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  1. Sadly those kind of stories no longer really surprise me... Such a brave new world we live in.
  2. That actually doesn't look too bad, I've seen far worse! Looks like most if not all red wires are to lengthen green ones. Either way, if you trace them you should easily find the original colors so can verify they're in the correct position. I've had a quick look at the wiring diagram, but couldn't find a grey-red wire, so can't help you there, sorry. The double yellow on component 2 seems to indicate it's the fan speed switch. That seems to match the photos. Good find on the keys! Makes you wonder how they got there! Filip PS: Do you have a wiring diagram? You'll need one. šŸ˜‰
  3. One of the next years I must make an effort to come over, been far too long since the last time TLF event! Let's call it an early New Year's resolution. And maybe a deadline to get the next project finished. šŸ˜‰
  4. A green wire is normally ignition switched and fused 12V feed, so shouldn't be connected to the battery negative. Unless you want to blow fuses. Of course if the wiring has been messed with, there's no telling where the problem might be. The 9## engine is pretty simple and robust, you just need to work methodically and make sure everything is in decent shape.
  5. Bar a few exceptions, that list reads more like an excuse of some manufacturers / tuners to charge an extra waddle of cash for just another special editions that is unlikely to ever see use beyond the parking lot of the local bragging venue or avenue m'as-tu vue. The Exige Rally was cool, kinda reminded me of the Group B special like the RS200 and Stratos. I remember seeing a few clips of it, but don't think it was ever that successful in actual competition? A shame, it looked like it had all the right ingredients.
  6. Christmas songs... I've become a grumpy old barsteward. šŸ˜ž My other halve has been playing a CD of christmas songs (in French!) all morning. I started the day with a nice dose of Overkill by Lemmy & CĀ°, but the effect has already worn of. I'm actually cringing and feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise. I need to find a good project as an excuse to spend time in the Workshop during the holidays. Something not too complicated, that requires hard work and will give clear results. Like the clutch job on the Land Rover last year. Maybe do the timing belts on the V8 and mate the box to the engine, so I can start thinking of putting in into the car next year. Or finishing the Range Rover project, but that will be very fiddly for little obvious results (which is why I keep putting it of...). /rant
  7. Imagine anyone trying to pitch such an ad in this day and age! Always had a soft spot for a Capri, maybe some day.
  8. That's outrageous! But unfortunately it's pretty much the same over here. If the justice system can't or wont deal with these criminals, it's no wonder citizens take the right into their own hands. From what I've read, I feel like your SiL should be rewarded for it, not punished. I'm sure many of the police actually feel the same, must be very demotivating being faced with court rulings like that on a daily basis...
  9. Most cars have left-hand thread for the removal towing eye. And most owners don't know about that and/or wont believe you when you tell them. Often good for a laugh. šŸ˜„ Don't be ashamed @Phaeton91, we all have to live an learn. This is a lesson you're not likely to forget. I struggled as well the first time, on some Ford I think. And then you see it and can not help but smile. I hadn't heard the explanation about multi strand towrope trying to tighten or untighten the towing erye, but that makes sense. I've never experienced twisting when using recovery straps, but those are typically heavy duty and of good quality, unlike a typical B&Q tow rope. Better safe than sorry! Another theory is that the left hand thread makes it much harder to find something else to screw into the hole. So less chance of anything other than the correct towing eye being used. Filip
  10. Patrick, would you mind posting (or sending in a pm) the NAS schematics? Curious to see how the difference in the wiring. Filip
  11. That's a very capable and robust platform for S&R, should serve them well.
  12. I did check, but never confirmed on here: the indicator arrows on the dash don't come on when using the hazard switch. šŸ˜‰
  13. He should have kept the gullwing doors. šŸ™‚ Even if those are heavier, it would have really made the Esprit stand out. Then again, that probably would have let to speculation and high prices, so maybe I wouldn't have an Esprit now.
  14. I had to look that up, it's the Shapiro right? I first thought it was a Maserati, something in between the Boomerang concept and Bora production car. One of the best looking Porsches for sure!
  15. What kind of chargecooler setup are they planning on? There's a few of us looking for alternatives after the ProAlloy group buy didn't happen. The wait must be terribly long for you (I know about that...), but with a target date you now have something to look forward to! Filip
  16. I got my compressor ducts back earlier this week. No charge as promised. Bit of a relief! To be fair, a large part of the delay was caused by FedEx. If I read the tracking correctly, they sent the parcel to Tennessee instead of Belgium and it took a while to get back...šŸ™„ I want to say all's well that ends well, but I still would have preferred the chargecooler kit (even at an increased price)! Filip
  17. Just enough for someone to whisper something in his ear for him to repeat in front of the camera.
  18. Progress is slow, nothing to be jealous about. šŸ˜‰ But it's nice to see things coming together (after being off the road for so long) and I will keep the updates coming. Hard to resist the photo opp with the 2 other Lotus in the background. Next year I want to use the Elan for classic car runs and meets again. Filip
  19. Progress is slow but steady, the engine has been assembled again. We did struggle to get the timing right, tried a few different options (one tooth difference) before settling on what seemed like the closest one. It was my first time doing a twincam chain, seems less exact as the belt on the 9## engines. Then, earlier this week, I found myself with a few hours to spare in the Workshop. Well, not really spare, as there's loads of work waiting, but I wanted to see some progress and do something for a car of my own. šŸ™‚ So I got creative with the 2-poster (instead of getting the forklift from the other hangar), took the engine from the stand to fit the flywheel and clutch and then offered up the gearbox. That went surprisingly easy! I'll try and get the car on the lift next time Wouter comes over, so we can reinstall it. Shouldn't be too long now, she should run again this year. I might even try making it to Brooklands again on January 1st. šŸ˜Ž As for the other Elan +2, that has racked up 3000 kms since being back on the road early April. Well done! She was running a bit rough and holding back at high rpm and load, so we had another look at the carbs. Started from fresh: float levels, balancing and adjusting CO to get the best idle. We also went over the ignition system again, but apart from a slightly chafed wire nothing seemed off. Feddling with the carbs did the trick it seems, she's happily purring along from idle all the way up to 6000 rpm, with a very happy owner. The testdrives did wonders for my own motivation as well. Filip
  20. At least in a P38 the footwell doesn't leak. šŸ˜„
  21. Well, we know a standard Esprit is pretty capable offroad, so the Evora should do as well. Raising the suspension is easy, just use adjustable springs. Gaining more travel overall is nor as straightforward, but may not be necessary. Good tyres will go a long way. For a winch you'll need a good mounting point, probably not worth it. I think the same about spare wheel carriers, they may look cool (to some) but mostly add weight.
  22. The Esprit is a very low car, so if can comfortably stand under the trestles you'll have enough room to lift the body over the engine as well. Unless you're Thyrion Lannister, then you need the trestles higher than you can reach. šŸ˜„
  23. Gates has a good (free) app specifically to measure belt tension.
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