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  1. STC2878 is described as 'type 50', so likely a Girling Supervac 50. The mounting studs are M8, I can't find a reference for the connecting rod. Girling does mention that the same servo will have different connecting rods depending on manufacturer.
  2. Yes, what I can find (through Land Rover) describes STC2878 as a type 50 (without reference to Girling or Supervac).
  3. According to the manual, the 28 and 38 both have an assist ratio of 2.2:1, but the 38 has a greater range. 28 and 38 have the same square mounting pattern, 50 has a rectangular pattern, like Land Rover STC2878. I have a manual, but it's too big to post, you can download from
  4. I recall Tesla getting a lot of flak because some features/options are disabled when the car changes ownership. So you do a testdrive to see if the autopilot or whatever works, you actually buy the car and it stops working... Land Rover fitted a rear locking differential as standard to all Discovery 3/4 and Range Rover Sport (and probably later cars as well), but you had to pay for the full Terrain Response offroad package to have it activated. That was a single payment though, like any other option, and remained active for the life of the vehicle, regardless of ownership. And yes, it has been hacked by some. Problem is, it's no longer a simple matter of finding the right wire to power a relay or such, but there's usually a bunch of elektrickery needed to properly control the options and play nice with the rest of the car.
  5. I replaced the servo in my Eclat Excel with a Land Rover STC1816. Which corresponds to a Supervac type 28 instead of the type 38 Lotus used, so a slightly smaller diameter. The stud pattern is the same, no need to modify the bodywork. I did have to modify the connecting rod to the pedal. The Land Rover booster came with an eye instead of an adjustable fork like the Lotus. I cut the eye off and had a piece of threaded bar (M8) welded on so I could refit the fork and adjust as necessary. I've been using the Excel like that for some years, including our recent trip for Lotus in the Peak, and the brakes have been fine, certainly not too heavy. Filip
  6. Last weekend at LitP it was great seeing all those colored Lotus, some very bright, instead of the usual 50 shades of grey on the road. Go with whatever you like best, the Exige will wear it proudly and stand out no matter what. 😉
  7. Indeed a great event! I very much enjoyed the morning run and was pleased my old Excel could hold her own in the mainly modern company. Thanks to everyone who made it possible! Filip
  8. I never realised some of the models had a wooden frame! That's an art in itself.
  9. You should have received an email with your tickets and all the info, including the form you need to fill in to participate in the runs, a gpx file of the different runs and even lists of cars in each group.
  10. We'll be doing the Ashbourne run, I was too late for the BBQ unfortunately. I'll keep a low profile, but the car will be easy to spot: an Excel on Belgian plates. 😉
  11. Maybe @Sparky should start an M25 recovery service. I'd happily join up if he accepts foreign members. 🙂
  12. He did buy a new wheel. Half way through the video the broken front wheel is replaced with a new one, while the rear one (that was perfectly fine) was hacked up to create this contraption. I do have to admire his out of the box thinking, it makes sense when you think about it, but you'd have to be in a very strange place to think of it in the first place!
  13. Such a brave new world we live in...
  14. This has nothing to do with safety, but everything with control. Just like many of the measures enforced during the past couple of years. I'll happily stick to my old bangers for as long as I can!
  15. Many moons ago we were having a boys' night at a mate's (I think the excuse was playing board games, I definitely remember there being beer) when we heard a noise upstairs. One of us had the balls (guts?) to ask the host if that was his wife coming home and parking her broom. He was laughing too hard to get mad. True story! 🤣
  16. That can't be electric, it's not on fire!
  17. Now now, let's give him some credit. Obviously old age and years of petrol fumes have greatly reduced his mental capacity. A nice padded room should keep him safe. Maybe at a discount if shared with some 'first class' citizen.
  18. We have another topic to discuss the merits and what not of electric cars, so I wont go into it here too much. I agree it can be a good solution for some forms of mobility, like local transport. I do not agree it is the great solution to environmental problems it is claimed to be. And in my view electric is certainly not for the drivers, it's just a means to get somewhere. Most modern cars are already very detached and try to take all involvement and responsibility away from the driver (automatic handbrake come to mind). I prefer a hands on experience, like a cable linking my foot to the throttle valve, not asking a computer to please increase power and hoping he agrees conditions are suitable to oblige. When driving a classic, you know when things go right it's because of you, the driver. Because you got that downshift just right, took the correct line through the corner or something simple as setting the choke correctly for a smooth start in the cold. As much as I can appreciate the benefits of fuel injection, it still can't rival the smile on my face when starting on old carburetted engine (if things go right that is). Downside, if things don't go as planned, you're probably to blame as well. But without the risk of failure, there is little joy in success. And let's not forget, for some owners being able to work/tinker on their classic cars is part of the appeal. Getting something to work that you fixed yourself can give great satisfaction, even if the road there is often paved with frustrations. Filip (firmly stuck in the last century)
  19. For me there is little or no appeal to an electrified classic. Changing the driveline will totally change the experience and character. Sure, it will look better than most/all of what is out there now, but it wont feel/smell/sound like a classic. It even says so in the article: "an electric drivetrain can completely change how a classic car drives" I thought we loved our old Lotus not just for the looks but especially for the driving experience, so I'd hate to lose that. I can appreciate what Radford is doing with the Type 62-2, starting from a modern platform, similar to Singer. That is evolution and not revolution. And even then the touchscreens etc are not to my taste. I do look forward to seeing what LAP will come with. Even if it will be out of budget (like Radford). But I'd rather have Lotus as a whole concentrate on building good, modern, electric cars if they must without adding more compromises by starting from an old platform or design.
  20. I was afraid that would happen, and the parts that were sent to Alex/ Pro Alloy would be lost... Which is why I explicitly asked the question. To which Alex replied he would send back the parts and reimburse shipping. Another promise broken it seems. Surely there must be legal action that can be taken? As I understand it the compressor ducts are not that easy to find and it's hard to run a V8 without them! Filip
  21. I'm hoping mine got sent back to you with your batch? Not sure how I will proceed, I still want a chargecooler setup without losing boot space...
  22. I had a very pleasant visit today from @Leigh Greenham and his wife, passing by on a short trip in Belgium. Lovely Elite with a great history! And I got to sit in the same seat as Colin and Mario. 😎
  23. So they're adding lightness. 🙂
  24. I'm with John on this one, I've actively removed the AC from all of my cars, as far as practical. I don't like to use it, even if it does make sitting in traffic on a hot day slightly less annoying. For demisting I find opening a window just a tad with the heater on works great. And yes, that is (or rather will become) a lovely early Excel. 🙂
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