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  1. Would you mind sharing where you found them? I might be tempted to import a set as well, they look real nice and I could use a new set of driving shoes. 😎
  2. That's a good idea to try and move the fork manually. You will need some leverage, as it takes a lot of force. Put the car in gear (engine off of course), manually operate the fork and see if that allows you to move the car freely. It's one of the first things I try when someone comes in with clutch problems (if possible on that type of car).
  3. I don't doubt the Esso Supreme is good fuel, I also use it, but a reduction of friction seems a bit far fetched! Unless they mean it keeps the injectors cleaner. Sounds more like a copy-paste from one of their oil leaflets. As to the original question, I only use 98 or similar in my classics, both for the octane number (on anything with carbs and/or dizzy) and for less ethanol to save hoses etc. The Land Rovers get 95, as do the garden tools but they are run dry before winter storage. Premixed Aspen for the 2-strokes, I don't use enough to warrant mixing my own.
  4. I'm a bit late to the party (any cake left?), but congratulations and most importantly a big thanks to Bibs and all who make TLF such a great forum! Filip
  5. As that's probably the most famous Esprit, I'd say it's definitely on topic here. πŸ˜‰
  6. When I was looking for parts for my twin cam rebuild, I saw the pistons listed with several of the usual suspects. No guarantee they actually have stock of course...
  7. I've been to the factory (they donated for a charity I was helping with), no virgins left. 😎
  8. Made in Flanders πŸ˜‰
  9. If they read it, they certainly missed the point! What I find most disturbing, someone is actually trying to keep the system operational! I've been told the detectors that had been turned away have been put back into position... I'll try the other staircase when I go home, still debating the masking tape. Could be useful on the cyclists as well. 😈
  10. @Sparky at least you now have a clear vision strategy. Fingers crossed all be well at the end of the 20 days!
  11. There is one silver lining: the resistance is growing and that brings colleagues closer together. No doubt more so than a teambuilding day. Someone is turning the motion detectors away, another one is looking for masking tape, I'm thinking spray-on grease should work as well. What we haven't figured out yet is who's bright idea this was and how long they plan to keep the bloody things. There is the optimistic view it might just be for this week, as we have a 'soft mobility' week to encourage people walking and cycling. I'm pretty sure they'll stay until we remove them ourselves.
  12. First time I see spray-on-mud used on a Lotus! Usually it's on mall crawling Jeeps. πŸ˜„
  13. 7am, just arrived at work and I need to vent! I thought about posting in the 'unhappy' thread, but it's really more frustration so seems better here. The drive up to work went smooth enough (apart from an annoying vibration at speed I thought I had fixed... Range Rover, not Lotus). I even managed to avoid the 2 suicidal cyclists that jumped the red light they were waiting at just as my light turned green. I wouldn't have minded running them over, the Range can take it and I would no doubt be doing society a favor, but it's all the paperwork afterwards. Parked in my usual spot and took the stairs up as always. Every little bit to help stay in shape, right? Whatta mistaka to maka! In their infinite wisdom those in power have decided to put up motion activated speakers in the staircase. Every time you pass one it blurts out what is supposed to be a motivational message. I can tell you, it's not working! I'll be taking the elevator the rest of the week. Or I could bring a baseball bat to work, but that might be frowned upon. Anyone seen the movie 'falling down'? 😈 Really needed to get that off my chest before tackling any work today. Filip Edited to add: things just got worse. I was scheduled to work from home today, but got asked by my boss to come to the office instead for a live meeting. Fair enough, it is what I'm paid for. But now they've rearranged things and it's going to be a Teams meeting. FFS! Why are these changes always made at the very last minute? The meeting is in 1 hour. Yesterday was similar, I kept the afternoon free for a meeting and about an hour beforehand that got cancelled. For reasons they've known about since the day before. Probably better for people to stay well away from me today the way things are going!
  14. I think the new one is not as clear as the old one, the point of view is wrong, you wont face the train head-on unless you've really made a wrong turn. But not fussed at all, I couldn't care less and I'm confident I'll recognize a railway crossing regardless of the sign used.
  15. I'd certainly hope it's been around the clock, no good for a car like to just sit in a garage and a shame for POs if they never used and enjoyed it. πŸ˜‰
  16. Elementary maths, but cleverly hidden. I had to scribble down some numbers to see it. πŸ™‚
  17. Yep, same over here. I have the feeling it's more about being able to claim 'look, we have new sings so we're doing something about safety' than meeting an actual need/problem. I thought it came from the EU? No doubt in a few years they will create a new version with catenaries to indicate they no longer support diesel traction...
  18. Maybe they sent you the alternator belt? That's shorter.
  19. I thought it was just from having too many beers. 🍺 I seem to recall the belt is 10X950. It runs from the crank pulley in a triangle to the water pump and PAS pump, the latter is used to tension the belt.
  20. The +2 is a wonderful car! I really like the color combo on this one and she seems in very good shape. Maybe not a bargain but I'd say worth it.
  21. Another reason to work on your car yourself. We don't know the exact circumstances, but it can be very tempting for a mechanic (or valet) to enjoy a testdrive with car like that just a tad too much...
  22. Fingers (paws) crossed for her!
  23. All the parts arrived last week, but I've not really made progress. With "All the 72s" not being open for the public I've changed my travel plans and will be going off roading instead. So more work on Land Rovers (and no doubt I'll return with a new to do list). In a few weeks, when my mate has some time, we'll start putting the engine back together. And I'll post some more updates.
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