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  1. Good for you to make the call in time! If it becomes a chore instead of a hobby, it's not really worth it. And after a while you'll probably enjoy the occasional spannering challenge all the more. You will be greatly missed by many no doubt! There was an article last week about how hard it is to find good mechanics these days. And that was in general, even worse for classic or niche cars. It's similar for me, main difference being I deliberately chose to start Escape's Workshop as a second job. And I still get great satisfaction from helping customers. As frustrating as it can be sometimes, I'd go completely crazy if only had my boring office job and nothing challenging to come home to. Not the mention the Workshop provides the means needed to keep my own fleet running. Well, I say running, but the last couple of years have been too busy meaning I now have 4 cars of my own off the road and desperately needing attention... Trying to do something about that. At least I still manage to attend meetings etc, a good reminder why I keep doing this. Filip
  2. Thanks for that Rambo. Fuel vapourisation is a known problem for hot starts with the V12, removing the fuel cooler seems to have solved that (once the engine is turned off it actually becomes a heatsink). Maybe I wasn't very clear, the problem I'm having now is that the starter isn't turning the engine, so it can't fire. Once it does turn, it immediately comes to life with a steady idle. So the problem must be the starter circuit. And probably not at the engine side, because only outside temperature seems to matter, not the actual engine temperature.
  3. The hot weather we're having lately has presented me with an unexpected problem. I like to take the Jag out with the top open, but if I park in the sun for too long she'll refuse to start. Never a problem when parked inside or somewhere cool(ish), but she seems to dislike the sun. I can hear the solenoid engage and feel the starter motor want to spin, just not with enough power to actually turn over the V12. My first thought was worn brushes, so I had the starter rebuild, by the same reputable specialist we always used. Now it's better, but still not reliable. So I can drive the car, but am reluctant to park to have for a drink or such. No good! Wiring has been checked and an extra earth strap fitted to the engine. Under bonnet temperature doesn't seem to matter, she'll start first go after a run as long as it's not too hot outside. Only thing I can think of is the battery being unable to supply the high current necessary for starting when warm/hot. Voltage drops to 9V while trying to start, but will stablise and not decrease much even after multiple attempts to start. All ideas welcome, even if it is a bit of topic. Filip
  4. £200 for a new alternator from a reputable supplier doesn't seem that expensive. There's always a premium if you want OEM/quality instead of budget parts. Certainly not excessive compared to what some brands charge for generic parts put in a box with the 'right' logo.
  5. If you can find a place to rebuild your alternator locally, that would be my choice. I pay around £100 for a rebuild, they always look like new and come with a one year warranty. The new battery will probably not be necessary, but won't hurt. At least you've found the problem! Filip
  6. I just baffles me how a beautiful car that's such a pleasure to drive can sit virtually unused for 25+ years!
  7. The Escorts probably require more work to deal with all the rust...
  8. No spark when cranking can be due to the voltage drop when the starter motor spins. Especially if the coil is old and not performing as it should. Once running the alternator will guarantee a higher voltage, which would explain why the push start worked. To eliminate the ignition, I'd put a new feed to the coil, directly from the +12V post, just for testing. Do make sure it's easy to remove to shut the engine off again.
  9. There was another post about a design models created from a wooden frame with bodywork molded around it. The wood is easy to alter if needed. I'd think for a GT1 they wouldn't go to the trouble, as form follows function and the base lines were already fixed to make it resemble the Elise S1.
  10. A very nice sight in the workshop today: 2 Elan +2S's side by side. Both '73 130/5. The blue one is from a customer, a barnfind that had been standing for 20 years and is now being used very regularly. About 1000miles in 3 months, with an occasional visit to deal with a few issues, as to be expected. I got to drive that car a couple of times and enjoyed it so much I decided to bump my own Elan JPS up on the (long) list of projects. Yesterday evening a mate gave me a hand to unbolt the engine and gearbox, today we took them out. Ready for a rebuild. The gearbox lost first on the day I collected the car, so needs to be opened up. The engine lost power while on route to Brooklands, and wouldn't even start to get me off the ferry back... Apart from low compression on cylinder 4 we can't find anything obviously wrong, so that will be a challenge. I'll update this topic with our findings and will add some more info about what has already been done to the blue one. Filip
  11. An alternator can fail with a short to ground, through a failed diode in the regulator for example. The current drain would make the alternator warm to the touch and will drain the battery. If you can, measure current to the alternator (with a clamp meter) with the battery connected but engine and ignition off. It should be zero, otherwise there is a fault in the alternator.
  12. Indeed, well spotted! Maybe that pic was taken just after start up and the alternator needs some revs before it starts charging.
  13. He's riding a bike without a hi-vis jacket or a helmet! How dare he! Surely little kittens will die because of his carelessness!
  14. MOT check show the car has hardly seen any use the last 15 years or so, with 5 year gaps and almost no miles added (as mentioned in the ad as well). Likely a previous owner is responsible for the engine rebuild and retrim. I like the two tone interior, even if it's not perfect. Same for the exterior, a few bits and bobs but looks presentable and most importantly usable. The warning light looks to me like seatbelt, not alternator, so no worries there. As said, interesting for the right price, curious to see how much she'll go.
  15. Clamping the hose should work, but you'll have to be careful to get it fully closed without damaging the hose. You could also fit a bypass hose, from the heater take off in the picture directly to the heater return at the thermostat housing.
  16. The date code in the VIN is consistent with a 87 build. The engine type being 'DEV' instead of 910 seems to indicate it was indeed a development car.
  17. Same here! I've already informed my other halve and had a look at some B&Bs. The Bird in Hand is already booked, unfortunately...
  18. Yes it is, a full restoration, probably considerably better than new. 🙂 There were 2 other 2CVs as well, a white one and a Charleston, both just visible in the picture. I'll see if anyone took some close-up photos of the Dyane to share.
  19. Great car and a great road trip to start your ownership! I hope you made it back safe and sound. Filip
  20. On Sunday we organized a charity run for an animal shelter. Not quite as many cars as I had hoped, but everyone loved the run, one driver even said it was the best run he did this year. So we're happy with the result and hopefully we'll get at least as many cars on this week's edition. I managed to squeeze my own Excel into the picture, no other Lotus. Last year we had 3, I'm expecting at least one next Sunday.
  21. This would be the perfect reason to bump my JPS up on the list and get her running again. But I'm lacking a bit of confidence as she broke down just outside of Dover on the previous trip to UK...
  22. Maybe (hopefully) we'll get more info by mail. But it is not that far off, especially for those of us who need to book a ferry etc. 😉 Filip
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