the earth should be OK. Which leaves the brake switch or fuse, as above. Worst case a bad connection in the wiring somewhere... It's bound to be something easy, and a good way to get your acquainted with the car and working on her. Filip
  5. No matter how many times you see (and hear!) that, it remains hilarious! 😄
  6. If your goal is to get a car on the road quickly for a limited budget and/or enjoy tinkering yourself this could make an interesting project. My major concern would be the state of the engine, you obviously don't want to try starting it like that but I'd want to make sure it's turning freely and everything looks complete and serviceable.
  7. As above, great looking car! Congrats and welcome to TLF Filip
  8. If the engine is running properly and the cooling system is in good condition, one fan should do just fine. When coming back from Lotus in the Peak we got stuck at the Dartford crossing with the Excel for hours in around 30°C. The single fan kept temperature steady, as it had done all weekend long, but it was running more often. So yes, 2 fans will be better and will give you more leeway should something go wrong, but it's not really necessary.
  9. This is the wiring diagram for a RHD (early) Elite. It should give you the basics, but if someone was in there with scotch locks etc, it could be a challenge to get everything set straight again... Best of luck and keep us updated! Filip Elite wiring.pdf
  10. The first one looks a bit like the racer @plumdeplakmuis is building, I like it! 😎 Wrong number of wipers though.
  11. In between overhauling a mate's Range Rover for his trip to Sweden, I've done some cleaning and have been building my parts list. The pistons cleaned up easily, much to my surprise. But once clean I got an even bigger surprise: pistons 1, 3 and 4 are clearly marked 'front' and '+.020', so first oversize. But piston 2 only has 'front'. The bores are all the same diameter and not oval (as far I can determine with simple measuring tools). I haven't measured the pistons yet, it was around midnight when I got them clean. Either way it seems very strange only 3 cilinders were bored and/or the pistons replaced... I know the best way would be to have the whole block done properly, but as above I want to keep this a simple and quick(ish) rebuild. I'm not looking for ultimate performance, I just want to be able to use and enjoy the Elan again. Someone did suggest I have a suitable replacement engine on the shelve, but he's mad (in a good way). It would be quite a challenge to try and fit another bank of 4 cilinders to an Elan. 😁 Not to mention a JPS should be kept original.
  12. Something a lot lighter (fortunately) had me shake my head or at least raise my eyebrows earlier this week. After a good meal at one of our favorite pubs we decided to order ice cream for desert. Much to our surprise, we both got a fork instead of a little spoon. Despite the heat, we managed to finish our cups before it got too runny. 🙂 If not, we would have found other means, just not sure my tongue would have reached the bottom. The dog would have liked that no doubt, especially if he was allowed to 'clean' my beard afterwards.
  13. Not sure this is the right message to convince people to buy parts from you: To be clear, nothing against this well know seller, I often buy from them and never had any problems. But quality 'as in the 60s and 70s' doesn't really inspire a lot of confidence, does it? 😄
  14. I'm not convinced keeping the fan running after the engine is switched off will do much to bring the temperature down. The coolant in the radiator will quickly cool down, but with little or no circulation the engine could remain hot. Which is one of the reasons I fitted a manual override in my Esprit and Excel (and plan to do the same in the Jag and Range). Like @williamtherebel I turn the fans on manually when caught in traffic, especially if it's near my destination, so the engine gets a chance to cool a bit before being parked. As for the relays, you don't need a second relay, just feed the override switch from the ignition and the Otter switch from permanent 12V. Assuming you're not using relays switched to ground.
  15. Escape


    I got to know Gary Numan through a friend at uni who made me listen to 'are friends electric'. I really liked it but never bought any LPs or CDs. When a Numan song is played on the radio it always gives me a big grin and I'll (try to) sing along. Luckily we have a station that plays a lot of classic new wave, along with classic rock and metal but never modern rap or similar. I saw him perform at a local show, great experience even if it's more about the music than the show. Filip
  16. I don't doubt there are gains to be had, but I want to keep this rebuild as simple as possible. Especially because of time restraints as I have plenty of other projects waiting. I guess I could send the head to be properly looked at and gas flowed, but that will not only take time, I also don't know anyone local(ish) that I'd trust with the job. I will have a good look tonight though, to see if there are easy gains to be had. I've had good results porting the heads and intakes on a Rover V8 myself with a Dremel.
  17. Yeah, I'll give the water pump a thorough check. Not the best design when it comes to maintenance! As for fuel, air & spark, I know that's all she needs, but she didn't seem to agree...
  18. Some progress made: engine and box are now stripped, some problems identified. - the selector fork for 1st and 2nd seems oddly worn, the fingers no longer grip the synchroniser which explains why I couldn't select 1st. For 2nd the fork pushes on the gear on the ring, just enough to engage. - broken piston ring on cilinder 4, which had the lowest compression. Big ends seem fine (but will be replaced of course), the cilinders show very little scoring so a light hone should suffice. Standard size rings should do I think. Or I could go for one size up as they will be gapped as necessary anyway. Anything else I should check while I'm in there? I'm not convinced the loss of power and eventual failure to start can be explained by low compression on one cilinder and lowish on other one, but there's not much I can try now... A few shots of the removal my mate send me, suprisingly easy with the crane on the forklift: And the engine in pieces on the stand: Next step is ordering all the parts (that will only hurt my wallet a bit) and cleaning everything (not looking forward to that...) and hopefully in a few weeks I can start reassembly.
  19. Don't discount the trigger wire etc, if that has a bad connection somewhere you might not get enough power to the starter solenoid to properly engage.
  20. As above, I think cars without AC only have a single fan.
  21. She looks angry and anxious to go, very impressive! Congrats!
  22. Good for you to make the call in time! If it becomes a chore instead of a hobby, it's not really worth it. And after a while you'll probably enjoy the occasional spannering challenge all the more. You will be greatly missed by many no doubt! There was an article last week about how hard it is to find good mechanics these days. And that was in general, even worse for classic or niche cars. It's similar for me, main difference being I deliberately chose to start Escape's Workshop as a second job. And I still get great satisfaction from helping customers. As frustrating as it can be sometimes, I'd go completely crazy if only had my boring office job and nothing challenging to come home to. Not the mention the Workshop provides the means needed to keep my own fleet running. Well, I say running, but the last couple of years have been too busy meaning I now have 4 cars of my own off the road and desperately needing attention... Trying to do something about that. At least I still manage to attend meetings etc, a good reminder why I keep doing this. Filip
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